Story: His Private Desires – Episode 13 & 14

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👔 His Private 
                Desires 💋
(Mr Handsome and I) 
Episode 13
(Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi) 
                Jasmine’s Pov :
I walked out of the house and heave a heavy sigh,, who could this person be anyway?? 
But who cares about who he is??  I just want Javier and nothing else,,, 
I finally got out of the gate,, a strange man walked to me. Yeah he’s a man,, not old anyway. 
” You told me you know my boyfriend’s whereabouts, can you please tell me??  I can’t wait to see him!! ” I said almost in a scream 
” Of course I do,,, but it’s going to cost you a lot of money. ” he replied 
” I don’t care about money right now,, I will give you everything you want . just name it ” I pleaded 
” Am going to give you my account details,,, and after I’ve seen the alert. Trust me,,, am taking you to where he is ” he said 
What??  What’s he saying?  Am going to send the money first??? But,,, 
” Are you doubting me??  Maybe I should just leave ” he said trying to walk away 
” No please, I will do everything you want. Just make sure I find him,, ” I said with tears 
” Of course you will, trust me ” He said beaming with smile. 
                 Nadine’s Pov : 
We both walked quietly on our way to a nearby market,, I don’t really think it’s a great idea to sell the necklace off. 
But I think he’s determined,, I can’t convince him. 
” What are you thinking about?? ” His voice asked causing some weird butterflies in my stomach. 
Why does he have so much effect on me??  Even his voice is something in my body,, I think am going crazy already. 
” Uhmm,, it’s nothing important ” I replied with a smile 
” Who was that girl earlier??  You guys seem to be close ” he asked 
” Yeah,, she’s my childhood friend and we are really close ” I replied starring into his pretty eyes 
” Okay ” was all he said 
What??  Why did he asked?  Don’t tell me you also like her,, oh Nadine you are crazy . he only asked a question!! 
” Kids!! ” A voice called 
That’s momma’s voice 
” Javier, wait ” I said tapping him softly on the shoulder 
” What’s wrong?? ” he asked 
” Did you hear that voice?? ” I asked 
” Nope,, what voice?? ” he asked 
I sigh and turned to the back,, I gasped when I saw mother running after us. What is she doing?? 
” Mom,,, why,, why are you here?? ” I asked 
” Where are you guys up to??  He’s not even putting on the cap, You should be more careful ” She said 
Javier and I faced each other and then back to her 
” Anyway, where are you heading to?? ” she asked , her gaze not leaving mine 
” I think I have to sell this off,, to get some money and do some stuffs. It’s going to help ” Javier replied pointing the necklace in his hand to mom 
” What??  You are selling it off??  That’s the only evidence we’ve got right now,, don’t try doing that. You don’t have to worry about us,, we are going to do everything to protect you okay?? ” She said 
I nodded and faced Javier who is not convinced 
” Am leaving, I actually saw you guys from there and I decided to ask ” she said and went off 
”  Am sorry,, if am a burden to you. I just wanted to help by selling this,, but,, ”  
” It’s fine,, we aren’t complaining. Don’t worry I will get you some clothes from my savings ” I said and pinched his cheek 
Oh no,, I didn’t mean to do that 😳
He smiled and took my hand causing a spark in my heart again,,, oh Javier. What have you done to me?? 
                🏨 Greyson’s Mansion 🏨
                       Marcus’s Pov : 
” Mam,, they are here ” One of the guard said coming in with some luggage 
” Let them in you old fool ” Matilda yelled 
” Please, honey calm down okay ” I said patting her back 
I know it’s not easy for her right now,,, she’s just trying her best to be fine. 
” Hey Sis!! ” Her sisters came in 
Thank goodness they’re here to stay. At least, they can help calm her down. 
They both hugged  her and she bursted into more tears,,, 
” Everything will be fine,, please just calm down okay??  Javier will come back home safely ” Kate – the eldest – assured her but it only added more tears 
” Marcus,,,, we are so sorry for everything,,, am sure Javier is fine. You don’t have to think too much ” Ella consoled 
” Thanks Ella,, am just worried about her right now. She has refused to eat ever since Javier went missing,,,, am so worried. Please talk to her ” I said 
” We will ” Kate replied, I nodded and echoed a thank you to her. 
A call came on my phone,,, it’s detective Mark. Is there any news already?? 
📲 Hello detective 
I answered the call and walked out,, I don’t want Matilda to freak out again. She’s a mess right now. 
TBC :::::: 
👔 His Private 
                Desires 💋
(Mr Handsome and I) 

