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👔 His private
(Mr handsome and I).
Episode 31
(Brought to you by the admins of authoress chi)
The air was cool and damp by the time I raced out of the small cottage I called home. It felt like it was going to rain but I didn’t want to go back inside. Not yet.
My mind and head were beyond messed up and I desperately needed to clear my thoughts.
In frenzied haste, I flung the hair that fell on my face and sprinted past the market to the only place quiet enough to get my head back on the right track. Comfort tree, I had named it. Whenever I was working something out in my mind, that was where I went.
Almost reaching the Willow tree, I slowed down my steps and began walking along a part of the grass that was flattened, almost like a trail from being trampled upon several times.
Stay, I thought as I settled on the bark of the tree and fixated my eyes on the small stream ahead of me, That would be selfish of me to ask, wouldn’t it?.
My throat felt tight and the awful sensation of tears pricked at the back of my eyes. Crying would only make me a bigger hypocrite.
I should be happy for Javier. I should be glad that he had finally found the people he belonged with.
What kind of person would I be if I couldn’t even show how happy I was for him?.
Slowly turning my head towards where the voice had come from, I took a moment to study the guy standing inches away from where I was seated. Javier hair is slightly wet from the brief drizzle and I could almost see an internal battle wagging behind his grey eyes that were blotchy.
Tears threatened my eyes just by looking at him and I struggled to swallow down all emotions running through my being.
I should be happy for him, I told myself, I sh–.
    “Can I sit?”, He took an unsure step forward, debating whether to leave or not. My eyes roamed his face for a long while until they reached the lips that had been ruthlessly overpowering my thoughts lately, and if we weren’t caught up in this mess, I would happily kiss him right now.
   “Sure”, I finally responded, my voice lower than a whisper.
His head bobbled up and down in a silent nod before taking slow and precautious steps to sit on the stiff bark. He is close enough that my mouth dried up despite the unfortunate situation I was in and tingles started dancing in places I never thought someone would ever awaken.
Biting down hard at my bottom lip almost painfully, I made the first attempt to start a conversation, in form of an apology but I couldn’t think of anything meaningful to say and clamped my mouth shut instead, staring at my sandals like it was the most precious thing in the entire universe.
  “Nadine..”, Javier called my name softly, and just that is enough to send disturbing shivers down my spine, “Nadine. Look at me”.
I didn’t dare look at him, my hands clenching and unclenching from how tensed I felt under his gaze.
Suddenly, his thumb and index finger lifted my chin up lingering there for too long before dropping his hands back on his thighs.
His electric eyes roamed my face for a few minutes before his lips stretched slowly into a sad smile, “I am sorry”.
I didn’t get why he was apologizing or what he was even apologizing for.
   “Wh–why?”, I croaked out, internally trying to tame my wild emotions, “I should be the one apologizing for being such a jerk”.
 Javier ran a hand through his hair, fingers coming away damp, “I–.
“I knew you were still going to leave one day but I still let myself get lost in the moment we had”, my shoulders slouched a bit as I recollected the fun times we had spent together in his short stay here, “and to think that I thought we could have been–.
I wrenched my eyes away from his and back to my fingers letting out a short incredulous laugh, couldn’t bring myself to say the word. 
    “Have been what?”, It took every ounce of will power not to shiver when Javier gently nudged my shoulder with his, “Tell me Nadine”.
I mentally cursed myself for letting blood pound in places that I absolutely do not want to be associated with someone who was leaving me very soon, “it doesn’t matter anymore, I –”.
I stopped talking when I saw that his eyes were laughing, those sharp grey eyes crinkling at the corners. And then he looked down as if he couldn’t contain his amusement, brought his fist to his full lips.
What was so funny about what I was saying?.
   “What?”, I frowned upon him. Was there lettuce between my teeth?.
Was there something on my face?.
     “Javier?!”, My frowned deepened when he didn’t respond but continued laughing at me instead, “is there something on my face?”.
    “There’s uhm”, He chuckled, deepening my frown, “There’s uhm a uhm bug in your hair”.
It is a massive blur. The way I screamed out of fright on hearing that, they way I jumped off the bark and began shaking my head vigorously like a asylum patient, just to get rid of the “bug” that suddenly decided that my head was the perfect place to take an afternoon nap.
By the time I was done shaking, dancing and jumping, Javier was already on the grass  laughing like the madness I had just displayed.
