Story: His Private Desires – Episode 19 & 20

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👔His private 
    (mr handsome and i)
        Episode 19
(Brought to you by the admins of Authoress Chi)
            Jasmine’s pov
I poured out everything in my purse but i couldn’t find it.
My phone.
How could i have been so stupid to loose something this important.
It contained so many pictures and  memories of Javier and I and i just couldn’t lose it. It was the only thing i used in remembering him.
First i lost him and now i lost my phone.
What’s wrong with me?
“Could it be i lost it while fighting for the dress at the mall” i asked myself touching my forehead in fustration.
I’m sure that poor dirty brat stole the phone.
How the hell was i going to find her??.
An idea suddenly popped up in my head and i reached for my second phone, dailing my number.
At the first ring someone picked up the phone.
“Hey!! you dirty little theif, how did you get hold of my phone???” i screamed.
“Hello!!” i called when there was no reply, i pulled the phone away from my ear and discovered the person hung up.
“What the hell!!” i yelled and flung my phone away from me.
              Javier’s pov
I got home and excused myself from nadine going into my room.
Immediately i got to my room, i brought out the phone which had fallen of from the lady of earlier’s purse.
Was what i did wrong???.
I mean the phone didn’t belong to me, it felt wrong being with someone else’s property.
What if the phone was of great importance??
Thinking of how the lady felt farmiliar changed my thoughts immediately.
I turned on the phone but there was a problem, the phone was on a password lock.
I remember her friends called her jasmine and i tried it as the password but unfortunately it was a wrong password.
I tried all manner of things trying to unlock the phone but they all proved fruitless.
Just as i was about to keep the phone,someone called and my eyes dimmed. 
Huh?? Who could it be?
There was no name on it and after a little reluctance, I picked up. 
“Hey! You dirty little thief! How did you get hold of my phone??” Her blaring voice pierced into my ears that I had to withdraw the phone a bit. 
What the….
Why’s she this rude?
Suddenly, I heard the door to my room opening and I quickly hung up and hid the phone. Immediately, Nadine came in.
“Hey!! were you busy?” nadine asked staring at me suspiciously.
“No! do you need anything” i asked and she nodded.
“Mom asked me to buy some blue berries and i was wondering if you could accompany me” she stated.
“Yea i’d definitely go with you” i replied pushing the phone under the bed sheets unnoticed.
When i was sure it was well hidden, i stood up and we both went out of the room.
             Writers pov
“Boss!!! we’ve every nook and cranny of this hill and there’s no trace of a dead body” nick said walking to were he stood smoking.
“Have you guys searched properly” he asked in anger and nick nodded.
“How was he going to get his money when there not even a trace of a dead body” he thought from within.
“Boss!! there’s a small city called wonderland close to this hill”
“If his dead body can’t be found then it might be possible he escaped to the city, why don’t we go search for him there” nick suggested and a smile tugged on his lips at the brilliant idea.
He would do anything to get his money.
“Thats a good idea, gather up the boys, we’re going to wonder landing” he instructed and blew some smoke into the air.
           Nadine’s pov
I kept on thinking of what javier hid from me when i entered his room.
We didn’t talk much on our way to the market.
“Um… Javier!! i left the money which i was supposed to use in buying the blue berries at home, wait for me here while i go get it” i said as an idea popped into my head.
“Why don’t we go together” he said but i shook my head.
“If we go together we’ll be delayed cos we’re two but if i go alone i’ll be faster” i replied and he nodded.
“Be careful okay” i said and he nodded while i found my way back home.
I stared down at the money which i tucked into my pockets and a smile crept on my lips.
One thing about me was that i was a curious person so i badly wanted to know what javier was hiding.
As soon as i got home, i went straight to javier’s room and began searching for whatever thing it was he was hiding.
I searched under the bed but there was nothing there.
“Where could it be” i asked myself and sat on the bed but i sat on something hard.
I stood up immediately and raised the bed sheet only for me to find a phone.
Huh?? A phone?
I picked it up and scrutinized it as it looked familiar.
Wait!!! It’d belonged to that rude lady at the mall!!
Yes; I remember seeing her with it while she was dragging the dress with me. 
Why’s Javier with it? Could it be possible he’d gotten it when he returned to the mall??
I scoffed and turned on the phone only to discover it was locked. Damn! What could be the password?
I paused and decided to try her name “Jasmine”.
I input it but it was wrong. 
Oh! Geez. What do I do?
I ruffled my hair and a different idea popped into my head. 
What if….I try Javier’s name?
I thought about it for a while and decided to try it out. 
I input the name and to my greatest surprise, it opened. 
Javier was her password???
I opened the phone slowly and started going through it and my eyes dimmed when I got to her gallery. 
There were pictures all over. Pictures of she and Javier together. 
Oh my God!
I wasn’t mistaken!
She was Javier’s Jasmine!
👔His private 


