Story: Hiis Private Desires – Episode 5 & 6

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His private desire. 
      Mr handsome and I 
Written by the admins of authoress chi
           Episode five. 
Javier’s POV. 
I woke up with a slight headache and thankfully it wasn’t so painful like the last one. The morning sun rays were coming in through the window as I sat up on the small bed on the floor. 
The room I was in right now was very small…
There was just this small bed and a very old cupboard opposite beside me. The walls were looking like they needed a new painting. 
I stood up and walked out of the room, then found myself in the small parlor. 
“You’re awake” a female voice said beside me and I turned to see the beautiful shy girl there. She had a blush on her face…
“Yeah” I nodded and asked again,” where’s the bathroom??” 
She looked up at me and her brows raised up a bit,” oh, it’s over there” 
She led me to small four walled enclosure and gosh it was even smaller than the room I was in before. I stared at the place awkwardly before I sucked in that guts and walked inside. 
When I got back to the sitting room which now that noticed had only two old looking ash sofas, with the most smallest tv I’ve ever seen, I saw the woman who had helped me coming out of a room. 
“How’re you feeling today??”she asked softly. 
“Uhmm…” I fidgeted with the chain around my neck,”Good” I replied. 
Just then The girl came in holding a big loaf of bread and walked over to her mother. 
“Nadine, I told you to get the small one!” Her mother complained. 
Nadine. So that’s her name. 
“Well Mr Harry gave me this bread for free” She replied with a big smile on her face. Then she turned to look at me again and we locked eyes. 
“That’s so nice to him, remind me to thank him myself later” Her mum collected the bread from her then said to me,” Make yourself comfortable, breakfast will be ready in a minute” 
“What? Strawberry jam?? I thought we had used it up!” Nadine said from the kitchen. What’re they talking about??
What I should actually be worried about is who are my real family…and why I feel like someone out there wants me dead! I touched the gold chain around my neck again…
Nadine’s POV. 
I though we were gonna have seaweed and fish for breakfast again but luckily for us, Mr Harry an old man who owns a bakery shop down across the street and who was also a great friend of my mums dad, gave us a big loaf for free. 
And mum had also hidden some strawberry jam which we had managed to buy from like three months ago. Today I’m gonna have a super breakfast!
“I’m still worried Nadine” mum sighed as she spread the jam on the bread slices. 
“I don’t think there’s anything to worry about mum. We just have to help him remember?? We can just keep him here till his memories return, please” I pleased and squeezed her arm a bit and she just nodded, but I could still see that she was not fully convinced. 
“Did you see how he was looking at the place? He must be from a rich family” mum stated as she started serving the bread into plates. 
“I noticed too…” I smiled dreamily as I remembered when we locked eyes there…
We finished and stepped back into the living room and there he was, still standing in the position we left him. 
He looked at the bread…and cringed a bit. 
“Breakfast is ready dear, come have some” mum cooed and he shifted a bit before he walked over and sat down right beside me. 
We gave him four slices of bread and jam and he just stared at it, as if he was disgusted by it. Then a smile crept up his features and he picked up the bread and took a bite. 
After breakfast I picked up the dishes and Made to wash it in the sink but he followed me. 
“Nadine” he said. 
“Javier” I mumbled. 
He tried to help with the dishes but, wow he was doing a very bad job at it. Two times the plate slipped from his hands and I made to catch it before it fell, and our skin touched…
We’d look at each other a little surprised and again quickly take our eyes to another place. He couldn’t even wash the plate clean even though he was trying so hard. 
He really must be from a rich family…those kind of kids that don’t do any chores at all. Just have fun day and night. We really are two different people. 
“Do you remember anything??” I asked softly as I finished with the dishes. 
He shook his head,” No” 
“You kept calling someone named jasmine in your sleep last night…Did you maybe dream of anyone?? Can you remember??” I tried again but it was useless as he shook his head. 
“Common. I know it’s boring in here. I’ll show you around the street” 
“I love the color of your eyes” he cooed, and I instantly got goosebumps everywhere. I already my cheeks were as red as tomato. 
“Common lets go” he smiled, pulling my hands. 
Writer’s POV
Far away in a very loud and busy club, a man sat down near the bar, drinking down some tequila. 
He was wearing a dark hat which covered some part of his face. 
He received a call and dropped the glass of tequila, placing the phone to his ears. 
📱Good job, I saw it all over the news📱The caller praised, his voice a hint of humor. 
📱And my balance??📱The man asked in a grueling voice. 
📱 They haven’t found his dead body yet to confirm he’s actually dead. When they do, I’ll send you the money📱
📱The truck collided with his car, sending it crashing down the cliff into the water below. He has to be dead📱
📱You know the Greysons, they’re very very stubborn and don’t die easily. Like I said when the body has been found, you’ll get your balance!📱
Then the call cut off. And the man in the black hat groaned in frustration, and punched his tequila from where it was sitting to the ground, the beautiful glass cup shattering into pieces. 
But the music in the club was too loud for anyone to even hear…or notice. 
Who’re these mysterious people??
Who’re the greysons??
Find out as we go on….☺️☺️
👔His Private   
(Mr Handsome and I)

