Six Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Avoid

Pregnancy is said to occur when a sperm from the male fertilizes the egg from the female which then leads to conception. Sometimes, pregnancy could be multiple, that is, it could be twin pregnancy, triplets or even quadruplets.
A normal pregnancy usually lasts anywhere between 37 completed weeks and 42 weeks after conception.
For mothers especially first timers, this long estimated 9 months could be terrifying especially when there is no information.
There are some things that are a no-no in pregnancy, which must be avoided as much as possible as some of these may cause harm to either the mother, baby or both.
Some of such things that must be avoided in pregnancy includes;
1) Alcohol
Alcohol is an absolute NO in pregnancy.
Alcohol can cross the barrier between mother and baby through the placenta to affect the baby. Alcohol especially in early pregnancy can cause Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, this may be characterized by small head, growth defects, learning disabilities. In severe cases, it could result in miscarriage or still birth.
2) Unprescribed Medication
There are a whole lot of drugs that should not be taken in pregnancy. Some of these drugs can cause a variety of problems ranging from birth defects to a miscarriage. Take only drugs prescribed by the doctor.
3) Avoid Cat faeces
For those who have pets, cats especially, its faeces must be avoided. This is because of an infection known as toxoplasmosis. This can cause a miscarriage, still birth or damage to a baby’s brain.
4) Do Not Diet
Pregnancy is not the time to diet, it is not the time to lose weight. The unborn baby may become deprived of nutrients if mother decides to diet, which in turn could affect the growth and development of the baby.
5) Cut Down On Caffeine
Caffeine should be limited to about 200 milligrams per day, this is about the size of two mugs of coffee.
High levels of caffeine can cause a baby to have low birth weight which is a problem for the baby.
6) Do Not Skip Antenatal clinics
Antenatal clinics are very vital for every pregnant woman. Here, routine checks are made such as blood pressure, urine analysis, scans, health talks, vaccinations and so on.
You really do not want to miss out on any of these.
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