    (mr handsome and i)

        Episode 20

(Brought to you by the admins of Authoress Chi)

             ✨ NADINE ✨        
          Oh my God, I became so devasted. My fears are actually turning into reality…my heart beat tremendously. I began thinking running my hands rashly on my well done ponytail wondering what he knew, asking my gut whether he has found out already and just pretending. I was so confused…I dropped my self wearily on the bed. This isn’t fair, I have caters for him for so long why does it have to be now he’s leaving. No…no,it’s not just fair. 
” I love him…I do” I said to no one in particular. My emotions came rushing,I could no longer keep it in. I burst out into tears.
   But then, I became conscious I had left Javier at the market and I have spent a lot of time here’s let me get going.
I deleted the pictures from the phone before keeping it back in the bed.
And after which, I left.
✍🏾 Back at the market ✍🏾
I sighted Javier at some shop, waiting patiently for my arrival. Immediately he sighted me he thanked the owner of the shop who had allowed him stay in his shop while waiting for me. He bean walking my way after thanking the man.
” What took you so long?” He questioned.
” I had to search well for it. Sorry I I wasted your time ” I replied void of emotions. 
” No problem, but is it everything fine ?? ” he asked clearly concerned.
” Yes Javier” i replied flashing him a fake smile.
We walked all over the market in search of blue berries. But then we finally saw one and bought when we were okay with it.
While walking all around in search for what mother as asked Nadine to buy, I would try to bring up a conversation but she would answer it in a way the convo dies down. The Nadine I know loves to talk alot. Something is wrong am certainly sure of it. I decided to ask her again.
” Nadine, what wrong? You are rarely quiet…are you fine? Did anyone scold you back home for forgetting the money? ” I questioned.
”, Javier am fine actually,it’s just the stress of rounding the market that’s making me tired of talking. And so fine javier ” she replied flashing me another smile.
I decided to keep calm then as we board a vehicle back home.
✍🏾. MARCUS ✍🏾
I walked in our room as soon as I get a glimpse of her holding her head up with her hands.
” Matilda?” I called as I walk over to where she sat down placing my hands on her shoulders.
” I thought we’ve talked about this already why are you still thinking and stressing yourself up. Please I beg of you I can’t lose two important people in my life. I haven’t found one I can bear losing you again. Please put your mind at rest Javier will surely be found.’ i said.
” Am sorry dear, it’s just that I can’t help but think about my son…I have missed him already honey. It just apity am used to having him around me. I find it hard coping.” She says as she rest her cheeks on my palm.
” I so understand you much my love, buy please try for me. ” I begged.
” Sure,” she answered.
” Moreover where’s Ella and the other? ” 
” They are in kitchen making something for us all to eat ” she answered back.
” But I have told them never to leave you by yourself”. I walked over to door calling out to them.
” Ella!!!??”
 🥀 Back to Nadine’s home 🥀
🥀   NADINE 🥀
I just couldn’t sleep well, I kept turning and rolling over the sides of the bed. I just couldn’t take the thought of that one day Javier is going to be leaving the house some day.  Tears kept coming to my eyes o went out to breath some fresh air maybe I might just get a sight that makes me forget about the all thing for awhile.
