“Small Bumbum big things” ~ Comedian Bovi hail his wife as they celebrate 13 years old wedding anniversary

By: Sarkolee / September 20th, 2022 / 18 views

Bovi, a gifted comedian, praised his wife Kris on Instagram as they marked their 13th wedding anniversary.

The comedian shared a video of his wife from her back and lauded her for being ageless, a weapon of mass devastation, and yet having a youthful appearance despite giving birth to three children.

Bovi also attributed his wife for making him into a “domestic” person from a “wild animal.”

Omalicha, small ynash big things…dem dey craze, see wife their father, is it easy to maintain me and survive, first person to tame me I behave, me wild animal you turn me to domestic’…fine girl, ageless, weapon of mass destruction…only you small body carry children 27 months…see babe…’, he said as he made a video of her