See The Monthly Salary Nigerian Senators Earn

The Nigeria National assembly popularly known as NASS is a Bi-camera house consisting of the upper legislative chamber called the Senate and the lower legislative chamber known as the House of Representatives.

The key function of both houses is to carry out legislative duties, However the Nigerian Senate has come under several scrutiny.
Before now, the monthly take home of the Nigerian senators remain unknown and also a top secret, however investigations has revealed what the senators take home look like.
According to documents obtained from RMAFC (revenue mobilization allocation and fiscal commission) it is most likely that the Nigeria senators are the highest paid in the world, even though majority of the country’s population leave below poverty level.
A Nigeria senator receives basic monthly salary of N750,000 only and allowance of N13.5 million making a total of N14.25 million on a monthly basis.
Here is a list of items categorised as allowance:
Hardship allowance
Constituency allowance
Furniture allowance
Newspaper allowance
Wardrobe allowance
Recess allowance
House maintenance
Domestic staff
Personal assistant
Duty tour
The image below give a further breakdown of how much is allocated to each category of allowance.
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