Reactions as Twitter user shades DJ cuppy as she hint on getting 4th degree

By: Sarkolee / September 16th, 2022 / 20 views

DJ Cuppy, a disc jockey from Nigeria, is a voracious learner. Her real name is Florence Otedola.

The Otedola family’s daughter, who just earned her third degree, has indicated that she plans to further her education.

DJ Cuppy made a suggestion about studying architecture on Twitter.

She claims that she is considering returning to school to pursue a degree in architecture.

Thinking of going back to University again to study architecture”.

Daniel Regha criticized the billionaire’s daughter for being callous to the suffering of the striking Nigerian students.

She isn’t making things better, in his opinion, by continuously discussing her academic goals.

He reminded the dj that she still hadn’t followed through on her vow to help pupils from 18 months prior.

Cuppy do u realize that constantly announcing ur academic plans is insensitive; lots of Nigerians are affected by the ongoing ASUU strike & u ain’t helping matters. Also keep in mind that u are yet to assist students as promised since almost 18 months. U talk big but do nothing”.

Daniel Regha is not the first person to attack her forcefully.

When she admitted that she almost considered quitting school, Daniel Regha hauled her.

DJ Cuppy bemoaned the impact a third university degree would have on her music career.