Slay queen, Mandy kiss narrates why it is so hard for her to find a boy friend [watch video]

By: Sarkolee / May 19th, 2022 / 70 views


Mandy Kiss, a Nigerian slay queen and Instagram influencer, has expressed her frustration with her failure to find a boyfriend.

The young lady, who frequently uploads vulgar and improper content on Instagram, claims that her online behavior is preventing her from dating.

Mandy Kiss explained in a video caption that she is not truly into the lifestyle she aggressively promotes and that people have the wrong impression of her.

All of the filthy images and vulgar words, she claims, are just to generate traffic to her page.


She said this :

It’s hard for me to see bf cos of my content. Unfortunately I’m not what you guys think I am. It’s just a content.


Click HERE to watch

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