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 Private desires💋
{Mr Handsome and I}
📖Episode 25📖
(Brought to you by the Admins of Authoress chi.🍦)
                Nadine pov🥰
We got to the park, holding hands, walking side by side with a smile on our faces, it feels like a blessing to know that our hands were intertwined from home till we got to the park.
“What should we do first?” He asked and let go of my hand.
I almost felt like crying, “Anything you want”
“Well, I want to do a lot of things with you” he said and I felt my cheeks burning up.
He wants to do a lot of things with me, gosh!
“Why don’t we try that first” he said pointing to the swing in front of us.
“Sure” I replied using my hand to cover my red cheeks.
“Get on, I will push you” he said and I looked at him nervous.
“I don’t think I can, I don’t know h….” Before I could finish my words he carried me and put me on the swing.
My heart started beating fast from his sudden action.
“Javier?” I called surprised.
“Don’t worry, I got you” he reassured me.
He went behind me “here we go” he said and pushed me.
“Ah!” I screamed laughing enjoying the ride.
It is obvious that I like Javier, and so the thought of Javier leaving me started to scare me.
I don’t want to lose him to anyone especially her but, do I stand a chance.
Does he likes me as I do.
                🎉Javier pov🎉
“This is fun, I had so much fun today more than I could ever imagine!”Nadine exclaimed excited and I smiled.
“Really? Are you that happy?” I asked
“Yes, it was really fun and interesting. I don’t feel like leaving” She pout cutely.
“What about you?” She asked facing me.
“Well, am not really intrigued. But am still happy that am here”
“Because am on a date with one beautiful lady” 
“That is why am happy” I stated and her cheeks brightened up as she looked at me surprised.
“Don’t you think you are going to burn up your cheeks with the way you are blushing” I mocked and she swat me playfully.
“If you hate the fact that am blushing, stop telling me words you don’t mean!” She exclaimed.
“But I mean it, I mean every word I say to you” 
“Javier?” she called in a low sweet voice with her cheeks red again.
I couldn’t help but to laugh, why does her cheeks keep getting red because of my words.
“Darn you!” She spat angrily about to leave but I held her back and hugged her.
I pulled away and kissed her in her forehead, we stood like that for some minutes before I finally pulled away.
As usual, her cheeks were all red.
So cute.
“What was that for” She questioned and I couldn’t say anything.
Honestly, I have no answer to her question.
Why did I kiss her on her forehead?
“Why did you think I kissed you?” I asked and she look confused.
“You know what, I’ll go get us ice-cream” She suggested trying to avoid what I just said but I held back.
“A kiss on the forehead, what does it means?”
“What does it mean?” She asked and gulped nervously.
“You are mine”
                 Jasmine pov😔
“Jasmine, would you like to have some ice cream?” My dad asked trying to lighten my spirit.
“Am cool”
“Come on Jasmine, at least for me” he pleaded and I sighed.
“Ok, chocolate”  
“Ok wait here” he said leaving to some store.
Nothing here excites me or takes my worries away, the only thing I want right now is my Javier.
I really miss him, why did he have to leave me.
Javier, I hate you. 
“Come back to me soon so that I can forgive you”
I wish you could hear this so you can come back to me quickly.
I miss everything, the days with you, the memories we shared.
“Please just come back to me”
I looked around and saw people in a distance, my attention was fixed on a guy holding a lady hands.
His figure looks familiar, his figure looks like my Javier if am not mistaken.
What if? Come on Jasmine.
Snap out of it, there is no way Javier will be here especially with a lady. 
‘But the two looks familiar’ I thought.
My mouth dropped when the guy turned back, my heart beats joyful at the same time surprised and sad.
It was him, after all this while.
I finally find him, my jav…..
“Javier” I shouts.
What is going on?
Jasmine has finally saw Javier, What will happen next? 🤔🤷🏿‍♀️.
 Private desires💋
{Mr Handsome and I}
📖Episode 26📖
(Brought to you by the Admins of Authoress chi.🍦)
           🌹 Jasmine’s POV🙃
“Jav_ Javier?” I screamed. Right now I was totally sure it was my Javier. I stood up abruptly and rushed to the stairs, taking them in twos. Am not gonna let him go now that he’s within my reach.
Joy leapt in my heart as I finally rushed out of the building, running over to where I’d seen him but_ I looked around. He wasn’t there any longer.
