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👔His Private 
(Mr. Handsome and I)
Episode 11
(Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi)
Jasmine POV
I kept thinking about Javier as I walked upstairs towards the direction of my room.
“Gosh! I can’t just believe that my Javier is dead, my own Javier, Lord why?? Oh no I don’t wanna believe this,” I cried out as I leaned my head against the door to my room.
I heaved a sigh and pulled down the door knob gently.
I stared at the king size bed opposite me and heaved a deep sigh.
I entered fully into the room and locked the door with the keys.
I walked towards the bed and threw my bag on the bed.
I unbutton my shirt and threw it on the bed.
“Gosh! I really stink,” I muttered as I keep undressing myself.
After some minutes, I was done undressing myself and tied a towel around my body.
I turned to the direction of the bathroom and walked towards it.
I entered and closed the door behind.
I picked up my hair drier and started using it to dry my hair as I used my hand to shuffle my hair.
I was still in my towel.
I dried my hair finish and picked up my cloths and wore it.
I sat gently on the bed and picked up my phone and scrolled through the messages on my phone.
Suddenly, a message popped in and I clicked on it.
“What is it about?” I thought as I stared at the screen of my phone.
An unknown number sent it.
I then began reading the message he sent.
“Hey, meet me outside, I have an information about your boyfriend’s whereabouts,” I read loudly.
“My boyfriend’s whereabouts??” I murmured with a frown on my face.
“Oh my Gosh! so does that means my boyfriend is really alive??” I muttered happily as I stood up from the bed.
I smiled happily still holding my phone in my hand.
“But who is this person??” I suddenly thought and stood still staring at the message again.
Nadine’s POV
We entered into the house and Javier sat on a sofa.
I stared at Clara who keeps focusing her gaze on him.
Gosh! Don’t tell me this girl is crushing on Javier. Well, naturally his cute face can make ladies run after him.
He is just too cute.
I guess he could feel her gaze because he just sat uncomfortably on the couch.
I shot a stare at her and walked up to her.
“Let’s talk for some minutes,” I said holding her hands and dragging her outside as she stared at me with a frown on her face.
“Gosh! My hand hurts,” She half yelled as I released her hands when we got outside.
I stared deeply into her eyes as she held her hands staring at it.
“Hey, can you see what you have done?” She said raising up her hand showing me the red spot on her wrist as a result of how I held her tightly.
“Sorry,” I muttered
“Alright, so why did she call me here?” She asked
“Well….actually, it’s about Javier, do you like him?” I asked and immediately she had a smile on her face.
“Gosh! You know what?? That guy is so so cute! Gosh I wish I could touch him, I so much wish to have his juicy lips on mine, Gosh! I wish to feel his lovely chest and have him beside me on the bed…..Gosh! So sweet” She said smiling to herself and holding her cheeks.
I stared at her and raised up hands up to hit her on her head.
“Ouch!” She said naughtily and stared at me.
She placed her hand on her head with her lips putted.
“Gosh! So painful,” She said with a puppy eyes and her lips putted.
“Hey! You know what? Stay your eyes off him, is that clear??” I roared
“What do you mean by that? Why should i?” She asked blinking her eyes multiple times.
I stared at her and turned to go but she held me back.
“Why should I??” She asked again still blinking her eyes.
“Because he’s just a stranger, okay? And make sure you don’t tell anyone about it” I said and tried walking away, but she pulled me back.
“Now you’re answering my question. How the hell did you get him?” She asked with beady eyes and I sighed and explained the whole story to her. 
“Woahhhh! Are you kidding me??” She exclaimed when I narrated the entire story to her. 
“Hey, make sure you don’t tell anyone about it, okay? I want it to remain a secret for his safety” I said firmly, pointing my index finger at her. 
“Sure, girl. You can count on me. But….who could’ve tried to kill such a handsome fellow?” She asked, throwing her head into the house. 
“I….don’t know. That’s why we need to keep his identity safe for the meantime. Come on, let’s go in now” I dragged her hand and returned to the house with her. 
