See The Most Difficult Thing After Marriage

Couple of days ago, I read an answer on Quora regarding life after marriage.
She was anonymous, and had shared how her life changed after marriage. It was touching.

The story was more or less similar to the phases of a person’s life. (Here I am talking about phase of life, your experience with marriage could be different.)
You get married at the proper age. ( Remember, this is the age decided by the society, and your parents.)
Initial years, there is so much love, so much romance, so much sex. You love everything about your partner.
With time, the romance starts to fade away. You don’t find anything exciting in the relationship.
This happens to everyone. This is just a phase.
You ignore your thoughts, and move ahead with life.
Couple of years later, you become a parent.
Okay! Now, you have something to talk. Something new came up.
But, then you realize that there is nothing new except the conversation you have about your child.
You fight with each other, there is no love but you are together just for the sake of your child.
You miss your identity, you crave for someone who gives your more, more than the physical pleasure.
You start searching for people who look like you from the inside.
May be you find him, may be you don’t.
May be you stick to your loveless relationship, may be you don’t.
Whatever happens, you realize your mistake.
You realize that as soon as you removed sex from the relationship, there is nothing the relationship has to offer!
I guess, this is the most difficult thing after marriage.
Just getting into a relationship because everyone is doing so, or because you are at your proper age, is wrong.
Most of us fail to understand that marriage is not a necessity.
It’s okay if you remain alone, and just enjoy life than to live a loveless life.
There is more to marriage than just good looks, and physical pleasure.
Look for someone whose thoughts are attractive, with whom you can untie the convoluted puzzles of life.
Someone who will NEVER accept you as you are, but will rock your world and push you to change for the better.
Look for real love, the raw version.
The deeper, the sweeter.
Edit: For all those who are taking it personal, it’s good that your relationship is good, that’s your experience. That doesn’t mean that everyone’s relationship is perfect. This answer is inspired by the ‘Anonymous’ answer to such question where the writer wasn’t happy in her marriage.
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