South Africa man sends proof to her daughter of her being in club, After she lied she didn’t went to club

By: Sarkolee / May 9th, 2022 / 60 views


A young South African woman used to social media to tell how her father caught her lying after she went to a nightclub.

She revealed a WhatsApp exchange in which he inquired about her partying, which she denied.

He shared pictures from a Snapchat video of his daughter partying at Konka, a prominent South African nightclub, and asked whether that was her, but she denied it.

She could no longer lie after her father shared another photo of her with a friend, this time with a sharper shot of her face.

She wrote this :

Still thinking about how my dad sent me snaps of myself at KONKA

Just so there’s no misunderstanding; i have a very open relationship w my parents so me denying that it’s me was not me trying to hide the fact that i was there but only to joke around.


See her post below

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