Dry mouthed, I asked him in short breaths, “Is it still on my head?”.
He clutched his stomach and laughed even harder when I asked.
    “Javier?!”, I was sure that all that shaking and dancing must have sent the “bug” flying but I still wanted him to tell me that there was nothing on my head. Wouldn’t want to walk back home with a bug sticking out of the rat nest of a thing I called hair.
He tried to clamp his mouth shut but failed woefully and answered in between laughter instead, “Gotcha!”.
  “Go–”, After a moment, my eyes widened in realisation, diverting to stare at his shaking figure for a moment. Then I brought it back to his face, pretend rage clouding my expression, “You meanie!”.
He laughed even harder.
The entire walk back to my house is ear-piercing silent and chilly.
After that mean prank Javier played on me, I had been so pissed and pushed into creek inches away from my “comfort spot”. He had mentioned something about me paying for what I did and forcefully pulled me into the water too, amidst several screams and protests from me.
And we both ended up walking home wet and cold, not to even mention the weird looks those market women were sending us.
When we arrive at the front door, the silence is finally broken. Javier spun around and his eyes study me. However, my eyesight is glued to my feet, for I just couldn’t bring myself face to look at him.
Was worried I would cry if I did.
He would be leaving here anytime from and my heart clenched just thinking about that.
   “Can you j–”, He was interrupted mid sentence by the sounds of engines approaching the house.
Together we whirled around to see several cars pulling up in our front yard. One even succeeded in trampling the tomatoes I had planted the day after I found Javier but I took no notice of that.
They were here. For him.
He was leaving. Now.
I watched with hooded eyes as one of the doors of the car flung open and a middle aged woman with tired eyes rushed out, almost tripping over her left foot.
I didn’t need a seer to tell me that this was his mom. The striking resemblance and the tears ran down her cheeks explained it all.
     “My baby”, she grasped him as if her life depended on that hug, and squeezed him so tightly I swear I heard Javier wince a little, “I thought I lost you”.
My heart clenched at the emotional sight and I couldn’t help but smile despite the pain that was burrowing itself in the depth of my heart.
There were very few moments in my life which lasted for a few seconds but irrevocably stayed with me. Found a spot in my heart and burrowed in there. Changed me for the rest of my life.
This. This was one of them.
    “Look at how happy she looks”, The soft tone of my mother’s voice coupled with the constant shrieking of Javier’s Jasmine jolted me back to reality and I whirled to see Mom beside me.
She must have heard the noise and came outside.
    “But you don’t look so happy”, she commented. If only she knew how much pain I was going through.
If only the pain itself didn’t exist. Maybe the world would have been a better place, “I am”.
Mother didn’t respond and we stood quiet for the next few minutes, watching as his Jasmine and mother took turns in squeezing the living hell out of him until he finally succeeded in getting them off his body.
“Are you… mother?” He asked the pretty woman. 
“Of course, baby! Of course!” She replied in a disheartening voice and touched his cheeks. 
“Don’t you remember me?” She asked but he shook his head negatively.
A sad look crept into her face and suddenly, she looked at mum and I.
“What the hell did you do to my son? What happened to him??”
“Hey; hey; don’t blame them, please” Javier stood in her way.
“They’re the reason I’m safe. They found me when I was unconscious and took me in”.
“Then, why didn’t they report to the police so we could find you? I almost ran mad searching for you, Javier”.
“I…I was actually the one who asked them not to involve the police. I felt someone was after my life and didn’t want to be exposed until I’d recovered my memories” he answered, but she still didn’t look satisfied.
“Hold on; how’re we sure they’re being sincere? How’re we sure they aren’t the ones behind this and are only pretending by being nice to you?” She asked, making me surprised.
“Seriously?” Mum scoffed, drawing all attention to her. 
“Can you even hear yourself? I found your son, sheltered and protected him for weeks and all you could do is accuse me? If I was the enemy, why would I protect him? Indeed, all rich people are ingrates”.
Mum was clearly upset.
“Mum” I whispered and held her hand.
“Hey; how dare you? Do you want me to cut out your tongue, huh? Have you gone sane?” Javier’s mum snapped. 
Why’s she acting this way. 
“Please, please. Stop it” Javier chipped in.
“Nadine and her mum over here have been of great help to me and there’s no way they could be the enemies. They deserve gratitude, not accusations”.
