Story: His Private Desires – Episode 3 & 4

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👔His Private
 {Mr Handsome And I}
 {Brought to you by the admins of Authoress Chi}
  Episode 3
  Javier’s POV
 I groaned softly as I sat up, perplexed.
 I tried moving but ended up yelling in pain.
“Please sit. You have a cut.” The woman beside me said.
 I looked at her confused and slowly my gaze landed on the girl beside her with her pretty big eyes surveying me with an amazed look.
“Where am I?” I asked again, looking around.
 How ever did I got here? Wait…. Why can’t I even remember a single thing?
“My daughter here found you laying unconscious beside the river. She saved your life.” The woman replied and I looked at the girl who smiled shyly.
I smiled a little. “I can’t thank you enough for this. I will forever be grateful.” I said, still looking at her.
” You needed help and  mom and I rendered it. It’s nothing.” She replied and I looked away still confused.
I still could not remember anything.
“You still need a lot of treatment son. We have to take you to the hospital.” The woman said and I looked sharply at her.
 I had this feeling that tells me to remain inside as long as I can.
“I’m… I’m… Fine now. The pain isn’t much.” I replied.
The woman and her daughter looked at each other and glanced back at me.
“Tell us who you are so we can take you back to your family. They will be super worried now.” The girl said and I shook my head.
“I can’t remember a thing…how I got injured or how I ended up beside the river, unconscious.” I replied and watched the surprised looks on faces.
  🧡 Nadine’s POV🧡
What? How is that possible?
 Why can’t he remember a thing?
 Just a while ago… I heard him call out a name.
 I looked at him and wondered why he couldn’t remember who he is.
Is it possible he has memory loss?
“Then we have to inform the police immediately so we can locate your family and take you back!” Mom said anxiously and I felt a stab in the chest.
 Doesn’t that mean I won’t ever see him again? I looked at his handsome face and felt like touching it again.
He suddenly looked at mom with eyes full of pity and pleas.
“Please… Don’t do that!” He blurted out.
My eyes widened. ” What? ” Mom and I chorused.
“I think someone is after my life. Can I stay here for some time while I get back on my feet? ” He asked with his amazing deep voice lased with deep emotions.
I looked at mom.
Mom had this doubtful look in her eyes as she sighed.
“Son… I will be committing a crime if I keep you here without notifying the police.”mom said softly.
” I promise to stay away from the crowd and troubles. Someone is definitely after my life. I can feel it. I can’t risk going back, please. ” He said and looked at me.
Our eyes met and I felt a jolting spark from the depths of those pair of brown eyes.
I lowered my gaze to the floor cos I had started blushing.
“Fine. I will help you heal fast so you can go back to your family as soon as possible.” Mom said and I almost jumped with excitement.
” I will get you something to eat on my way coming back from work. Nadine dear stay behind and take care of him. I think I will have to go alone today. ” Mom said and I smiled.
” Be careful mom. ” I said and watched mom to go out of the room.
I then turned to look at Mr handsome. I almost gasped cos I found him looking at me with an appreciative look.
“Nadine? Thanks for saving my life. I will forever remain grateful for this.” He said and I smiled.
I pulled a plastic chair closer to the bed and sat. ” While still sleeping… You murmured a name in your sleep. Jasmine. ” I told him and watched his reaction.
But he was looking so confused. “Jasmine? I don’t know any Jasmine. 
Maybe I do… But I can’t remember anything. Not even my name.” he replied.
I let my gaze drop to the gold chain on his neck. ” Javier.” I mumbled.
“What?” He looked at me.
“Your name. I think it’s Javier.” I replied, still looking at the gold chain. He must be from a wealthy family probably a famous one.
“How did you know that?” He replied and I found out he didn’t even take notice of the chain.
“There.” I said, pointing at his chest. 
He stared down at his chest and touched the gold chain softly.
“Javier? Is that my name?” He asked softly, staring at the ground.
 I continued looking at him as he rubbed his thumb nail against the chain surface.
My mind drifted back to that name again.
 Jasmine. Who is Jasmine?
  It was late in the night and I already slept off when I felt someone tapping my feet.
I kicked furiously and mumbled. “Nadine! Come on ..wake up. We need to talk.”
I opened my eyes as I recognized mom’s voice.
Is it morning already again?
“Mom?” I asked as I sat up. My mind drifted to Javier and I suddenly wished it was morning.
“We have to talk, Nadine. I think I’m getting scared about all this.” Mom started as she sat beside me on my small bed.
” Why mom? Don’t tell me it’s because of Javier.” I asked 
“Of course yes! It’s because of him!
 Look, Nadine. No body knows us. We don’t have money, yes but we are living fine. I don’t want any trouble cos that Javier guy looks like someone from a very wealthy family with the gold chain, his voice and the way he looks all around the room! ” Mom said.
I breathed in and held her hand. “Mom, this is a matter that concerns life! You saw his condition this morning which means that someone wants him dead. He can’t remember a thing.
Sending him back will only means that we want him dead.
Besides, he already promised to stay clear of trouble. ” I said quietly so he would not hear us.
Mom inhaled deeply and heaved out a sigh. “I just hope this doesn’t turn out bad for us.” Mom added and was about getting up when we heard Javier murmuring in his sleep from the room he slept in.
I strained my ears and listened.
“What’s that?” Mom asked trying to get what he was saying but we couldn’t hear him.
Mom and I left my room and we walked towards the room and entered.
I walked soundlessly towards his bed and bent over him.
 Jasmine… Jasmine… Jasmine…
I heard him murmur while shaking his head.
 Jasmine again?
👔His private

