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👔His Private
(Mr Handsome and I)
Episode 29
(Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi)
Marcus’s Pov 
I was thinking about the information i just received from the officer when a voice disrupted my thoughts . 
“Marcus” I heard my name and turned to see Kate – Matilda’s elder sis – standing behind me.
“You really need to come talk to Matilda. She’s refused touching her meal or speaking to anyone. She’s starving herself” she complained and I sighed bitterly.
“Where’s she?” I asked
“At the dining” she replied and I stood up and left the room.
I slipped my feet into  the floppy slippers and i headed for the dining room . 
When i got there , i met Matilda sitting down on one of the chair glaring down at her food without touching it . 
Not again ! 
I let out a sigh and i walked closer to the dining table to have a seat . 
“Hey,you aren’t eating ” i cooed as i took a seat . 
She only replied me with a sniff . 
Oh no ! She is crying again . 
“Matilda , please stop your tears . Javier will soon be back to us . ” 
I assured her 
“When ! When Marcus ! I’ve been living for close to 2 months and i didn’t see my son or hear his whereabout and you told me to calm down ? ” 
She rasped . 
“I remembered those days …..” she started with a wary smile. 
“Anytime,we wants to  eat , Javier will pecked me and you ,telling us that he won’t enjoy the food without enjoying our smiles …” 
“And this food…” she said referring to the baked chicken and salad . 
“It’s one of his favorites. His happiness always fills my stomach whenever he is eating this food ” She stopped and broke down in tears . 
I understand her pain . I’m also feeling the pain of not being with my son . It isn’t easy for me as a father .
“But now ! where is he ? where is the happiness that was supposed to feel this room with this food right in front of us . Where is it ! ” she snapped amidst tears . 
Oh matilda . 
“Matilda, it isn’t easy for me too and i’m also trying my best to bring back our son ….”
“Your best aren’t enough Marcus…..Please bring back my son . Let Javier come back to me , please ” she pleaded with more tears streaming down her eye lids . 
“Matilda, it’s ok . I’m assuring you that Javier will soon be back to us . My officer has already find a clue ” i said and i saw the lightness in her eyes . 
“Really ? He has found a clue concerning my son . What is the clue ” She asked me eagerly and anticipation . 
“I’ll tell you when i discuss with him but now you need to eat your food please . We really need to be strong for our son . You won’t him to find you sick when he comes back right ?
“So please eat now ” i said to her and i watched her as she lifted the fork and scooped some of the food into her mouth . 
Yes ! 
i also did the same . i hope the new clue will be very useful to us .
        💖Nadine’s Pov 💖
  When we both got inside the parlour,we met mom dishing out some foods . 
“Mom ” i called 
“Hey nadi….” She turned around but stopped when she saw Javier very close to me . 
“Good afternoon ma ” 
“Ok,where are you two coming from? ” she asked with a funny look on her face . 
“Mom…. Where did you see those foods ?” i asked as i concealed her question . 
“This ? I bought it when i was coming . It was cheap ” She replied me 
“Oh..Is it for us ? ” i asked as i moved closer to where the foods was . 
“Yeah ,or aren’t you guys hungry ? ” She asked
“We are !” Javier and i chorused . 
“Oh,then let’s start eating ” She said and we all sat down . 
After we finished the food , mom left the house leaving some task behind for me . 
I packed all the used plates and i dropped it in the sink , Javier also did the same . 
“So what are you doing first ? ” he asked me . 
“Clothes first ” i replied him not looking at his eyes . 
I won’t deny the fact that i was still shy due to the silly moments we had minutes ago . 
“Uhm…ok . Should i help you with the plate ? ” He asked me and was forced to glared at him . 
“You ? ” 
“Thank heaven that you finally look at me . Yes ! I want to help you with the plates so as to reduced the task ” He said with a wink . 
“Are you sure ? ” 
He replied with a nod . Huh? 
“And you won’t break any plates “
“Enough ! We have to start working so as to have some time alone before your mom come back ” He said as he pushed me outta of the kitechen . 
“But Jav…”
“Trust me ” He cut me off with a quick peck on my forehead and locked the door . 
huh ? 
Is he that eager to help me ? I just hope he won’t injure himself . 
I touched my forehead as if to feel the kiss . He pecked me on my forehead ? 
I don’t know why but i suddenly felt bashful at the mere thoughts  . 
When will you gather up yourself  in front of him …
I really need to snap outta of my thoughts ,including the one we’d inside my room . 
I shrugged off the thought and i went to where the clothes was packed . 
I dipped the last clothes inside the foaming water when my eyes went to the kitchen’s window . 
Knowing that Javier was in there,  made me to smile . 
The thought of the kiss also gave me butterflies in my stomach . 
oh Javier ,what have you done to me ? 
I’m madly in love with and i’ll be very heartbroken if he Should leave me for Jasmine . 
“Thinking about someone ? ” i heard a whisper that made me jumped up in shock . 
I turned around only to see Javier smiling . 
“What was that for ? You started me ” 
“I’d to , i noticed that you were lost in thoughts . What were you thinking of ” He asked 
“Someone special ” I replied him and i sat down again . 
“Oh ,who is this special person ” He further asked as he squatted down in front of me . 
Why did i suddenly developed goose bumps ? 
“Someone ” i replied not lifting Up my head so as to avoid his eyes . 
Suddenly,i felt splashes of foams on my face . 
“Javier ! ” i raised up my head to see him giggling . 
“You..” i didn’t finish my words when another splash came My face . 
“you wanted to play right ? ” i stood up packing lots of foams in my hand . 
“Nadine,don’t do that ” He warned but i didn’t listen to him . 
After i did mine,i started running away from him 
“I’m coming for you ” i heArd  Slipping foots behind me . 
I tried to ran inside but he suddenly gripped me by the waisT . 
“Catch ya ” He squealed and he turned me around . 
“i won ” He said and i giggled . 
He locked his with mine and i felt him wrapped his hand around My waist drawing me closer to himself . 
“I love you Nadine” He whispered and he smooched my lips . 
I reciprocated to the kiss as i wrapped my hand around his neck . 
The kiss was a Slow but emotional one 
I just hope we continue like this Without anyone coming in between us . 
“Javier ? ” we suddenly heard a voice call and unlocked from the kiss to see the  person . 
My feet wobbled when I saw that familiar face staring at me. 
It was her …
It was Jasmine !!!!
👔His Private   
(Mr Handsome and I)

