Reactions stirs as Pregnant influencer, Kiekie spotted dancing energetically to Asake Joha music [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 24th, 2022 / 61 views

When popular influencer Kie Kie announced that she is expecting her first child, she happily shocked her followers and coworkers. The actress, who is known for being vivacious and flighty, did not let being pregnant stop her from acting in the roles she is known for. When Kie Kie accepted Asake’s Joha challenge, she astounded many people with her enthusiasm and dance prowess.

Despite being extremely pregnant, prominent influencer and actress Kie Kie continues to display her lighthearted and cheerful side. The expectant mother and another woman demonstrated their dance prowess in a video she posted on her page by making synchronised movements to Asake’s Joha.

Kie Kie, who wore a basic outfit and had lovely hair and shades, danced to the beat of the music with ease and leaped, rotated, and shook her body.

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