Story: His Private Desires – Episode 15 & 16

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๐Ÿ‘” His Private 
(Mr Handsome and I)

๐Ÿ’ซ Episode 15๐Ÿ’ซ

  (Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi๐Ÿ’‹)
     I stared at the bunch of files filtered on my desk. They are all Case- files which are yet to be sorted out, and one of them includes ‘ Javier Greyson’ 
    From my search so far, it’s obvious he got involved in an accident which I presume was fatal. My evidence to this assumption is one:, His phone was found on a garbage site.
Two;, His vehicle which I presume he was last seen with was discovered Damaged down the hill. 
And lastly:, he’s yet to be seen by anyone.
     Detective Mark’s guess may be right after all. what if he got rescued by someone? Or what if his dead body is lying deep somewhere down the hill?
All these are questions which I probably can’t guess the answer to.
    First thing tomorrow, I’ll dispatch with me some men to make a thorough search where his car was found.
And if after this search his body isn’t found, I’ll go for other options.
Which is….. Pasting his pictures round the neighborhood as a ‘ Missing person’ cause that’ll be a clue that he isn’t dead after all.
        ๐ŸŒ NADINE ๐ŸŒ
    “I will be leaving now” I notified  breaking my chain of thoughts.
“Do you need anything else?” I asked
“Yeah I do” he retorted moving closer to me. He pushed me against the door and then whispered into my ears.
“Why don’t we continue from where we stopped earlier on?” With that said, he claimed my lips before I could even process his words.
My eyes widened in shock as I felt his warm lips on mine.
My eyes widened in shock and luckily, he broke the kiss right up.
“I’m….I’m sorry, okay? I….i dont know what’s wrong. Its just that….each time I look at you, its more like….you remind me of someone. It’s more like…something is really wrong and then, I just have this crazy urge. I guess it has to do with my memories. I’m really sorry” he apologized in a frustrated manner and I watched him in shock. 
Is he for real?
At that moment, I didn’t even know what to feel. If I were to feel angry or sad. 
“Nadine?” He shook me off my thoughts and I let out a feign smile. 
“Its….its okay. I understand” I replied and took in a dry gulp. 
The urge instantly died down the moment he whispered a ” Good night” into my ears.
“Goodnight” I slowly mouthed out in disappointment.
 I felt so shy. I can’t even look him in the eyes.
With slow steps, I left his room .
I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight. I’ll stay up all through thinking about what just happened.
As i laid on the bed, cogitated on it. 
So, he kissed me because i reminded him of someone? 
The name played in my head:
That was the first name he’d called the day I found him. Even in his unconsciousness, she occupied his thoughts. 
Could she be someone special to him? Could she be the one I remind him of? Could she be his lover?
Surely, such a handsome and wealthy – looking boy has got to have a girlfriend. 
 Could it be possible he’s already having a lover and is trying to use me simply because i remind him of her?
What happens when he regains his memories? 
He’s definitely going to get back to her. 
   ๐Ÿ‘’Next Morning๐Ÿ‘’
     As usual, I woke up and did my daily routine while my mom prepared for the market. 
Before she left, she handed me some money for foodstuffs. Though it’s barely enough, I’ll just have to manage.
 Besides I have some money with me which I’ve been saving all along for my dream-dress. A dress from the mall which caught my attention on my way back from selling goods.  Since then, the dress has been on my mind and I have saved a little for it which I think might be enough to purchase it.
I think Javier will definitely like it. 
The thought of Javier drifted my mind back to last night.
My cheeks heated up instantly and I found my mood slightly changing. 
   He’s still in his room sleeping I guess. I don’t think I have the guts to look at him right now.
              Later at noon
     “Dad, I’m off to the mall with my friends to buy some groceries” I informed my dad who seemed pretty occupied with the Newspaper on his hands.
   “Groceries? ” He arched in a meaningful way.
“I thought you already sorted those out…. Don’t you….. Hmm
 Okay, Never mind. Make it brief”
He waved me off
“Sure thing” I smiled at him before stepping out of his sight.
I know he was about objecting cause he knows it hasn’t been up to a week or less four days I went out shopping.
What do I care? I have the money and I use it best for shopping at my favorite Mall. 
  They sell the best quality one could ever think of..  Though, its very very far from where I stay, but I’m still willing to take the stress. 
I and my friends rock that mall. I’ll drive now to pick them up so we’ll all go shopping together.
And…I just needed a little distraction – something that’d distract me from crying about Javier. 
I can’t believe i’m growing thin because of him. I barely eat, sleep, have fun. 
Well, you wouldn’t blame me. I love Javier that much. I just hope a miracle happens soon. 
I hopped into my car, ignited the key right into it and drove out of the compound.
        ๐ŸŒš JAVIER ๐ŸŒš
    Should I consider it odd or appropriate for someone to start acting awkward after a kiss? Or it’s just normal.
  Nadine and I shared our first kiss last night and this morning she has been trying to avoid me by all means.
Gosh! I never should’ve kissed her. I should’ve controlled the urge no matter what. 
Well, I just couldn’t help it. Each time I looked at her, it made me feel like there was something i was missing – someone i was missing and all i’d feel are desires to hold her as mine. 
Gosh! I wish my memories returns soon enough. 
We’ve been giving ourselves cold treatment since this morning and it’s freaking me out already.
   My eyes followed her every movement and I noticed she was getting prepared to go out.
“Where to?” I finally spoke out.
The first word I’ve said to her since morning
” I’ll be going to the market, but for now, I’m going to the mall” she replied avoiding my eyes.
“Good! I’m coming along”
” What? No way. Its….its very far from here. Its located in town” she jerked at my sudden outburst.
“Yeah, don’t worry about it. I’m still coming along” I firmly repeated walking into my room to have a change of cloth.
TBC ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Do you think they’re headed for the same mall? 

