Reactions stirs as Secondary school students flaunts their Iphones [video]

By: Sarkolee / January 21st, 2023 / 15 views

Reactions stirs as Secondary school students flaunts their Iphones

An article from a class that was uploaded by a secondary school student in Nigeria prompted comments on social media.

Her classmates were requested to reveal their mobile devices in a phone sampling film she produced, and they all showed off iPhones.

The student included each student’s name and the iPhone model they are each using in a post on TikTok.

The first Aisha female uses an iPhone XS Max, the second Aisha girl also has an iPhone XS Max, and the third Aisha girl has an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The single boy in the group was using an iPhone 13, while Nofisat flashed her iPhone 12 Pro Max as they continued.

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See reactions below

Reacting, adelakuntufayl said; The pressure is getting Wesser sha. Many girls are still out there that prefer hardworking types sha 😂👏🔥🔥🔥

queen_nma222; Awww rich kids 🙄 when I was their age and class level I no even see Nokia torch phone use

carphy_flinks; When I Dey secondary school na Symbian phone I Dey use run 2go

_toby_loba; When I dey secondary school nah that small Nokia I get 😂 wey I dey use play that snake game

harbzyberry; When I Dey secondary school nah Itel i Dey use that day but (Alhamdulilah)🙏😢

___har_nike_alayo; So you guys even used phone during your secondary school days 😂

owa_d__realtor; Na C1 I use when I dey secondary school ooo . I no use phone at for my jss1 uwa nka self