Similar Words Being Murdered Daily

You can hardly tell when similar-sounding words are being misused in speech. However, this weakness is revealed at once in writing, and since it is compulsory that some form of writing has to be done in corporate settings, it is only necessary to learn to tell them apart. Find some of such words below and see if you have also been guilty of murder.


 “Human” and “Humane”

1.      Human: This word refers to mankind or something relating to mankind.

2.     Humane: This involves showing kindness to people and animals.

“Confuse” and “Convince”

3.     Confuse: This means getting some information mixed up, hence thinking that something is another thing.

4.     Convince: “Convince” on the other hand means that one is made to believe in the truth or existence about something.

“Silver” and “Sliver”

5.     Silver: This is a grayish-white precious metal and it can be used for making coins and some other valuables.

6.     Sliver: This refers to a tiny bit of a larger object, for instance, a tiny piece from a log of wood, can be called a sliver.

“Stripe” and “Strip”

7.     Stripe: This is a type of pattern that is long and narrow.

8.     Strip: This means to remove one’s clothes or take off the different layers of a particular thing.

“Scrape” and “Scrap”

9.     Scrape: This means to peel off or remove something from a surface, often with a sharp object.

10.  Scrap: This can be a small portion of something larger or pieces of discarded food items. It can also be a verb referring to the process of getting rid of something or simply cancelling it.

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“Rifle” and “Riffle”

11.   Rifle: This could refer to a long-barrelled gun or the process of going through a stack of items very quickly in order to find or steal something.

12.  Riffle: This refers to the action of browsing through the pages of a book without reading the words on the pages.

“Tough” and “Turf”

13.  Tough: A person is said to be tough when they are determined and strong and are highly tolerant of difficulty and suffering.

14.  Turf: This could refer to very familiar territory to a person or a short, thick, even grass.

“Assess” and “Access”

15.  Assess: this refers to examining something or someone in order to pass a final statement about them.

16.  Access: this refers to the opportunity to enter a place or gain entry to something.

“Cycle” and “Circle”

17.  Cycle: A cycle is a chain of events or actions that occurs over and again, in the same progression.

18.  Circle: A circle is a kind of shape that is made up of a curved line all around an area.

“Seminar” and “Seminal”

19.  Seminar: A seminar is a meeting or a class in a university where a problem is discussed by students and a teacher.

20. Seminal: A book, project, experience or event is said to be seminal when it causes a huge influence in a particular discipline.

Do you know more words like these? Please share them in the comment section below. Thank you!


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