Stay glammed up during harmattan with these simple makeup tips

We’re already in the middle of harmattan but it’s not too late get some makeup tips for this cold and dry season.

Here are some makeup tips to help your glam during harmattan 
Most people have officially resumed for work but the weather isn’t as friendly as it seems, which can be discouraging for those that want to wear makeup.
You already know harmattan is a combination of cold and dry air, which is not so good for the skin. The cold season often comes with the cons of dry skin and chapped lips. Your makeup might even come out looking duller than expected or too bright for the weather.
The good news is that we have tips to get you through with this weather and still look amazing with your glammed face. For this article, we have some tips that would make your glam come out the right way.
1. Use hydrating foundations

Hydrating foundations are what you need during harmattan 
Due to the dry hair that harmattan brings, you need to get all the moisture you can get. You would have to use hydrating foundation and do away with your matte foundation for now. During harmattan, matte foundations often settle into dry skin and patches are being noticed on the skin. Liquid and cream foundation glides smoothly over the skin. For less shine, you can set it with powder to reduce the glow on your T-zone areas.
2. Moisturize your face
The need for more moisture on your skin in this season can not be overemphasized. Be sure to moisturize to get the much-needed hydration for your skin. Moisturize while your skin is still damp after showering for the best hydration. Opt for a grease-less moisturizer so your makeup doesn’t sticky on your face.
3. Apply sunscreen

Sunscreen protects the skin from the uv effects from the sun [HelloGiggles]
UV rays and their damaging effects on the skin are present all year long. Therefore, you have to get into the habit of wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 daily no matter the season. The sun doesn’t take a break and neither should you.
4. Blend properly
Blending is one important makeup skill everyone must learn. For either cool or cold weather, makeup must be properly blended to set in properly. When using a beauty blender make sure to avoid rubbing, as this will promote flakiness and irritate your skin that is already sensitive and dry. Instead, press the foundation into your skin to ensure more coverage and blend in sections.
5. Increase the use of primer

There’s no way we’re going talk about getting your makeup done during harmattan without mentioning the use of a primer. Due to the dryness of the weather, you must prepare your dry skin with the use of a face primer. Ensure you opt for a luminous primer and ditch the matte ones for now. The subtle shimmer in a luminous primer gives your skin a glow-from-within. Using a primer does not only make your skin glow, but it’s also hydrating feature retextures the skin making it smooth and allowing for easy application.
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