Episode 6
(Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi)
       👑Grayson’s mansion 👑 
“Marcus what should we do? Till now there has been no news of our son.”
“I can’t loss him, I won’t be able to bear it Marcus” A woman complained bitterly.
“Calm down, the cops are still doing their job, we will find him Matilda, we will find him” the man who seem to be her husband replied.
“Oh Marcus, please, I can’t wait anymore, I wanna see him now. The meal I prepared for him is still there untouched, please Marcus” she bursted out in tears.
“Matilda, calm down please” her husband tried calming her.
“His the only boy we have, his siblings are all girls, how…what are we gonna do if something terrible happens to him Marcus? How can you ask me to calm down, for goodness sake I want to see him now” the woman kept crying.
“I know Matilda, I understand” he cooed and went to sit with her on the couch that she is sitting on in order to console her.
She then relaxed her head on his shoulder still weeping. 
“Marcus, I want you to do this, let the news carry this information that whoever has any reasonable information regarding where he is will be rewarded with whatever the person wants” she told him.
“I’ll do that, if that’s what you want, I’ll do it” the man replied caressing her back.
       💝Nadine’s POV 💝
We got to the door and I stopped and looked at him.
What if someone recognizes him? I thought and freed my hand from his.
“Hold on, lemme get my cap for you to wear, can’t risk someone recognizing you” I cooed and left to search for my cap.
I saw it in minutes and returned to give it to him.
He smiled and wore the cap on.
“Now, you won’t be easily recognized, let’s go” I beamed and we got outside.
He stood for minutes starring at the far river.
“You found me there right?” He asked pointing at the river.
“Yes, but you don’t have to feel so sad. You survived, didn’t you? So let go of it” I advised and he shook his head and took his eyes to mine.
He smiled widely.
“Let’s go” he replied and we both left.
Our neighborhood is full of poor people tho, but its always lively and sweet to live in.
We walked on the busy road where people were much, some were selling food stuff and different items.
Javier was just looking from left to right. He had a bemused look on his face.
Guess he has never been in a place like this.
He was walking in the middle of the road and suddenly a bike carrying a lot of vegetables honed behind him but he didn’t seem to notice as he was still busy starring somewhere else.
I took his hand and pulled him forcefully away from the road almost falling down myself.
He looked surprised at my action but when he saw the bike speed pass he realized why I did that.
“Thanks” he smiled.
Aw geez.
Why is he so handsome? When he smiles my heart beat increases.
I just don’t understand anymore.
I got lost and continued starring at his face and didn’t even notice a boy handling a wheelbarrow containing some goods in it was coming at me but I didn’t move.
He took my hand and pulled me to himself and our body touched.
Like I hugged him. 
My eyes widened at the thought and I found myself leaning more into the hug.
“Hey, his gone now” I heard him say but didn’t move.
“Nadine?” He called and I slowly left his body.
👤Wow, the both of you should just get a room.
👤Yea, they look so good together.
The women around started gossiping.
One even walked up to us.
👤You two look good together, I could remember when I also met my husband. We always acted the way you two did, hugging and kissing anywhere for people to see. I advice you to go to church and get married, she said and left.
My eyes were widely open all along.
How could…? 
What are they thinking? I thought unable to stare at Javier who hasn’t even said a word too. 
I guess his also shocked at what they are saying.
👤Stop standing there and get a room! A voice yelled and my cheeks flushed.
I quickly turned to look at Javier and I saw him smiling.
“They are so funny” he smiled out.
“Go get a room!!!”
“Go get a room!!!”
“Go get a room!!!”
Different woman started singing.
My heart was racing so fast.
What are these woman doing? I haven’t even had my first kiss.
Go get a room? Go get married? 
Tho I’ll be happy to be married to Mr handsome.
“Javier let’s go” I mouthed and made to leave but I felt a hand hold me back.
More people were already starring at us making it more embarrassing.
These women! 
“I like it, I like what they’re saying” he said and I looked at him in surprise.
“ like it?” I questioned and he nodded.
“I love it” he replied and at that moment I felt my head spin.
He loves it? 
So, what’s that supposed to me? I thought.
“Why don’t we get a room then?” He asked and my eyes widened the more.

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