Skit maker maraji share photos to celebrate her son as she clocks 4 month

By: Sarkolee / August 20th, 2022 / 42 views

As she celebrates her baby’s fourth month, Nigerian comedian Gloria Olorunto, also known as Maraji, has many fans gushing about her adorable son.

The stunning comedian, who had her first kid earlier this year, celebrates her son’s fourth month by posting adorable pictures of the two of them.

Maraji revealed her relationship with her kid by posting the photographs online and claiming they regularly communicate without one of them understanding the other’s language.

Maraji’s admirers Ana Ebiere, Kiekie, and others responded to the cute pictures with kind words and emoticons.

She wrote: My oga is 4 months old today 🥹 he is my bestie cus we talk to each other all day even tho we bothdon’tt know what the other person is saying.