Rema Biography, Real name, Age, Early Life, Education, Record Label, Net Worth and Others

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Rema Biography, Real name, Age, Early Life, Education, Record Label, Net Worth and Others

Rema Biography, Real name, Age, Early Life, Education, Record Label, Net Worth and Others

Divine Ikubor, also known as Rema, is a Nigerian rapper, singer, and composer. He rose to fame in the music business at an early age and has since emerged as one of Nigeria’s most well-known and significant artists. On May 1, 2000, Rema was born in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

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Rema Biography

Rema, a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and rapper, was born Divine Ikubor on May 1st, 2000. He is a native of Nigeria’s Edo State and Benin City. Rema exhibited a profound love for music at a young age and had a lot of potential as an artist. He stands out from his contemporaries with his own musical style, which combines elements of Afrobeats, trap, and R&B. This has contributed to his quick climb to prominence.


Rema Age

Rema will be 23 years old in 2023. His colorful personality and youthful energy have made him a popular among the younger generation of music lovers since his birth in 2000.


Rema Early Life

Rema was born into a musically interested family, with a pastor for a father and a local gospel singer for a mother. He was exposed to a variety of musical styles as a child, which probably influenced his early artistic growth. Rema’s passion for music grew during his formative years, and he started developing his abilities by singing and performing at church functions and neighborhood events.


Rema Education

Rema gave attention to his musical adventure, but he also paid attention to his studies. He attended primary and secondary schools in Benin City, where he managed his developing music career while also pursuing his academic goals. Rema managed to succeed in school despite the difficulties, showing his commitment and self-control.


Rema Career

Rema’s big break in the music business occurred in 2019 when he inked a record deal with Jonzing World, a division of Mavin Records, one of the biggest record labels in Nigeria. His first single, “Iron Man,” which was released on this label and received a lot of praise, made his distinctive sound known to the globe. The song’s popularity propelled Rema into the public eye and signaled the start of his spectacular career.

Rema released his self-titled debut EP, “Rema,” after “Iron Man,” which included well-known songs like “Dumebi” and “Corny.” The EP won praise from critics and demonstrated his ability as a musician by skillfully fusing several genres into his songs. Rema captivated listeners all around the world with his distinctive vocals, catchy melodies, and relevant words.

Rema continued to create successful songs after his initial triumph, including “Bad Commando,” “Lady,” and “Ginger Me.” His songs resonated with audiences, propelling him to new heights and established him as one of Nigeria’s most promising young musicians.


Rema Nomination and Awards

Rema has received various honors and nominations as a result of his exceptional talent and artistic accomplishments. He became one of the sector’s up-and-coming stars in 2020 after winning the Headies Award for Next Rated Artist. He was also nominated for the Soundcity MVP Awards and the MTV Africa Music Awards, further establishing his position as a major player in the Nigerian music industry.


Rema Wife

Rema isn’t rumored to be married as of 2023. He has been successful in keeping his personal affairs discreet while concentrating mainly on his music and business.


Rema Personal Life

Rema’s private life is still largely a secret. When it comes to his personal connections, he tries to maintain a low profile and places a lot of value on his artistic ability and public persona. Rema maintains a humble and down-to-earth demeanor despite his fame, frequently thanking his followers for their persistent support.


Rema Record Label

Currently under contract with Mavin Records’ subsidiary Jonzing World, Rema. Don Jazzy, a well-known producer and musician from Nigeria, formed the label, which has a track record for developing gifted musicians and helping them find success. Rema has prospered and keeps pushing boundaries with his music under the direction of Jonzing World and Mavin Records.


Rema New Songs

Rema frequently releases new music to the joy of his listeners, and his creative production is consistent. He recently released the songs “Bounce,” “Soundgasm,” and “Ravers Tune.” These songs highlight Rema’s development as an artist, showing how he can experiment with various sounds and develop his musical style with each new release.


Rema Social Media Accounts

Rema keeps a consistent social media presence, interacting with his followers and posting updates about his music and personal life. To interact with him and learn about his most recent initiatives, fans can follow him on Twitter and Instagram (@heisrema and @heisrema, respectively).


Rema Net Worth

Rema’s net worth is anticipated to be in the several million dollar range as of 2023. His success in the music industry, coupled with brand endorsements and performances, has contributed to his financial affluence.