His mother sighed and touched his cheeks.
“I can only believe this when I’m convinced. I want you to undergo a hypnosis. You’ll be hypnotized for your memories to return and that way,,we can know who the enemy is” she suggested.
A hypnosis….
That’d be really great. At least, he can get to  know who tried to kill him. 
But…all his memories would return. All his memories of Jasmine….
“Yes. That’d be awesome” Jasmine suddenly said with so much enthusiasm. 
Like she was getting to realize the benefits.
Javier looked at them, then back at us. 
“Okay. I’ll go for it. When will it be?” He asked and his mother embraced him again. 
“I can’t wait for you to remember me, son. You’ll come home with us now.  And by tomorrow, the hypnosis would be carried out” she said and he looked at me, then back at her. 
“I’m sorry but, you all seem strange to me and it isn’t my fault” he stated.
“Javier please, don’t do this to me. I’ll kill myself if you don’t come home with me this instance. I’ve been away from you for such a long time and I won’t be able to leave this place without you. Please” she pleaded, tears threatening to drop from her eyes.
For a moment, Javier was silent. 
“I’d only agree to go if Nadine and her mum comes with me” he replied.
His mother also flinched.
“Right now, they’re only the friends i have, the only people I know. So, I’d want to be around them until the hypnosis is done tomorrow”.
Oh my God!
Is he for real?
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👔 His private
(Mr handsome and I).
Episode 32
(Brought to you by the admins of authoress chi)
Immediately Javier said that I and mum would follow him to his house, Jasmine flared up.
“Javier, why would you say such a thing, we don’t even trust this wretch that kept you in this cage they called a house”. She spoke starring at me dangerously.
“You manner less girl !! how dare you utter such statement to me”. Mum shouted at Jasmine.
“Javier honey, please follow us home, I know you might see us as strange people but I am your mother and I can’t trust these people. What if they have evil motives against us? What if they..” Javier cuts her short before she continued.
“I’m sorry, but I’ve said my mind and that’s final. If Nadine and her mum isn’t going with me, then I have no option than staying here with them forever”. He blurted out.
I was watching the whole scenario going on,filled with happiness as Javier would love taking us along.At least I got the chance to see him once again before he goes for hypnosis. But his mum and this meanie Jasmine is so rude. I was still in thought when Javier’s voice jolted me back to reality.
“Nadine please will you agree to follow me, you know I can’t leave you guys here alone and let this guys take me away from you”, Javier said pathetically. 
“Okay, Nadine and I will go with you only if your mum will accept’. Mum told him.
“I got no choice” let’s get into the car”, Javier mum said. 
Jasmine walked over to Javier, grabbed his hand and took him to her car not without staring at me her usual annoying stare. 
“What should I expect?”. I thought.
Afterall Javier belongs to her. 
After some hours of driving, we arrived at the Greysons Mansion.
 my oh my!! this looks like a castle. I can’t believe Javier was from a very wealthy family. I thought as I stared at the magnificent building.
I felt so happy when Nadine and her mum accepted to follow me. I can’t let her go like that. 
I was still in thought when my acclaimed mum voice jolted me.
“Welcome  home my dear Javier”. She said as we alighted from the car.
Wooah I was perplexed with what am seeing. 
“Do i really belong here”. I thought.
“Nadine you and your mum will stay at the guest room over there”  mum pointed at a beautiful bungalow and
Nadine nodded.
I went close to Nadine and whispered to her.
 “I will make sure I come see you and mum tonight”. I told her and followed mum inside. My dad was so happy to see me although i don’t even recognised him yet.
Today is the happiest day of my life. A day I was able to see my long lost son. Indeed, am so blessed in this world. This calls for a celebration!!!
I called my close friends and disclosed the good news to them. Immediately i told the maids to prepare a banquet as soon as possible. There must be great merriment for my sons’s return. I shouted excitedly.
Am so happy my Javier is back. At least all my efforts is not in vain. But wait, is that poor wretch Nadine trying to take my Javier from me. I thought.
I can’t believe she’s been with him all these while. And that day at the park…
I decided to go check on Javier and on my way I saw Javier mum informing Nadine and her mum about the dinner that will be held tonight. 
Nadine saw me and I quickly eyed her, hissed and continue heading to Javier room. I entered his room and met him sitted on the bed starring at space.