My heart sank low in the pit of my stomach as hot tears threatened to run down my cheeks. I shoved my hands into my hair, giving out an exasperated sigh.
I knew what I saw,I know I was not hallucinating. I walked towards a lady, trying not to let the tears out. I wouldn’t want her to think am crazy or something else.
She had a toddler in her arms and two identical boys beside her. I bet they must be her kids. “Excuse me ma’am. Uhm did you see a guy with a lady over there?” The thought of Javier seeing another Lady caused a bile in my throat.
I know he’s never gonna cheat on me but i can’t be mistaken I know what I saw. “No am sorry,I just got here.” She replied as I felt the tears reaching the brink of it’s composure.
I walked round the park, asking a lot of people about him and also searching every nook and cranny for him but all to no avail.
Why was he with another woman? If he’s alright,why didn’t he come back home? Come back to me? Doesn’t he love me? The tears slid slowly down my cheeks.
“Miss, did you see a young boy around? His name is Javier” I asked someone else, not minding if my question made sense or not. 
“I….didn’t” she replied sluggishly and walked away.
Oh God!
“Javier!” I cried and just then, felt a hand tap me from behind.
I turned swiftly to see it was dad. 
‘Jasmine; hey; what’s wrong? What’re you doing?” He asked in an alarming tone.
“Javier” I wept. 
“He was here, dad. I’d seen him. He was here” 
I bubbled and tried walking away, but he gripped me back. 
“What’re you talking about? What do you mean he was here?” Dad asked but I ignored him and started running away. 
“Javier! Javier!” I called out as I ran around the park.
“Jasmine!!” Dad called and caught up with me. 
“Hey baby, look at me. You need to calm down,okay? You need to calm down”.
“He was here, dad. I’d seen him, I swear. He was here”.
“It’s okay, its okay. Just calm down, okay? Calm down”.
He pulled me in a hug and I wept on his chest.
            🥀 Nadine’s POV ♥️
“You’re making me blush again.” I said,still relishing the feeling of the piggyback we just did. He carried me on his back, running as fast as he could and finally, kissing my cheeks.
“You’re something else. It’s just piggyback. I didn’t propose did I?” He asked as I gasped but it also made me wonder how it’d feel like having his ring on my fingers.
“Nah_ you didn’t.” I replied as we both went silent. Just enjoying the company of each other. I looked at him through the side of my eyes and noticed he was deep in thoughts again.
Did he recall something? My heart beat increased at the mere thought of him remembering something from his past. Even the name he calls in his sleep,I just wish I could make him forget that name.
Call me greedy or clingy I don’t care. I’ve come to like Javier with my all and giving him up would be really hard. “Did you enjoy the date?” He asked again and I nodded. “I sure did. You?” I asked and I noticed he forced himself to nod.
What could be clouding his mind? Keeping him from enjoying the flow of life and our time together? “But the ice cream tasted bad. Like yuck.” I spat and he turned to look at me with an amused expression.
“I enjoyed mine. Vanilla.” He said and waved a cab down. We got settled in, gave the driver our address and relaxed properly.
“Vanilla is good but you should have tried chocolate flavor. It wasn’t what I expected,I bet mine is gonna taste better than that.” I said and heard him scoff.
“Are you saying am a bad cook?” I asked, growing furious. “No of course not_ it’s it’s just that_” he stuttered as I hit him on his stomach.
“Don’t mess with me Javier. Why don’t we test our abilities,I bet am gonna puke when I taste yours.” I said, chuckling as he pouted.
“Deal then. Loser becomes the winners slave for one month.” He said as my eyes dilated.!
                  🌹 Javier 🙂
“Deal then. Loser becomes the winners slave for one month.” I said as her eyes dilated.”what? You brought the competition up and it’s only right if I bring up the reward.” I defended,at the edge of laughing.
“I totally disagree.” She blurted out, frowning. “Then the competition won’t hold.” I said and she nodded. “You’re such a kill joy.” I spat as she brought her tongue out.
“You’re no fun at all.” She fired back as I smiled. The ride became silent until we got to our destination. After paying the fare,we walked into the house and immediately,I walked over to my bedroom.
I took my bath and found something simple to wear. And afterwards, I decided to check up on Nadine. 
I headed for her room but froze at the window when I spotted her taking off her clothes. 
Oh, damn! She was shirtless.
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