Reactions stirs as man refused to buy food for her girlfriend’s friend that came with her to the restaurant [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 28th, 2022 / 27 views


Male internet users have praised a man for what he did after his significant other brought a female acquaintance along for their date. As shown in the video, the Nigerian man declined to buy her anything and didn’t seem to mind that she was seated at their table. He and his date were shown eating in a video that was going viral, and the woman was shown having a blank expression.

Following her buddy on a date, a woman was completely ignored in a viral video that sparked a lot of outrage. A caption on the TikTok video made fun of the woman who didn’t get food at the date and said that her buddy had been told not to go alone.

The man and his date could be seen in the video enjoying their meals and not giving a thought to the individual sitting across from them.

The lady’s buddy was seen sitting with her hands on her lap and looking aimlessly into space.

While male users praised the man for ignoring her, several social media users criticized the woman for allowing her buddy to be humiliated in that way.

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