President Trump Humiliates Nnamdi Kanu, Praises Buhari and Announces Military Support for Nigeria

The United States Secretary of State (Foreign Affairs Secretary) Mike Pompeo and Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs Onyeama appeared together in Washington DC and delivered statements after a bilateral meeting.

Mike Pompeo talked about economic cooperation between the United States and Nigeria and referred to Nigeria as America’s second-largest trading partner.


Recall that Nnamdi Kahu had made a photo op appearance at one of President Trump’s campaign rally last week. He was trying to use the appearance as propaganda of how close he is to Trump administration.

He succeeded in deceiving his followers that Biafra is coming and that he has the full backing of the Trump team

It was a humiliation for Nnamdi Kanu watching the right-hand man of President Trump, in a world press conference talk about the huge investments of the United States in Nigeria. Mike Pompeo even talked about military support and additional security cooperation between Nigeria and the United States, something that will surprise those who were deceived to believe that the US has turned against Nigeria.

Again and again, event in the world is teaching Nnamdi Kanu and his supporters that they know little about foreign policy and international relations.

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