Episode 14
(Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi) 
                    💮Mr Grayson💮
“Mr Grayson I’ve got not so good news for you.” Detective Mark voice comes through my speaker, I sighed running my hands along my hair.
“Say it detective.” What not so good news can he possibly have to say, that would top the fact my son is missing, who knows probably dead.
“We caught the guy. The unknown guy who gave your son’s fiancee the phone. It turns out he knows nothing about your son’s whereabouts, according to him he picked the phone closed to a dumpster. I asked my boys to scouts the area where the phone was but nothing could be find.” 
“So what are we looking at here.”
“I’m sorry to say this sir but we are in a dead end here, if no new evidence comes up we could as well declare your son dead.” 
“Detective I hired you so you could find my son for me, and not to announce my son is dead. I expect the next time you’ll be calling me is because you have a good news for me that’s all I want to hear.” With that said I hung up not waiting for his reply.
Son where are you?
Where could you be hiding?
What possibly happened to you?
            😥 Detective Mark 😥
I stare at the board in front me, what could I possibly be missing. Why do I always reach a dead end. What else I’m a missing here, is there something have been missing. I concentrated really hard on the missing boys picture, then my eyes saw it he’s gold necklace. Yes his gold necklace, why didn’t I think of this before.
A knock comes on my office door, “come in.” I said and Chris walks into the office.
“What is it Chris.” 
“Sir we found out an accident happened in the area where the phone was found, i investigated more and I really don’t have good news sir.”
“Out with it Chris, stop wasting my goddamn precious time.” I snapped at him angrily.
“I found Javier’s car at the bottom of the hill but there was no sign of him anywhere.” Hmm, what am I going to do with this new found news. Mrs Grayson wouldn’t be happy knowing her son was involved in a car incident.
“What do you think happened to Javier?.” I ask Chris my eyes on the picture of Javier.
“Sir, I found the driver car door opened, so it can only mean he was lucky enough to get out of the car.” 
“If he was indeed able to get out of the car, I don’t think he would be able to get that far off. From a fall like that he must have been wounded, so is either he got lucky and somebody helped him or his dead body is laying somewhere down that hill, I hope that’s not the case. Chris i want you to take some men and search the area for any sign of dead body or anything that will get us somewhere in this case, don’t forget to search the neighbouring village. He might have gotten help from someone who lives there.” I instructs.
“Yes sir.” Chris nods his head, then moves towards the door. “Chris” I called.
“Sir.” He answers turning around.
“I want to hear only good news from you.” Chris smiles nervously nodding his head, “yes sir. I’ll keep that in mind.” With that said he walked out of my office.
“I hope you’re not dead, Javier.” I whispered thoughtfully.
                😍 Nadine 😍
I stared at the evening sky, marveled by the stars on it. I have always wondered what it would be like living like a star. Just staying up there and sharing my light to the people of the world. 
“Hey, when will your mum get back. It’s getting late.” Javier says concerned.
“Don’t worry too much about it, sometimes she comes home late.” I said shrugging my shoulders.
“Ohh, okay.” The power ran out so Javier and I decided to sit outside, till it comes back on or till my mum gets back.
“Have you ever wondered what it would be like being a star.” I asks quietly, turning to stare at him. Is it just me or does Javier really look so handsome tonight, so handsome.
“No. I don’t have a memory remember.” Shit, I shouldn’t have asked that.
“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have asked that.” I apologise sincerely.
“You don’t have to apologise. It’s fine.” His voice sounded hoarsely.  I stared into his eyes. I could see pure hunger, pure desire in them.
“Nadine.” He calls gruffly.
“Yeah.” I answered not being able to breathe.
“Can, can I kiss you.” I froze, I didn’t know what to say. Should I let him kiss me, but I also want him to kiss me. I want to have his lips moving on mine. 
“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Javier apologise moving backwards.
“No, you shouldn’t be. Please kiss me.” Right there I was going to have my greatest wish come true, kissing Javier is my greatest wish. But then my mum just had to come spoil the moment.
             ✍️Writer’s POV ✍️
A man could be seen in a very dim club. His watchful eyes assess every pretty lady in the club. Most of the ladies shakef their ass more to the music just so they could tease him and most didn’t care if he is staring.
“You’re late.” The man growls as a different man joins him in the bar.
“I know. I will have a strong drink” The New entry said to the bar man. After a little bit of mixing here and there the drink was made. “Here’s your drink sir.” 
“I called your boss before, all he said was trash. I already did my job, but I can’t see my fu!king money. Where the hell is my money.” 
“Ryan, I’m going to agree with you on this. You did a great job but my boss wants to be hundred percent sure the boy is dead. He needs proof. My boss said he wants you to scout the area where the accident took place, you could also check the neighbouring little village, you might get lucky. If you find the boy alive don’t hesitate to kill him.” Ryan kept quiet for a while, drinking from his shot of tequila. He did a freaking good job of bringing that boy’s car rolling down the cliff and now they want him to go on a motherf!cking search. 
“Fine I’ll do this, but your boss now owes me double.” 
The man smirks at Ryan, gulps down the remaining of his drink then placed a hand on Ryan shoulder, “if that boy dies, you money will be tripled.” 
“Then consider him dead, again.” 
                  🍁 Javier 🍁
I lay down on the bed, my mind traveling to what transpired between I and Nadine earlier this evening. I almost kissed her, I so much wanted to kiss her, I have this strong desire to taste that pouty mouth of hers. I want her, I shouldn’t want her.
“Come in.” I shouted, as someone knocks on my door. I don’t need to be told that, that someone will be Nadine.
“Hey, my mum asked me to give you this.” Nadine says, I stood up from my bed and collected the clothes from her, it’s actually two shorts and four shirts, with one trouser. I smiled at the clothes, for a woman who doesn’t really know me she is really kind to me. 
“I will be leaving now.” Nadine says breaking through my chain of thoughts.
“Do you need anything else.” She asked.
“Yeah I do.” I replied her moving towards her, I pushed  her against the room door then whispered huskily, “why don’t we continue from where we stopped earlier on.” With that said I claimed her lips. 

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