Story: His Private Desires – Episode 1 & 2

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His Private Desires - Episode 1 & 2


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👔His Private   
(Mr Handsome and I)

Episode 1
(Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi)
       Nadine’s Pov:
“Nadine! Nadine! Come on; do you know what the time is?” I heard mom’s voice drive into my sleep, jerking me awake.
Ohhhhhh God!!!!!!
I’m so damn dizzy!!
I grumbled and tried ignoring her, but she tapped my feet immediately. 
“Come on, now. There isn’t much time left. wake up” she said annoyingly and I forced my eyes open. 
“But,,mum…you know I’d slept so late last night. what do you need me for huh??” I grouse.
“Nadine, come on. Stop being controlled by the spirit of sleep. Wake up now”.
I grunted and finally sat up on the local bed, itching my eyes.
Oh God! I was damn so dizzy. 
“Good morning, mum” I greeted in a tone like I wanted to cry. 
“Yes. Good morning. Have you forgotten Mrs Naomi wants us to bring some of her clothes for washing? That money’s really going to be of help. So, come on” she instructed and left the room and I sat quietly for a short time.
Gosh! I really needed some more sleep.
I had to sleep late last night cause our busy hawking some rice cakes around a local party that’d taken place downtown last night.   
I can’t believe its time for yet another work.
After grumbling enough, I left the bed, going into the bathroom to brush and freshen up.
Then, I left for the snug sitting room and met mum ironing some clothes. 
“Are you done?” She asked, having her pretty eyes fixed to the cloth she was working on.
My mum was actually a young pretty woman.
“Yes, mum. But…I think I’m hungry. I’ll just quickly check the kitchen for something” I replied and scurried off to the kitchen.
I opened the pot, but only found it empty. 
Please,,don’t tell me. Did the stew finish last night?
I checked the cupboards for something else, but all I could find were little remnants of seasoning and spices. 
I sighed despondently and leaned on the kitchen counter. 
I guess I’m so doomed.
Well, this shouldn’t be new to me. It happens most of the time.
A little introduction?
I’m Nadine Jerry;
18 years old and a high school dropout. Well, yeah – I had to drop out cause I couldn’t afford the fees anymore. 
My dad’s late and mum is the only sweetest thing I have left. She’s my best friend and life saver. 
We’ve been through hard times – been through hell but we still survived.
Mum is a typical definition of Jack of all trades. 
She’s does laundry, hawks different snacks, goes to clean people’s houses when called, goes to cook and so many others. And I try as much as possible to always assist her in every possible way.
Well, things might be bad now, but I’m positive of the future.
After spending enough time cogitating in the kitchen, I finally left and returned to mum in the sitting room. 
“There isn’t a single food in the kitchen, mum”,I grouse and she sighed and looked up at me.
“I’m so sorry, baby. Don’t worry, I’ll be going to collect a debt from someone and we’ll have something to eat after that, okay?” She said, giving me a beam of hope. 
“Okay, mum. Bye” I gave her a parting hug and left after she muttered bye to me.
I got out of the house and  took in a deep breath, enjoying the fresh air that came from the waters close by. It was such a beautiful sight, wasn’t it?
Well, our snug little house was close to a river and I really enjoyed it because most times, when I was bored, I’d go down and have a view or probably play around it. 
I smiled and was about walking away when something caught my attention
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I arched my brows and decided to go near to have a clearer view. 
I climbed down to the river side and gasped when I saw the muscular body lying right there on the floor, with his eyes closed.
I walked closer and flinched. 
It was a boy, wet and unconscious – having a cut on the side of his tummy with a little blood coming out.
What happened to him??
And how did he get here???
My eyes dilated in shock as I stared at him and immediately, I started screaming.
“Mum! Mum! Mom!”
 👔His Private   
(Mr Handsome and I)

Episode 2
(Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi)
👄Nadine pov👄
“Mum! Mum! Mum!” I shouted perfunctorily, the sight before me still got me stunned wondering how a full grown man like this had ended up here.
I staggered down trembling in fear which has now settled in my system. 
“Oh my God! Hey look at me.” I said as I touched his face, but no response came. I need to save him, I can’t let him die.
I got up from my feet and ran inside to get my mom who was still busy with the clothes.
“Mom, there’s…. A….. Man…. No a boy… I mean a guy outside, he’s really hurt and he might die, I need your help to save him.” I said and my mom gave me a look of confusion.
“Someone’s hurt, how? Why? By whom?” She asked.
“oh my God!” my mom gasped at the sight of the blood and his body.
“mum, we don’t have time for this we need to save him.” I said calling back her attention.
“Ok baby, let’s carry him inside.” we lifted his body and head back to the house.
We put his body down on a table. Mum checked his temperature which was really high.
“Let’s stop his bleeding first then we’ll determine the necessary steps and actions to take later.” she said and I nodded in agreement.
“What should I help you with?” I asked anxiously.
“Just a warm water and a clean towel.” she responded and I went off to get her demands.
“Nadine be fast.” My mom’s voice which came loudly from the inner room dragged my thoughts back.
“Am coming momma.” I replied and went off to her with the hot water and the towel.
After she was done doing all needed to be done, I sat by his side staring into his face.  
Thinking about it, he’s really handsome.
His white soft skin glowing beautiful and so appealing, not to talk of his brown innocent eyes and his pink lips.
Who on Earth exactly is this guy and who could have hurt him, for what reasons exactly?
 I gave another glance at him and it was then I noticed the chain around his neck encrypted with the name ‘Javier.’
Could it be that’s his name?
Am starting to get more curious.
“Check his body temperature.” My mom ordered and I did.
“He seems to be getting better now.” I replied.
“When he’s better we will take him to the hospital and possibly the police station for proper investigation.” There came her reply which doesn’t seems to interest me but the chain around his neck.
“Mum, look.” I said pointing at the chain.
“That looks so expensive.” she said touching it’s surface.
“I wonder too, let’s wait till he wakes up and hear his side of the story, How he end up at the river.” I said rubbing my face with my palms.
“I’ll just dry this up” mum said and left with the water and napkin, leaving me alone with him.
I folded my hands and got lost staring into his face.
Gosh! He was damn too handsome and I just hope he gets better. 
I wonder what happened to him. Who could’ve stabbed him?
My eyes narrowed from his pretty lashy eyes – down to his pointed nose and sweet pink lips. 
Then, I looked at the gold pendant necklace again. 
Hmm. I wonder why he has this. Could it mean he’s rich? 
Suddenly, I saw his lips move.
“Jasmine” he called faintly, tilting his head weakly.
His eyes were still closed.
I furrowed my brows in surprise.
What name is that?
“Jasmine…” He called again, his voice coming out so weak. 
What’s happening?  
Who’s Jasmine?
I watched in ultimate surprise, but he became still and didn’t mention her name again.
He stayed that way for a long time, leaving me to wonder who’s name it was. 
I just hope he wakes up soon enough.
After a while, mum returned with a piece of cloth.
“Any improvement?” She asked and I shook my head. 
She was about tieing the cloth around his wound when he suddenly moved. 
Oh! Good lord!
“Nadine, look he’s waking up.” My mom said tapping my shoulder and for some reasons I know not of,  my heart leaped in joy as his white dazzling eyes stared upwards at the ceiling.
He’s awake!!!
Mum and I stood like ghosts, watching him in suspense.
And slowly, he moved his lips and asked.
“Where am I?”
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