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👚 His private
         Desire 💖
[Mr handsome and I]
   Episode 21.
 (Brought to you by the Admins of Authoress Chi)
    🧠 Nadine 🧠
My eyes dilated in shock the moment he kissed me. 
What’s he doing?? Is that really a wish?
A smile was dancing around his lips when he was done with the kiss and I looked at him, really surprised.
For a moment, we were both lost – staring at each other. Why did he kiss me? So intentional?
Suddenly, he stopped staring and took his eyes to the star. 
“Seems the shooting star is gone” he said with a smile and I slowly had a look. 
Oh! It was gone.
And for the rest of the night, we didn’t really say much.
The  Ray’s of ⛅ sun glinting on my window reflect on my face as I fluttered my eyes open.
    My vision become blur, but I could tell I was starring at the old crack celling.
    I yawned tiredly and recall what happened between us.
   The kiss.
I could remember  when l laid on his legs.
   How did I end up in bed?.
   Gosh, he carried me to my room.
   I said foolishly.
” I was jolted out of my thoughts, when I heard a knock on my door.”
   I stood up sluggishly and walked closer to the door and opened it.
   I met her my mom, huh.
   “Mom, are you okay”.
   I said softly, but I could tell she was panicked on something.
   Mom tell me.
I said .
   The landlord is here, she said with fear written over her face..
    “Nadine we haven’t paid yet”.
  She said more like a whispered.
  “Come outside, he roared at my mom”.
   Mom, what are we going to do.
  I asked her.
Let beg him.
  She said and we walked closer to him.
   “Sir, please calm down”.
   I said softly while he glare at me.
   “You people have the nerve to show your ugly faces to me”.
  Telling me to calmed down.
   He yelled at us.
“You people haven’t paid any dim”.
   He said gruffly.
“Please sir, we promise to you by tomorrow”.
   My mom said and my heart skip immediately.. 
“Don’t ruin my life with your poverty”.
  He barked at my mom.
   “His words are very hurtful”.
   Please, try to understand our situation.
  I said softly, while he hissed at me.
   “Do you want to lose your tongue, he asked.”
   Huh, my 👅 tongue.
   N-o sir I stuttered.
  “I want you people out of my house”.
   He said.
“Sir please have mercy on us”.
   My mom plead, as she kneel in front of him.
  ” I can’t believe my mom is begging this foolish Man.”
   “He pushed her slightly.
   This is very bad.
I said more like a whispered.
   “How are we going to survive”.
    “Please sir, help us”.
   I said softly.
I could see my mom crying profusely.
   “Lord send someone to help us”.
   I said sliently.😭
💞 Javier 💞
“I plonked myself on the bed”.
   I can’t believe we kissed.
   “She’s very pretty.
   I said as I recall how we share a kiss.
   I wish I could get enough of her lips, yesterday.
   But she pulled out, and caught up her breath.
   She’s very very shy.
  I like it when she shy.
   I continue thinking, when I heard a loud voice .
   “Huh, what happening”.
   I heard the voice at the back of the window.
   “I walked closer to the window.”
  ” I saw a angry man, and Nadine with her mom”.
   “You people haven’t paid any dim”.
   I heard the man said.
   Gosh, this very bad.
   I wish to help them, but I can’t.
   I said sadly.
“Suddenly an idea popped into my head, my necklace.
   Maybe I can be of help with my necklace.
Although, her mother had a point when she advised me not to sell it. But now, I just can’t help it anymore.  I think I’m being a burden to them and need to contribute in the little way I can. 
 “I rushed through the back passage, going to the market”. 
  ” I have to help them, though I think this necklace is precious to me.”
   But I have to help them.
I had to leave silently because I didn’t want them to notice me and stop me. I felt this was the right thing. 
   At the market.
I rushed to the man selling  those stuff. The same man that had sheltered me the previous day when I was waiting for Nadine. 
 I showed him my necklace, but suddenly he glanced at me and smiles.
   Why is he smiling?
  I thought.
“How much do you want to sell it”.
   He asked with a smirk.
    “766 00 sm”
I said softly thinking maybe it will work out for me.
  “I can’t pay more than 335 00 sm.
  He said.
“What, that too small” I said.
  “I’m sorry, Mr. But that’s the least I can pay” he said.
Oh! Damn it…what do I to?
   But I have to do it for Nadine.
   I thought.
“Fine….I’ll sell it” I said with a sigh.”
👔His Private

[Mr Handsome and l]