Walking out to the balcony of my room, I sat at the swing beside the house looking at the stars and the moon as then did their work. Tears ran down my cheeks, this gotta so much that I find it out to take it in. 
✍🏾.  JAVIER ✍🏾
I woke up feeling thirsty I got up from the bed to get myself a glass of water from the water dispenser. Getting back to my room, something got my attention…a shadow.l, who could it be?.I peeped out and found out it was Nadine, was is she doing out late at night?. I decide to go join her.
   🥀   NADINE 🥀
As I kept on staring… someone gave a scary sound that made me jerked up and move away in fright of what it was.
“Hahahahahahaha” Javier held his chest laughing loudly.
” What the hell Javier!?, You scared the shit out of me!” I said but he continued laughing. I bent down picked up my flip flop and started hitting him with it.
” Woaw…woaw, calm down Nadine it was just a prank. Ouch that hurts stop it ” I also started laughing as he unexplainable took the flip flop from my hands and stole a kiss.
” Javier” I yelled.
” Ahaha” he laughed again.
” Nadine ” he called coming closer.
” Leave me alone ” I answered pouting.
” Huh huh, am sorry alright. I just wanted cheering you up…I saw you weren’t yourself in the day” 
” Fine, ” I said as I took my seat.
 ” C’mon,I can over for a gist you know just don’t drop your ass on the seat and keep quiet. ” He said.
” Fine, what do you want us to talk about?” 
” Anything ” he replied. 
” So sad, have got nothing to say ” 
” Then let’s play a game “
” Which ?”
He smirked devilishly, am sure it’s something nasty.
” T / D ” he says.
” Alright “.
” T or D ” he questioned.
” T ” I chose.
” Whose your crush?” 
” Why you wanna…anyways he is my close friend… He is named J. 
” Alright, I pick T ” I replied and chose 
” Do you love anyone?” 
” Yeah, so much to the extent I adore her.” He replied and my eyes dimmed. 
“Who’s it?” I asked curiously, wondering who it could be because he was yet to regain his memories.
“I don’t know. I just feel I do” he replied with a smile. 
” T or D ” he asked.
” D” 
” Ahhh, wait much for that.
” Nice, take off your nighties top “.
” What the hell? I have got nothing on except a half curve “.
” So good , take it off “.
” Fine ” i replied as he I took it off.
“T or D?” I asked.
” Ahh, I got you” I clapped my hands together.” Take your trousers off. “
” Seriously? ” he questioned.
” Yeah” 
” You are a hoe you know “
” Hahaha ” I laughed.
” Learnt from you Javier”.
        Javier’s Pov:
We went on and gen we got tired and decided to switch over to paper, rock, scissors.
We chanted the song and she failed most of time.
” Torrr” I said bringing out my tongues out at her. 
” Fine, am not good at it let’s go look at the stars” she pouted.
We both stood up and leaned on the rail.
” The sight is fine,” 
” There Javier that’s a shooting star ” she said loudly getting my attention.
Huh? A shooting star?
“Oh my geeee!! It’s so beautiful,Javier. Don’t you think???” She exclaimed and I smiled when I saw the star. 
“Yeah….its beautiful” I said with a nod.
“Come on…Hurry up and make a wish. Quickly!” She exclaimed and I looked at her, surprised.
A wish? What wish?
“Why?” I asked.
“Come on, Javier. If you make a wish during a shooting star, it’ll come to pass. Hold on; let me make mine”.
She took in a deep breath and smiled. 
“I wish to become a billionaire someday” she said with her eyes closed, making me smile.
“Come on Javier. Make yours quickly before the star disappears” she prodded and I looked at the star. 
“Well…” I said.
“I wish to kiss my closest crush”.
And with that, I locked my lips on hers, ignoring the surprised look on her face 

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