Story: His Private Desires – Episode 23 & 24

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His Private Desires - Episode 1 & 2


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 Private desires💋
{Mr Handsome and I}
📖Episode 23📖
(Brought to you by the Admins of Authoress chi.🍦)
💗Javier’s p.o.v💗
We were done washing the cloths, while nadine did the spreading. As she was spreading the cloth.. She tried her best to spread the duvets on the longest rope behind the short one.
But because she’s so short, so her hand couldn’t reach it.. She strecthed her hand but still yet it wasn’t enough.
I chuckled to that, she can be funny sometimes.. I love it that way.
 I walked closer to her and stand closer to her… I collected the cloth from her in that process our hands touched.
And for the first time in forever, i felt something in me.. My heart raced than normal.
“Thank you” she muttered shyly while she rested her heard on my chest..I smiled.
“Here, have spread it” I said while she smiled broadly.
“Can i ask you a question nadine??” I asked.
“Yeah.. Sure”
“Where were you when they were distributing tallness?? Did you travelled??” I asked playfully.
She beats me playfully on my shoulders
“Javier!!!” She screamed while i laughed
I love the way she beats me on my shoulders.
“Okay, let’s go in” She said shyly leading the way.
 I followed behind.
Suddenly, my eyes went to her butt..
Arrgh!! What’s wrong with you jao.ier??
Then suddenly, my mind flashed to the phone- ah! That’s true, i gotta take check on it again.
Nadine went into her room so that gave me the oppurtunity to enter my room, closing it behind. I neeed to find out about myself. Who am i?
I removed the android phone under the bedsheet, i turned it on.
I’m having this feeling that this phone has alot with my memories.
 There again, the password!
Ahh.. What could it be?? The only thing i remember was her name
Jasmine- and have tried it but it didn’t work.
I tried different names maybe i it can unlock by luck.
Then it showed the sign of warning ⚠⚠
Yeah- Have tried it five times,
Or should i try my name???
Arrrgh!!! Javier you think stupid!! How could your name be the password when you’ve tried almost five times.
The phone turned off itself, meaning the battery died. I breathed in and threw the phone on the bed.
 i guess i need to forget anything regarding to my memories.
Suddenly i heard a knock on the door.. I quickly hid the phone under the duvet.
The door opened slowly nadine popped in her head.
I smiled.
🍦 Nadine p.o.v🍦
Javier have being staying in his room.. What could he be doing??
What if he has unlocked the phone??
 What if he sees the-
 Ahhh… No he can’t see it, i deleted it already.
 I can’t loose him to that lady.
I need to check up on him.
 I knocked and opened the door slowly, popping my head in.
“Can I come in??” I asked while he beamed.
His smile alone issa killar..
Awwn…i’m crushing, really hard.
“Sure pretty” he said while i walked in shyly. I glanced at the bed..
Did he see it??
Has he unlocked the phone??
I pray he doesn’t.
“Are you alright nadine??” He asked while i jolted back.
“Yy..yyess, Am alright” I mumbled
“Okay.. What do you want?” He asked smilling as he stand up from the bed coming closer to me.
I walked backwards staring at his lips
 Wait; is he about to kiss me???
 Ahh.. I fixed my gaze to the floor shyly.
Suddenly, he pulled me to him and we ended up falling on the bed. Falling on each other, with my hair covering his face.
I could now see how pink those lips of his were.. Pure pink 💋
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“Javier…” I moan softly still staring at him. I got lost staring at his lips.
“What about we go on a date tonight?? My treat??” He suddenly said while my heart sank at that.
A date he say?
 What would nadine response be??


 Private desires💋

{Mr Handsome and I}

📖Episode 24📖

(Brought to you by the Admins of Authoress chi.🍦)

   💗Javier’s p.o.v💗
I kissed her neck and inhaled her scent while waiting for her response.
“I’m listening Nadine.. will you go on a date with me?” I muttered and stared at her face.
Her beauty will never seize to amaze me, I watched as she shyly chewed on her lips contemplating.. so cute.
She gave a slight nod and blushed.
“Is that a yes?” I asked flicking the hair from her face. I pecked her nose”Hmm?”
“Yeah” she said breathlessly.
I chuckled and tickled her”Stop!”
She laughed”I said stop it Javier”
When she saw I wasn’t going to stop, she pushed me to my back, straddle me then she started tickling me.
I laughed”Ok okay.. I’ve stopped” I said in a pained voice. My d!ck was so hard right now, her seating on my legs feels like torture.
This past weeks with her has been fun, I’ve grown to love her but something always stops whenever I try saying it to her. 
I don’t know why but then a blurry image of someone will come to my mind, I don’t know who that person is..
I have a feeling it’s someone closed to me.
The good thing here is that.. I think it’s a process of regaining my memories.  I just have to figure out who the person is.
Could it be Jasamine? Nadine said I usually call that name in my sleep.
“Hey!” Nadine smacked my chest playfully drawing my attention back to her “Where did you go?”
I shook my head”Was just thinking”
“You wanna talk about it?” 
“Okay so.. where are you taking me?”
“We are… Going to…. You’ll see”I said with a wink.
“Hey that’s not fair”
I shrugged”No one said anything about fair, go dress up and look pretty for me would ya”
She scoffed and got down from the bed.
“Dress up too for me” she muttered running out of the room.
I smiled after her and thought of where to take her. Yeah.. I didn’t think about it. The question just popped into my head and I asked so it’s now up to me figure it out.
                 ❤️ Jasamine ❤️
    I laid down on the bed defeated.. I couldn’t even cry again..
I miss Javier so much it’s beginning to hurt. I know he’s still alive, I’m sure of it. I don’t want to loose hope.
I can’t give up on him.
A knock on the door snapped me out of my thoughts.
“Jasmine? Are you there?”
I sighed”Go away dad, I wanna be alone right now”
He came in anyway”Jasamine.. you can’t go on like this my dear, look at you. You can barely eat, you’ve lost weight already and it’s not good for you. I’m beginning to worry about you Jas”
“I’m fine dad”
“No, this won’t do, get up and go dress up, we’re going out”
I opened my mouth to object”No Jas.. I’m not going to hear no this time around, let’s go have father and daughter time”
“Where are we going?”
“The park.. let’s go have some fun”
               🖤 Marcus 🖤
I came back from work and found
 Matilda lying on the couch. She had a tear stained face.
I sighed and picked her up. She muttered Javier’s name from her sleep and wrapped her hands around me. 
I know what she’s going through.. she missed her son and so do I but I have to be strong for both of us.
I wonder where he is…
I took her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I was about going to the bathroom when my phone rang.
It was from the officer. I walked out of the room before picking up.
“Marcus speaking”
“Hello Sir we have some news about your son”
My heart skipped”What? Are you sure it’s not a false alarm?”
“No sir.. we were able to track down his phone, it was only for a few seconds before we lost connection with it”
“Ar.. are you serious?”
“Yes sir”
                ❤️ Nadine ❤️
It was evening already, I dressed up in my favorite dress, the one that Jasamine  tore at the supermarket.
I’ve sewn it and it looked perfect. I packed my hair in a messy bun leaving little strands at the side.
Then I applied little make up… I was putting on my sandals when I heard a knock on the door.
I became giddy and rushed to the door. 
I opened the door and gasp.
Oh my God! He’s so cute.. he dressed up in a black jeans and t-shirt then styled his hair sexily.
“Wow.. you look beautiful” he said, he’s eyes taking me in. 
I flushed”Thanks, you also dressed up nice too”
He stretched his hands”Shall we?”
“Sure, where are we going again?”
“To the park”
😯Is it the same park they’re going to? 

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