Reaction stirs as Actor Kenneth Aguba reveals the types of lady she wants to marry

By: Sarkolee / October 15th, 2022 / 43 views

Many months after well-known cleric Apostle Chibuzor began looking for a wife for him, veteran Nollywood actor Kenneth Aguba has claimed that he has not yet found a wife.

When the General Overseer of Omega Power Ministry, Apostle Chinyere Chibuzor, promised to find him a wife and sponsor their wedding, the actor insisted that he would only wed a virgin woman from Israel. Now, the actor has added a few more demands for his future spouse.

In addition to his initial requirement that any woman he marries must be a virgin, he also stipulates that she must not be older than 30 and possess at least a Masters degree in education.

His words,

“I have not seen a wife yet, I am still searching. My spec is a beautiful woman who is tall, fair in complexion, not older than 30 years and a master degree holder”.

In the meantime, Annastasia Micheal and Ella, two Nigerian women, have declared their willingness to wed Aguba.

One of the women, Annastasia Micheal, who tearfully pleaded with the actor in a viral video to marry her, claimed she’s had bad relationships with young men in the past and is certain the veteran Nollywood star is the one for her.

Aguba, in response, suggested that the women concentrate on their own personal growth, just as he does.

My message to them is that they should go and build the best out of themselves while I do mine also. At the right time, God will point for me,” he said.