“Javier my love, I really missed you a lot. Do you know I hardly sleep at night since you were missing. Do you know how much I missed your hugs, kisses and touch”
He kept silent but I continued talking.
“Baby I know you might not recognise me as your Jasmine, but trust me you will surely do after tommorow”
Immediately he stood up and went to his bag searching franticaly for only what heaven knows.
What is he up to. I thought.
“This belongs to you right” he handed my lost phone over to me.
Oh my God!
“How did you get this?” I asked totally confused
“I picked it at the mall the day you went shopping, you looked like someone i knew that’s why I kept it hoping to return it to the owner someday” He said.
“Oh my God!!” I exclaimed almost crying. I always knew you care for me no matter where and what you are”, I said hugging  and kissing him passionately though he didn’t quite reciprocated
This mansion seems quite cool. Things took a new turn as  Javier mum who was quite rude and mean few hours ago gracefully  invited us for dinner. Still standing I sighted Miss arrogant “Jasmine”. She shot  me a glare that could actually kill some months old baby, well i dont give a fuck about it. Its her nature though…
This girl is so full of herself, I wonder how my dear Javier will cope with her. She walked out looking suspicious so I decided to follow her, wanna  figure out what she is up to. I excused myself from mum and quietly followed her but she was quite fast that I don’t know where she headed to.
After few minutes of exploring round the buiding, I headed back to our guest room when I sighted someone that looks like Jasmine through the glass  window. Yea my thought were right, she was  hugging and kissing Javier like her life depends on it.
The scene alone almost made me cry, but i managed to comport myself. I quickly increased my steps and went back to the guest room then the tears began flowing.
Why did I put myself into this situation? I thought. 
I could have figured this out right from those moments  Javier always mentions Jasmine name. It hurts when someone you developed feelings for actually belongs to someone else.
Well I should be happy for them instead of crying but all the memories of Javier and I kept flowing. I quickly cleaned up the tears before mum gets in seeing me in this condition.
As if i knew mum came in telling me Javier wants to see me outside.
Javier! I exclaimed.
As Jasmine was kissing me I was having this sensation that I have tasted this lips before.
But am still feeling nervous around her. I quickly pulled out from her.
She quite understood and let me be.
I came out from the room, all i was thinking about was Nadine. I don’t want to lose her like that. I went to the guest room and I met her mum who I requested to see Nadine.
Soon Nadine came out barely looking at me.
“Nadine I know the way things are happening now i never expected it to be that way.
“My stay with you have given me happiness and joy. All the time we spent together, then fun we had is something i will live to remember.
“Please Nadine no matter what happens if i regain my memory. Let’s remain friends forever. I pleaded to her”
She was silent for a while before she spoke up.
“Javier, i have accepted everything the way it is right now. Am happy you have finally met your parents. Am happy you have found your love Jasmine. 
“I am absolutely happy for everything”. 
If you wish for us to remain friends then I won’t object to it” she said.
“Thank you so much Nadine”. I said hugging her and gave her a peck.
We will see tomorrow. I told her waving her bye.
Javier walking away from me really kept me anxious so I decided to follow him so I can figure out where he is going.
Soon he took direction to the guest room. What is he going there for. I thought.
I hid at a corner to monitor what will happen next. Soon that bitch called Nadine came out and they begin talking.
What made me angry is when my own Javier hugged her and pecked her.
This is really pissing me off.
I angrily went to my room, contemplating on what to do.
Gosh! I couldn’t wait for him to regain his memories tomorrow.
The next day we all drove to the hospital for the long awaited operation.Mum, Nadine and everyone where standing by the window looking at me inside the theatre room.
The doctors wore me something on my head and instantly my head started spinning.
I started seeing various images. Several things began flashing in my head. 
“Son your dad is waiting for you so he can take you to school” I can see mum and dad face but they were blur.
Oh my God why am I seeing all head is gonna burst I tried screaming.
“Baby you know you are the only one i love and i will always remain by your side” I said kissing a lady. Oh my God it was Jasmine, she was my love, my girlfriend.
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“Mum come over there is someone in the river..i saw a girl screaming to her mum”
That must be Nadine and her mum I thought.
Various images kept flowing in my head but suddenly it all stopped.
I opened my eyes and saw everyone starring at me as if they are waiting for me to talk. I fully recognised all of them.
My memories……..
They were back!!
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