   📖 Episode 22📖
(Brought to you by the Admins of Authoress Chi )
💰 Javier 💰
I don’t know if what I’m doing is good or not but I have no choice… 
These people have help me a lot and l can’t sit and allow them be throw out of their house like that..
Though Nadine’s mum don’t want be to sell this necklace 📿 but right now I have no choice then to sell it..
I just hope they’ll not ask me too many questions… 
💞Nadine 💞
“Mum, I don’t know why that landlord is so heartless.. 
“Look at the way he pushed you while you were begging him.. he’s so wicked..” I complained bitterly to mum. 
“But I don’t know what will  happen now.. 
Nadine, I’m scare right now.. what are we going to do when he have a stranger in our house.. I think this is the time for us to report the case to the police because we will soon leave this house…” mum said.
“Mum I think I have an idea…”Nadine said
“What is it?” mother ask..
” I think we should just sell the necklace on Javier neck.. I’m sure it will be of help to us..”
“No way.. That necklace is the only thing his parents or family members will will find “him by.. 
That necklace is very important” mother said..
“But wait…. where is Javier himself?” Her mother ask… 
“I think he’s in his room..” Nadine said..
While in the process, Javier walked in the house.. and mother and I became confuse.. 
“Where are you coming from?.. Nadine, I thought you said, Javier is in his room?” mum ask..
“Mum.. that was what I thought.. because I saw him going in his room.. that was why I assumed he will still be in his room.. “I answered..
💰 Javier 💰
“Yes.. Nadine is right, I was in my room but I left my room when I over heard your conversation with the landlord.. 
I heard him blathering about his money so I decided to help in the process..
I can’t just sit and allow that happen to your after all you people have done for me.. 
Here is some money.. Pls take it ma’am.. I think it will help…” I said handling the money to Nadine’s mum..
Nadine’s and her mum are shock.. 
But how did you get this money? Nadine’s mum ask
I sold my necklace to help.. because it is the only valuable thing I had with me.. so I decided to sell it to help..
Look Ma’am.. I know what I did is wrong but I had no option so please accept this at least for now..”
Wowww I didn’t expect it but anyway Thank you.. this is of great help because I will use some of this money to pay our rent and the balance can be used for our breakfast…” Nadine’s mum said..
I’m so happy that she accepted the money from me.. I didn’t give all the money to her though.. 
I just gave her some and leave some with me to buy some clothes…
💖 Nadine 💖
“Wowww.. mum I’m so happy that we will not eat that same food for breakfast today again..
And I’m so happy because that foolish and heartless landlord will not come here blathering again about his money…” I said happily to mum when we were alone.
“Nadine, I think I’m getting more scared because he had sell his only necklace which his family would have use to find him..
What will we do now?”
“Mum.. let’s  just hope that nothing happens.. I’m so confuse but I don’t think worry/fear will be of any help so I think we should just think positive instead of us thinking negative.. I encouraged her and she just sighed.
Nadine, go and tell Javier that breakfast is ready.” Mother said and I nodded and headed for the kitchen.
I’m not really feeling comfortable around Javier.. maybe it is because of what conspired last night..
I’ll just stand to his door entrance and call him..I think that will be the best..
“Javier, mum said I should called you for breakfast.. I mean she said breakfast is ready” with that said, i left for the dinning.
During breakfast, mum had made a meal that’d require us eating with our hands..
And since Javier is from a rich family, he’d find it difficult to eat..
I think, Javier is trying at all means to eat this our food.. maybe he hasn’t eaten his yet.. or maybe he is not used to this kind of life..
He kept struggling with the food, obviously finding it difficult eating with his hands. 
At some point, he messed up and spilled the food on his nose and I chuckled and helped him wipe it off.
“Thanks” he smiled as he touched my hand and I just nodded and continued eating.
Its obvious he doesn’t want to make us feel bad.
When we were done eating, mum gave me some clothes to wash before leaving for the market and as I sat at the backyard washing, Javier showed up.
“Hey” he cooed and sat on a stool in front of me which was also across the basin of clothes.
“Hi. Shouldn’t you be taking a nap or something?” I asked.
“While you’re washing, huh?”
I chuckled and shook my head and surprisingly, he dipped his hand into the basin of water. 
Huh??? What’s he doing??
“What’re you….”
“Helping you out” he cut me off and I scoffed. 
‘You couldn’t even eat with your bare hands. How can you possibly wash???”
“I know what I’m doing, okay?” He rolled his eyes and I laughed. 
Suddenly, he splashed foam on his face and grumbled.
“Oh my geeeee” i laughed real hard at him. 
“You’re so pathetic. I can’t believe you’re the one splashing foam on yourself” 
He stared at me pitifully and suddenly splashed some on my hair.
“You caused it, okay” he teased. 
“Hey!! How dare you???” I shrieked and tried doing same to him but he restricted me by keeping my hands down in the water. 
“Javier!!!” I cried like a baby and he laughed and ran away when he finally let go of my hand. 
What a jerk!
“I’ll get back at you, I promise!!” I said after him, but he didn’t reply.
And as I turned back to the clothes, I smiled. 

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