Reactions stirs as Davido reportedly arrest his house workers over son’s death

By: Sarkolee / November 2nd, 2022 / 44 views

As they mourn the passing of their kid, music artist Davido and his fiancée Chioma are going through a difficult period.


The singer’s first kid went away on Monday, October 31st, according to an earlier report from NGV news.


He has been taken away from Evercare Hospital, where his son was delivered, inconsolable. At the moment, the singer is staying with his father.


When the incident occurred, NGV discovered that Davido had detained a number of the individuals at his residence on Banana Island.


The tragic news that Davido and his fiancée Chioma had lost their child, Ifeanyi Adeleke, was revealed by Davido’s son NGV.

On Monday, October 31, Ifeanyi Adeleke passed away.


Ifeanyi Adeleke perished a few days after his third birthday, which was on October 20, according to information.


According to a family source who asked to remain anonymous until an official statement, “The boy was inside water for too long and they hauled him out and rushed him to the hospital.”


He was taken to Evercare Hospital in Lekki and was declared dead when he got there.

Davido had earlier in the day been seen showing Ifeanyi how to swim before he passed away.


The singer of the song “Electricity” was spotted with Ifeanyi in videos that went viral on social media. They were both in the mansion’s large pool.


As he gave him instructions, Davido lifted the three-year-old youngster and made him flap his legs in the water.

Ifeanyi kept flapping his legs as the music star carried him about in the water.


Davido, who was undoubtedly pleased with his son’s performance, was overheard saying that the boy picked everything up quickly.

He said: “This one go learn quick”.

Ifeanyi’s parents, Chioma and Davido, lavishly celebrated his third birthday before his quite tragic and shocking passing.