Reactions as Portable meets Joke Muyiwa, Itele D icon, Sanyeri and others on a movie set [video]

By: Sarkolee / August 7th, 2022 / 51 views

Itele D Icon, Joke Muyiwa, Sanyeri, and other Yoruba actors were among the actors who appeared in the movie, which was being filmed when Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, showed up.

The rapper released a video of the moment he met and greeted the well-known actors on Instagram. Madam Joke Muyiwa humorously remarked that she had become a celebrity as a result of having met a star when they first met. She has been a star for a long time, he retorted. She then asked for a picture with him.

In the video he uploaded, Portable got to know Itele D Icon and Sanyeri. A sizable crowd gathered to welcome Portable. While he was introducing the well-known Yoruba actors, they were all gathered around him.

The film’s title is “Sika Sika,” and Portable will play the lead role. Kemisola, the film’s producer, has listed the musician as one of the actors.

He will be playing an unspecified role. The actor’s video upload only captures the moment he greeted each actor he would be working with.

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