๐Ÿ‘” His Private 
(Mr Handsome and I)

๐Ÿ’ซ Episode 16 ๐Ÿ’ซ

  (Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi๐Ÿ’‹)
โ€œ N…No you can’t come with “
I insisted stuttering a little 
because I had tried to look at him in the eyes but was hit with a wave of shyness when I remembered the kiss, so I quickly looked away
โ€œ But I want to come and besides you haven’t given me any tangible reason not to.. Or are you upset with me? ain’t I your friend anymore?
Okay I see I am disturbing you.. alright I’ll not bother you any longer. I will be leaving your house now. If that’s what you want ” 
He said walking away and just the thought of me not seeing him again, the thought of me never gazing into his beautiful blue eyes made me lose it
โ€œ No ” I yelled jumping on him in a tight hug from his back
โ€œ No… Don’t go Javier… I don’t want you to go. Please stay here, you can come with me to the mall… Infact you can follow me anytime and anywhere I go 
Market, mall, school and even  bathroom_ No you can’t follow me into the bathroom.. Do you want to follow me into the bathroom?..Do as you please… just don’t leave me Javier “
I said, I was totally saying nonsense cus I was really scared of losing him
He chuckled then turned around staring into my eyes โ€œ Well maybe I want to follow you into the bathroom ” He said with a charming smile and I swallowed
โ€œ Really?… Okay if that would make you stay..But you have to promise me you won’t stare at my body.. you will have to close your eyes “
I said and he made a slighly loud chuckle 
โ€œ You really funny Nadine. For now I just want to go with you to the mall and of course I am not leaving you… I have nowhere else to go anyways “
He said smiling and I felt so shy 
I have said so much nonsense, how did I led the discussion to bathroom when we were only talking about the mall? He most think I am going crazy
I lowered my face away from his but I felt his right index finger gently placed under my chin… Then he lift my face back up staring into my eyes
โ€œ Please don’t stop looking at me. I don’t want what happened yesterday to change anything between us. Promise me you will continue being the sweet chatty Nadine I know and you won’t avoid me anymore “
He said and I nodded then he smiled and I did same then
โ€œ Alright then, to the mall shall we “
He said stretching out his right hand
I glanced at his out stretched hand and then stared at his beautiful face before smiling softly taking hold of his hand
โ€œ This should be fun “
He said as we walked
โ€œ Fun?
Don’t worry after we have finished trekking all the way to the city I will ask you how much fun the experience was “
I said and he smile
โ€œ So as long I am with you, it would be much fun “
I blushed but hit him in his head still
โ€œ Stop that “
I half yelled blushing silly
He chuckled…..
_____ โฒ๏ธ
Hours later
After a very long trek to the city that lasted for more than 2 hours I and Javier finally made it to the mall_ well I and what was left of Javier
He was looking half dead, totally exhausted and fatigue from the journey, he couldn’t even stand properly
Breathing really heavily crouched down
โ€œ W..Wa.. Water.. Water “
He kept saying mouth open wide
โ€œ So Javier, you still think this was fun huh? ” I said smiling wickedly
He faked a smile โ€œ So…much…fun “
He managed to say and I chuckled
โ€œ Take before you die “
I said handing him my water bottle and he gulped almost everything down. I had to stop him
โ€œ Hey! Save some for the journey back ” I exclaimed snatching the bottle off him before he drinks the whole thing 
โ€œ I had told you not to come but you insisted. Now you looking like a rostered chicken.. Sit down over there and wait ” I said pointing to the public bench โ€œ let me quickly go inside the mall and get what I need. Don’t go anywhere I will be right back “
I said and he did what I asked, sitting down on the bench without much of a complain 
                 ๐Ÿ‘’ JASMINE ๐Ÿ‘’
I had earlier met up with my three friends- my three classic, pretty childhood friends. Dora, Kara and Camilla
Of course they are rich, I only hang out with rich kids just like myself. I so much hate poor people
