Story: His Private Desires – Episode 27 & 28

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His Private Desires - Episode 1 & 2


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👔His Private   
(Mr Handsome and I)
📖 Episode 27📖
(Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi)
             💝Javier’s POV💝
Wow!!!!..I found myself exclaiming as I behold the sight which was really inviting..
I licked my lips and came closer to take a clearer view..
I can’t stop the smile that escaped my lips as she went ahead to remove her bra..jeez!!!
Her b***bs was sumptuous and I felt like getting in there to press it, it looked fresh and didn’t seem like what had been touched by a man..
She pulled down her skirt and was now only on her shorts..
I couldn’t bear it anymore..
I walked to the door and knocked, without even waiting for her to call me in, I pushed the door open making her scamper for her cloth to cover her unclad body..
“Close your eyes!!!!!” She screamed but I wasn’t listening to her, my gaze was just on her body which was so good to look at..
She placed her hand on her b**bs and her down region making me giggle at how she struggled to cover the both at once..
“Leave here or you close that corrupt eyes of yours before I break your head!!!” She squealed making me chuckle..
“Okay, my eyes is closed..” I giggled covering my face with my palm..
          😍Nadine’s POV😊
I put on my cloth quickly with my heart beating in a way I can’t even explain..
I felt like I shouldn’t have told him to close his eyes, I should have just allow him to see my body…
Oh gawd!!
What I’m I even thinking???
Nadine when did you became corrupt??
“Now open your eyes..” I smiled and sat on the bed..
“You really have a nice body..” He said licking his lips as he sat on the stool gazing at me..
I felt my cheek flush at his word..
“Is that what you came to tell me? that why you came to my room?” I asked trying hard to cover my sheepish smile..
“I came to check on you and found out I was lucky to have a view of your half naked sexy body…” He smirked and i threw a pillow to his face, it hit his head in a funny way making me laugh loudly..
He picked it up and came closer to me lifting it up to hit my head..
“Hey, don’t!!!” I screamed but he wasn’t even listening..
He hit the pillow on my head and it moved my head back making him laugh..
“Are you mad..please just leave..” I said amidst laughter 
“Where would I go? are all I got..” He cooed and my cheek stupidly turned red again..
Why can’t i just stop blushing??
He sat on the bed closely to me, our body was really touching each other and that alone was giving me some kind of pleasure..
“I can’t stay any other place without being bored, I love staying with you..” He said in a soft tone gazing at my face..
“What about Jasmine??..” I found myself asking without knowing when it escaped my lips..
I was getting really afraid of him meeting jasmine one day which would lead to him forgetting about me..
Oh gosh!!!
“Please who is Jasmine to me?..can you explain this for me?..I want to know who she is to me, it seems like we had met some time, I can’t remember but her image makes me feel somehow..” He said and I felt my heart grow heavy..
“Do you love Jasmine??.. If you meet her what would you do?” I asked in emotion as I thought of him leaving me for her…
All that is holding us together now is his memory loss, if he should regain his memory, then I am forgotten immediately..
“You said I always call her name in my dream?..I feel like meeting her” he said and a tear dropped off my eyes..
“Please stop saying all this..please..” I mused and held his hand..
“There is nobody like Jasmine, if there Is any at all then, I am the Jasmine…” I stated and he flinched and stared at me..
“You are Jasmine??” He asked surprisedly..
My heart was really thumping fast as he asked that question..
What is even wrong with me?..I just lied of being Jasmine..
Seriously, I don’t want him to leave me, I’m really afraid, I may not be the same if that rich arrogant brat takes him from me..
“Can we close this chapter and talk of something else?” I said and he shrugged..
“How about we go on a walk..I can show you some place in the town, you would really love to see some artwork made by the people here!” I said with a wide smile grabbing his hand 
“Okay, but can’t we rest?” He said and I sighed..
“I love being with you, I love it whenever we walk together, when we play, i feels on top of the world..” I purred making him grin..
He held my hand and drew me closer to his body, my eyes widened as our face came closer..
My body was resting on him and his sparkling eyes was peering into mine making shiver ran through my spine..
“I am having feelings that a lady named Jasmine meant a lot to me, any time the name Jasmine is called, it affects me..she must be someone I really need to see..” He paused and took deep breath..
I was really feeling like crying now, how would he be talking about Jasmine while holding me, i felt weak and troubled..
“ you know that I see you as my Jasmine??” He stated and my eyes brightened..
“You are that lady I wants to be with, I don’t know how Jasmine really looks like, it seems she is you, may be true, you might be the Jasmine..” He said and my heart leapt in joy..
I smiled widely on hearing that…
I just have to make sure he doesn’t meet her, I must keep him to myself at all cost..
He is my Mr handsome…
I can’t lose him….
“Can I kiss those sensual lips?” He asked with a crazy smile and I blushed..
My heart screamed even before I could reply…
“Should I??” He asked again..
I let out a sweet smile and held his face bringing it closer to mine…
“I love you” I whispered and plunged my lips into his lips with my eyes shut allowing the pleasure sweep through my whole body…
        💗Jasmine’s POV💗
I stood in front of my mirror with my heart heavy, I stared at my beautiful face wishing Javier would just walk into my room like he always do…
I badly needs his touch, I wants him to wrap those strong arm round my waist and whisper his sweet words into my ear…
It was still like a dream to me that I saw Javier and later it turned out to be nobody..
It is really something I can’t believe, my dad had been telling me that I was hallucinating because I had occupied my thoughts with his image but how can I believe that..
I saw him, he was with a lady…
I’m confused but I silently pray it wasn’t him..
Javier can’t leave me and his family just for another lady…
Well…right now, I am dressing up to go back to that park where I saw him, you don’t expect me to stay calm when my sight fell on my love..
If it was true or not, I can’t tell…everything is just so confusing…
I was done with my making up and was looking so gorgeous as always…
Just then, my mind drifted to that my phone that had lost, I just felt like I should try the number again..
I called the number and it was switched off..I hissed and turned to leave but a call came in immediately…
It was one of my friends…
“Hello please can you accompany us to buy some jewelries, I heard that new and expensive ones had been imported into the country..” She said immediately I picked the call..
“Yeah, sure..where are you?” I asked
“We are already outside your gate, come out let’s go get some new ornament, we need to rock the latest product!!” She squealed and I smiled a little, 
“Okay, I’ll be right there in a jiffy..” I breathed and  walked out, 
I wish someway some how, I’ll meet Javier again but please he should be alone, no lady with him this time please..” I muttered under my breath…
Getting outside, my friends were already there, beautiful and classy as always
We praised ourselves before driving matter how I tries being happy, the thought of Javier keeps bringing sadness to my heart…
I just pray I see him today again, he would never disappear like he did..
We got to the jewelry shop and my eyes dazzled at the new shiny bangles, earnings and pendant that I saw…
I and my friends kept walking around picking the ones we found much more beautiful…
“Ma’am…there is a special product here, it’s the best and would be good to be given to that person you love so much..” The attendant said to us…
I made to snub her but I really need to see it..
At least I may love to give it to Javier when ever he returns…
“It is quite expensive but I know you worth it” she said and I smiled proudly, 
I love it when ever I am flattered..
We walked over to another section..
“This is it” she said pointing at a necklace..
My eyes widened..
That was Javier’s necklace!!!!
My whole body shook as I thought on the fact that Javier is alive and healthy meaning that he was the man I saw recently…
I couldn’t believe my eyes till I went closer to the necklace and held it closely…
Oh my God!! It was real!!!
It was Javier’s gold necklace – with his name on it. 
I gasped as I gripped it with immediate effect. 
“Where did you get this???” I asked the attendant.
To be Continued…
👔His Private
                Desires 💋 
 (Mr Handsome and I) 