Episode 30

(Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi)
Jasmine’s POV❤️
‘Javier it’s you!!! It’s really you!!’..I let out an exasperated cry as I lunged at Javier’s body…
‘Who…who..who the hell are you??’..He asked with a confused expression on his face and my smile faded…
He can’t remember me??…
No that’s not possible…
‘Ja..Ja..Javier it’s me!! It’s me Jasmine!! I’m your Jasmine,I’m your girlfriend you block head!!’..I cried out hitting his chest…
After all these months of being depressed he’s finally here in front of me!!..
And with that girl from the clothing store???..
“What did you do to him?” I turned to her and asked. 
“Why can’t he remember me?”
She just remained mute and didn’t say a word. 
I turned back to look at Javier. My Javier.
” Ja…Javier look at me!! Javier look at me it’s me your Jasmine,the Jasmine you always talked about,the Jasmine you always took to the club,the Jasmine you always fought for in high school—I am your Jasmine you a*s hole why can’t you remember?! Look at me and say you remember!!’..i screamed at the top of my voice cupping his face with my hands and shaking him vigorously…
This is so bizarre…
He’s clueless about me!!…
He can’t even remember me…
‘You are Jasmine and you know me??’..He finally said after a momentarily pause and I nodded…
Tears streaked my cheeks and I hugged him for a while, but he pulled away. 
Oh! How I’ve missed holding him.
“Javier, come on. What happened to you? What have they done to you?” I wept bitterly.
“I’m….I’m sorry, Jasmine. But I don’t remember anything. I don’t remember you. I’m really sorry” he replied, breaking my heart the more. 
This is not possible!
I turned angrily to the bi*tch again. 
“What the hell did you do to him?? You lowlife! What have you done to my boyfriend??” I rasped and pushed her by the chest, but Javier intervened.
“Hey; hey; stop it. There’s no need for that, okay?” He said, standing in between us.
More tears kept rolling down my cheeks. 
“Actually….Jasmine; I got involved in an accident and lost my memories. Nadine over here and her mum found me and helped me. They’re the reasons I’m safe” he explained and I scoffed.
I sniffed and held his hands.
“Whatever the case might be, Xavier. I’m just happy I found you already. We….we’ve all been looking for you. Come with me. Come with me, Javier. Let’s go back home”.I enthused.
He looked at the lady, then back at me. 
“I’m sorry, but I can’t go with you. I…I don’t know you. I can’t just leave with you” he replied, maddening me the more. 
Oh my God!
I couldn’t believe this was coming from Javier. How the hell did this happen?
“Javier come on, please. Its your Jasmine. I’m someone you can trust. I’ll never harm you, Javier. Please”,I pleaded with tears strolling down my cheeks, but he withdrew his hands from mine and shook his head. 
“I’m sorry. But I can’t”.he insisted.
Maybe I should get help.
I sniffed and dipped my phone into my bag, bringing out my phone. 
I dialed dad’s line, but it wasn’t reachable. 
Then, I tried contacting his parents but…..
Damn it!!! I didn’t have their numbers stored in this phone. It was in the other phone which was stolen at the mall. 
What do I do?
I looked back at Javier and couldn’t believe my long awaited Javier was staring at me, but couldn’t recognize me. 
And to think I caught him kissing that lady…
Oh God! What has happened?
“I’ll come back for you, Javier” I whimpered, my hand on his cheek.
“I’m going to get your parents and you’ll be coming home afterwards. Everything will be fine, Javier. Please, don’t move. Just stay here and wait for me, please”.
He didn’t say a word but only kept staring at me. 
And I hugged him again before running away. 
I needed to be as fast as possible.
Matilda’s POV❤️
My hands rummaged through the boxes of headphones in Javier’s room shaking as touched each earbud…
He always loved headphones..
He always loved listening to music and sleeping in all day…
I quickly wiped the tear that escaped my tear duct and at that moment Marcus ran in..
‘Honey I’ve got great news!!’..He said aloud..
‘Great news?? Your business deal was successful??’..I asked and the next thing I knew wrapped his arms around my body lifting me off the ground…
‘Javier has been found Matilda!! He’s been found!!’..He said and at that moment I felt a ray of home shimmer across…
‘What?!! He’s been found?! Where Marc?!! Where please let’s go!!’…I cried out tugging him towards the door…
‘Have patience Matilda,its all over. We’re getting our son back!!” ‘..He said and i crushed to his arms in tears…
Javier’s POV❤️
I stared blankly as that strange girl walked out and my gaze traveled over to where Nadine was standing only for me to see her eyes glazed with tears…
‘You’ve finally found her Javier,as you can see I’m not your Jasmine—She is and in a short while, your parents,your real biological Parents would be here to take you’…She said with her voice already hoarse and when I reached out to her she stepped back…
‘Nadine pl—
‘just stay away from me” she winced.
“I….I need to be alone. I’m happy for you. But….I need to be alone for now”‘..
And with that, she started running away.
“Nadine! Nadine!” I called and ran after her. , 
What happens next?
Find out in the next episode with your likes and comments…

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