They have this unforgiving stanch, most if not all are ugly and they beg a lot. Like a lot! Their lives involves around begging, any slight chance they get they beg and can even steal. I really can’t stand being around poor people…
So as I was saying I and my three friends are already in the wall shopping and laughing as we gist about fun stuff most especially boys
They were really helping me forget this pain in my heart in the name of Javier
As we were busy shopping in the clothing area I spot a dress hanging on one the many hangers that caught my eye, a simple not too expansive but pretty blue gown and instantly I fell in love with the dress
I am definitely buying that, that is what I will wear to welcome my boyfriend Javier 
Leaving my friends were they were I walked alone to the dress but as I was about taking it from nowhere a girl took the dress
A poor looking girl, she just picked the dress smiling like a fool and she started talking to the male attendant about trying it out. I even think she was flattering with him with the way she was smiling and laughing…
She wants to try out my dress. A poor girl wearing the cloth I am planning on wearing???!!
Like seriously? Hell no!
Do you know how many skin disease she has? Countless
That’s my dress and I’m taking it away from this poor church mouse…
                ๐ŸŒ NADINE ๐ŸŒ
Finally I had my hands on the dress I have wanted so long. I have saved for a long time, starved even to be able to afford this dress and finally I have achieved my goal
The dress is mine and I am so happy_
But just then someone snatched the dress away from my hand from behind when I was asking the male attendant if it’s cool I try the dress on first
โ€œ This is mine ” 
A harsh voice quickly followed
I turned around in shock to see a pretty young lady staring angrily at me with my dress in her possession
She looks like those rich kids I see, I am sure she is from a rich home
โ€œ Why did you do that?… Why did you take the dress away from my hands. That’s my dress “
I said as politely as possible
Ignoring my questions completely she started insulting me
โ€œ What are you doing here? How did you even gain access into the mall? I never knew beggers are now doing shopping. Can you afford this? Do you even have any money with you?
I am sure you are here to beg.. probably steal. I’m thinking more of the later “
She said and I really didn’t know why she is being so mean. Why is she insuling me. What wrong have I ever done to her
I don’t even know her from anywhere….
โ€œ… You people should be more careful the kind of things you let into your mall. Look at the rags she is putting on it’s clear she here to steal “
She said talking to the male attendant
โ€œ Stop! Stop it okay!
I’m not here to steal, I am not a thief “
I said bringing out the change of scattered money inside my big sack as evidence
โ€œ Here
I have money and I want to buy that dress, I have been saving up for weeks to be able to get it.. plus I picked it first so it’s mine “
I said but she laughed mockingly at me
โ€œ Such dirty money, money you got from begging the whole streets right This dress is mine. I don’t care if you saw or took it first, it’s mine and I always get what I want “
She said and that got me mad
I held the dress and we both started dragging and struggling…
โ€œ let go of the dress you mad dirty girl! ” She yelled at me
โ€œ No… I’m not letting go it’s mine! “
The male attendant was.just confused, he didn’t know what to do but just then three girls walked up to us
โ€œ Jasmine! 
What you doing? “
One of them said looking shocked and the three of them gathered round her
Did they just called her Jasmine???
I quickly let go of the dress
โ€œ Mad girl…” 
She kept swearing but I ignored her insults
โ€œ You… are Jasmine?… Your name is Jasmine?? “
I said staring at her in shock
โ€œ Yes dirty bi*ch that’s my name. You have any problem with that? “
She said still frowning angrily at me
Could it be… Could she be the same Jasmine, Javier keeps mentioning in his dreams…
Is she Javier girlfriend???

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