Stop borrowing people money ~ Nigerian man narrates how the guy he lend money refuses to give him and dare him to do his worst

By: Sarkolee / June 18th, 2022 / 17 views

A Nigerian man posted a screenshot of a message he received from a debtor who has failed to repay his money four years later.

Richie, a Twitter user, revealed that the debtor owed him money for four years before becoming unavailable and barring him to prevent him from contacting him.

When the debtor ultimately unblocked him, he claimed that he requested for the money, but that he firmly refused to return it and challenged him to do his worst.

According to the message he sent, the debtor stated that he had no plans to repay the money because he had other debtors who had failed to pay.

I cant give you the money

When Richie asked why he was refusing to pay back the money he had borrowed, the debtor said

I don’t have reason a lot of people are owing me but I don’t act like a lunatic towards them. So I’ve decided that I’ll not give you

Richie shared the chat with his followers, advising them to stop lending money to strangers.

The risk of lending money to others, he claims, is that you may lose their friendship and may never get the money back.

He then tweeted this :

Stop lending money to people. They won’t pay you back… When you lend people money, you tend to lose both the money and friendship


See their chat below..

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