     {Mr handsome and I}

Episode 4
{Brought to you by the admins of authoress Chi}
Jasmine’s Pov: 😥
I paced restlessly around the room, my phone in my hand. 
I tucked my hair behind my ear as I tried his line one more time but the same response came:
His line was switched off. 
“Damn it!!” I cried out and threw the phone on the bed. 
Where the hell is he?? Why can’t anyone reach him???
I am Jasmine Smith, twenty four, rich, beautiful, very beautiful and smart.
 I and Javier have been friends since childhood and I can’t understand why he’s nowhere to be found. 
The last time I saw him was when we went clubbing.
He was perfectly okay, he dropped me off by himself, he told me he loved me only for me to be told this morning that he didn’t come home at all.
What could’ve happened to him on his way home?
Javier where are you? come to me,am dying be in your arms please,
 come to me,I have really missed you”. I said as my tears grew more louder.
A knock on the door disturbed me.
I looked away from Javier’s picture which was with me to see who was knocking.
“Come in”. I said lowly.
The door opened revealing  a maid, am sure my parents sent for me again.
   “Miss,your dad sent for you”. The maid said with her head bowed.
   “Go and tell him am sleeping”. I said  knowing fully well that she wasn’t going.
   “Am sorry miss,I can’t lie to them”. She said.
   “Old lady, it seems you are tired of your work here,if you really know what s good for you,get out of my face”. I said but she stood there stubbornly.
   “Seems you are proving too hard,am going to make sure that even your grand children fail to recognise you”. I said moving closer to her, but unfortunately, the door opened.
“What’s wrong with you, Jasmine? Why’re you yelling at the old woman?” Rodney my older brother said walking in.
   “What if I do?”. I asked rolling my eyes.
   “Gosh! You’re so rude”. He said glaring.
   “Like I care”. I muttered.
   “When are you going to change, this woman here is old enough to  be your mother”. He said.
   “I can never come out of an unfortunate  fellow like her,just look at her,she has the guts to tell me what to do in my father’s house, my parents brought her from the gutters, clothed and polished her husband that has really gotten to her brain for her to think she can tell me what to do”. I said angrily.
   “Enough of this madness Jasmine,what has come over you? how dare you talk to her like that. I want you to apologize now”. He said yelling.
  “Get lost”. I hissed walking past him.
Gosh! I’m so angry.
Javier, please I need you to get my head straight. 
   Whoever or whatever this Jasmine  is to him must be very important cause that is the name he is calling again.
   I looked away from him having  a weird feeling.
 I don’t know this guy from any where so why this weird feeling?
   I think am going crazy. 
I and mom walked away from his room trying not to make a sound so not to wake him.
   “I just hope he gets better soon enough, Nadine. He’s giving me a scare” mum said.
   “But who is Jasmine?”. I asked inaudibly.
We all know who Jasmine is.

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