 📖 Episode 28 📖

 (Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi) 
       💋Jasmine’s POV💋
 Woah!!! So my Javier is alive!! He’s very much alive… 
 “Where did you get this?” I asked the man who was busy staring at me like a bloated goat
 “Actually, someone sold it to me and trust me Ma’am this necklace has a very good quality” he replied..
My friends rushed to me when they saw me in a confused state…. 
 “Are you okay Jasmine?” She asked but I stood staring into space 
 “Is everything fine Jasmine?” The other one asked and shook me – jolting me from my thinking 
 My thoughts were not on them, I was only thinking about Javier.. 
 He was actually the one I saw at the park and he was with another woman?? 
 No!! This cant happen!!! I must find my Javier.. 
 But the question is where do I find him??? 
 Then my thought drifted back to the man’s word.. 
 “Someone sold it to me”
 Maybe he can take me to the person.. 
 “Sir please can you take me to the person who sold the necklace to you?” I asked with a worried face..
“Sure ma’am” he said and he signaled to a junior worker before walking out of the shop… 
 .    .    . 
     👒Nadine’s Pov👒
 I let the sensual feeling get the better of me – and soon the kiss became rough… 
 His right hand moved down my thighs and I moaned loudly
 I would not loose him to anyone else not to talk of that stupid Jasmine….. 
 I’ll keep him to myself and it’s a relief that he doesn’t remember anything…. 
 The kiss deepened and I resolved to biting his lips – which he seemed to enjoy. 
 His hands moved to my right b**bs and squeezed it through the cloth I was wearing.. 
 I moaned and sank my hands deeper into his hair… 
 This is a sweet sensation I’ve never felt before and I seem to enjoy it…. 
 His hands moved to the left one and did the same to it making me moan again….. 
 He reached for my shirt and took it off – leaving me with only bra…. 
 He unhooked my bra and grabbed my right b**bs giving it a light squeeze…. 
 I moaned in pleasure and he took my left b**bs in his mouth – sucking it like his whole life depended on it… 
 He grabbed the left b**bs and also sucked from it and my moans filled the room. 
 His touch alone makes me wet and now this!!!! 
 We heard the opening of door from the living room – and that when our senses which had left us came back. …. 
 “I’m so….. sorry Nadine” Javier said and I threw my head to the other side shyly..
 I wore my clothes and I felt his gaze pierce through my body. .. 
 I avoided contact with his eyes and wanted to go outside but he held my waist and pulled me close to him.. . 
 I could feel my breathing become intense as my eyes landed on his cute eyes… 
 “Nadine, all we did now, was not a mistake I assure you of that” he said – pressing my hands lightly.. . 
 I nodded still avoiding contact with his eyes .. 
 His hands left my waist and I rushed out of the room… 
 Gosh!! Why do I always be this shy after doing anything erotic with him?? 
 I bit my lips nervously and walked to the sitting room – where mum was sitting down.. .
     💞Jasmine’s POV💞
 “Sir do you know where the lady lives?” I asked biting my lips… 
 I just want to find my Javier… 
 But does he still loves me??? I’m his Jasmine so he has to…. 
 “Yes I know where she lives and I can take you there” he offered – and my eyes glittered…. 
 “Oh my God! T….Thank you so much” I replied ecstatically.
 He locked the door of his shop and began to walk to a particular direction and I followed him…. 

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