See the Yoruba Billionaire who was Nigeria’s richest man before Dangote

Before Aliko Dangote held on to the top position of the wealthiest person in Nigeria and in Africa, Nigeria had a billionaire who was the richest man in Nigeria. Harry Akande, a construction magnate, was the man who had that honour.

Harry Akande was born in March 1943. He 0was a brilliant student, having his University Education on scholarship at the Hampton University. Studying Accounting and Finance, He graduated from that University with the highest grades available. In 1969, Akande graduated with an MBA from Kellog’s Graduate School of Management at the Northwestern University, he holds the record of being the first graduate of African descent of the institution.
Harry Akande worked in a new firms before establishing his own company, AIC Limited. AIC got contracts and executed several projects of water, electricity, various structures including Hotels and the National Art Theatre. The combined value of the projects ran into billions of dollars.
Chief Harry Akande is also a politician. Nigeria’s former richest man before Dangote was also a former Presidential Aspirant, and also the Chairman of the board of Trustees of All People’s Party, once the second biggest Political Party.
Chief Harry Akande has been married for 36 Years to his wife, Chief Mrs Tolulope Akande, with the union producing four children who are named Olumide, Foluke, Olawunmi, and Atinuke.
An interesting fact from Punch Newspapers in 2001, reported that Chief Harry Akande had a monthly income of $533 million (a current currnecy valuation of 191 billion Naira).
The Yoruba Billionaire, reported by Punch Newspapers as the richest Man in Nigeria, was also said in the Punch report to be richer than all looters in Nigeria (from the list of looters in Nigeria released in 2001.

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