Javier POV
I sat uncomfortably on the couch as I could feel her friend’s gaze. 
Gosh! Its really uncomfortable and i even felt kinda cold. 
Suddenly, Nadine walked upto her and they both walked out of the office. 
“At last” I muttered and heaved a sigh of relief. 
I still felt cold and decided to change my clothes. 
I stood up and went to my room and that was when the thoughts dawned on me – I’ve got no clothes to wear. 
Geez! Did I forget I was just a stranger here?
I felt weak as I thought for a while and placed my hand on my gold necklace.
What if I just sell this out and get some money?
Hmmm, what do you think is gonna happen next??
👔His Private 
(Mr. Handsome and I)

Episode 12
(Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi)
        🍇Javier’s pov🍇
Some part of me made me think it’s a bad idea. But then… 
I can’t keep depending on Nadine and her mom to do everything for me. 
They gave me a roof over my head and gave me food to eat. 
They’ve done so much already and I wouldn’t like to burden them with my personal needs. 
I touched the necklace again with my heart beating louder than it used to.
I’ll sell it and get enough cash to buy clothes and some other things. 
               👑Jasmine’s pov👑
I found it confusing and uncomfortable. 
First, I learn that my sweet Javier is gone and now, somebody’s saying he’s around  somewhere. 
My whole body shook vigorously and I was starting to hyperventilate. 
Am an athsmatic patient and things like this stirs up my frail health. 
What do I do about this??? 
I got up and took my phone. I moved out of the room and began walking downstairs. 
I had almost gotten to the door when dad’s voice startled me. 
“Jasmine, where are you going?” He asked coming close. 
He looked a bit marveled seeing me in my robe which doesn’t really seem proper but I don’t care. 
All I want is my Javier. 
I drew away from the door and turned to him. 
“Dad, it’s possible that Javier is alive. I got a text from an anonymous person and whoever he is, is outside waiting for me” I replied rubbing my hands together. 
“The person’s outside my own house??” He asked blandly. 
I nodded abruptly heading for the door again. 
“What if…Javier is making this up? Could it be he doesn’t want you to know where he is? Perharps, he has found someone else…” 
“That’s impossible!” I yelled cutting him off. 
“Javier loves me and I love him too. No one under God can take him from me. I’ll handle that person the exact way I handled the other bi*ches. Javier and I are getting married immediately he’s been found” I rasped and with that, I left the house. 
                 👠Nadine’s pov👠
I succeeded in making Clara leave the house. 
For a moment there I felt scared. 
I don’t know from where to explain what’s happening to me. It’s brain storming. I can’t understand why I felt like strangling Clara when she admitted her feelings towards Javier. 
What is wrong with me? 
How can I fall so fast for a guy I barely know? 
I sighed and knocked on his door. 
I went in not really expecting a reply. 
He was on the bed looking lost in thoughts. 
His handsome face looked a bit disturbed. 
“Javier…” I called walking into the room. 
He looked up at me. 
“Hey Nadine…” He replied standing up from the bed. 
“What’s wrong? You look…worried” I muttered and he tilted his head. 
“Yeah…Am planning on selling something in order to get a little bit of cash. The only thing I actually own” He paused and touched his necklace. 
I gasped. 
He don’t mean… 
“You’re planning on selling your necklace?” I asked though I already knew that was his intention. 
“Yes, I really don’t know why it’s around my neck in the first place” He shrugged and removed it. 
“Don’t you think it’s something priceless and might help you…find your way back to your family?” I asked despondently. 
I felt sad the minute I remembered he actually have a family somewhere out there. A life he has been living and would soon go back to it the moment he recovers his memory. 
“My mind is made up…please, escort me to the market. The necklace is beautiful and a wonderful piece of art; we’ll get it sold and would be back in no time” He said and stretched his hand out to me. 
I hesitated a little before holding him. 
A touch of his skin reminded me of the time we were under the rain and we both got drenched. 
So romantic.. 
We held hands as we left the room off to sell the necklace. 

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