Story: His Private Desires – Episode 33 & 34

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๐Ÿ‘” His Private
Desires ๐Ÿ’‹
  {Mr Handsome And I}
  {Brought to you by the admins of authoress Chi}
 Episode 33
    ๐Ÿ’˜ Javier ๐Ÿ’˜
  Memories flashed through me!!
 All of them. Not a single one left.
 I stared from my mom….my beautiful mom as she looked at me with tears filled eyes.
“Please baby….tell me you remember me now.” She wept.
I gasped. How could I have forgotten?…that same voice that only soothed me.
“Mom…!” I called and she gasped, holding her chest.
“My Javier is back! He’s back!” Mom cried hugging me tightly and that was when my eyes landed on her.
How could I have forgotten Jasmine too? The only girl I spent my childhood days with.
 I smiled at her and stretched my hand towards her.
 She came nearer with tears streaming down her face.
 There was dad too. The caring father I would always be grateful to.
 Together they all hugged me, welcoming me back home.
 It was all too emotional and I couldn’t help but drop some tears too.
It was so good to have my family back but can everything really go back to normal?,
Can they all go back to those days with Jasmine?
   ๐Ÿ’˜ Nadine ๐Ÿ’˜
 “He’s fine now. He remembers everyone now. I’m so happy for him.” Mom said, placing her hand on my shoulder.
I tried to fight back the tears that threatened to fall out but failed.
I couldn’t control the tears. I sobbed and mom looked at me a little startled.
“Nadine…? Are you crying?” She asked softly.
“I can’t help it mom. I really wanna be happy for him…really mom…but…I just can’t help it when finally Javier forgets about us. Mom… is that gonna happen?” I asked with tears.
Mom smiled. ” I knew it. Nadine, you’ve grown fond of him. But you should not think like that.
 If you guys are meant to be friends, nothing is gonna stop that. Now stop crying and go congratulate him inside.” Mom said and I nodded.
I stood up and walked towards Javier’s hospital room.
I knocked twice before pushing the door open.
I looked in as pairs of eyes looked back at me.
 On Javier’s bed was Jasmine, holding hands with him.
That sight hurt badly and I wanted to turn and run back out but I knew it would be so dramatic.
So I just went closer. “Javier…” I stopped, hearing my voice shaking.
” And what really do you want here hm? Why can’t you get it? He doesn’t need you here! ” Jasmine spoke in her rude voice.
I didn’t even look her way. I only focused my attention on Javier’s handsome face.
My Mr handsome…..
It would be better mom and I leave already so I wouldn’t have to watch something so hurting.
“Congratulations Javier. You finally recognize your family.
” I’m gonna compensate you and your mom, child. For taking care of my son.” Javier’s dad’s voice came and I looked at him with a smile.
” We don’t need that sir. Taking care of Javier here is one of the nicest thing in done in my life. Javier, I will be leaving now. Please.. stay… Healthy.” I whispered and turned around then went out of the door.
I bursted into silent tears outside the door when Javier couldn’t say a word to me.
 Has he forgotten me already?
 I cleaned my tears and walked up to mom.
“You are gonna be fine.” Mom said hugging me.
I nodded. “Mom… It’s of no use staying here. Let’s go back home ” I said and she nodded.
“Right dear. You are right.” Mom replied and I breathed in.
Let’s meet again Javier….. Soon.
I will be thinking of you.
    *A Week Later*
   ๐Ÿ’˜ Javier ๐Ÿ’˜
  It’s been seven days since I’ve gotten back my lost memories.
 I fought so hard to remain the Javier I used to be before I met Nadine.
 To the Javier that loved only one woman…. Jasmine.
I fought so hard to forget about my little encounter with her but each day pass, I figured out I couldn’t be able to bring back everything to normal.
 That morning, I paced about in my room calling out her name in my heart.
 I can’t and won’t let her go that way.
 No… It was so impossible. Hurriedly, I went into my bathroom and freshened up before coming back into the room to dress up.
 I was putting on my shoes when the door opened and Jasmine walked in.
I looked at her as she walked in.
I loved her so much back then… Couldn’t do without her back then… Always thought she was the perfect girlfriend back then but after my encounter with Nadine, I could see it clearly that Nadine was the opposite of Jasmine.
Calm… Cool and pretty Nadine. Fierce, saucy and pretty Jasmine.
There were a lot difference from these two women.
It’s a fact I can’t deny.
“Where are you going so early in the morning, Javier? ” Jasmine asked immediately she got to me.
Nadine wouldn’t do that. She would have greeted first with a cute smile.
“I….I just need to go somewhere” I replied replied with a sigh.
“Okay. I’m going with you.”, She said and I looked at her.
“You can’t. Wait for me here. I will be back soon, okay?.” I replied and pecked her on the cheek and without waiting for her response, I quickly walked out of my room and went straight to my car.
I got in and zoomed off.
  ๐Ÿ’˜ Jasmine ๐Ÿ’˜
 What’s he up to?
 I quickly followed him out and watched him Zoom out with his car.
I got into mine and followed him, trailing him slowly from the back.
I hope it isn’t what I’m thinking cos if it it…. I’m sure really gonna kill this girl this time around.
To God.. I will.
   ๐Ÿ’˜ Nadine ๐Ÿ’˜
 I wiped off sweat from my face as I moved the basket of washed clothes into the house.
I sighed as I remembered Javier helping me out with this same basket.
It’s been a week now and I’ve not heard from him…is it really over between us?
 I was about going to pick some more clothes from the cloth line when I heard a tire screeching from a distance.
 I stopped and turned. 
 Then someone stepped out of the car, looking so handsome tall and pretty.
I gasped. My feet shook.
No one would be as handsome if not my Mr handsome… Javier.
It’s him! It’s him!! I screamed excitedly in my heart as he marched up towards me.
“Nadine” he called breathlessly and pulled me in a warm hug.    ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’
   Awn… ๐Ÿ˜
    What’s Jasmine planning??
๐Ÿ‘” His Private 
                 Desires ๐Ÿ’‹ 
 {Mr Handsome and I} 
 Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi
 Episode 34
 Oh my gee!! I can’t believe that my Mr Handsome is back… 
 As he hugged me, I felt that sensation again!! 
 But I know he must have been getting along with the rude Jasmine and his parents 
 “Hey Nadine” his angelic voice cooed cutting through my thoughts.. 
 I so much missed that voice of his.. 
 “Hi Javier, I’m so pleased to see you again” I said  not wanting to disengage from the hug.. 
 “Me too Nadine” he said and I disengaged from the hug……. 
 “Forgive my manners Javier, please come in” I said leading him inside the once happy house that was now boring without me him
 My happiness knew no bounds.. Today I felt different after seeing him.. 
 He sat on one of the chairs and he was looking extremely hot.. 
 “So what should I get for you?” I asked with a smile on my face 
 “Any drink will do” he said and I went into the kitchen. 
 I opened the refrigerator and brought out a bottle of juice from the fridge and poured some amount into the glass cup.
 I walked back to the sitting room and handed the juice to him – which he gladly collected 
 I sat on the chair facing him and played with my legs.. . … .. 
 “So Javier, how’s your family doing and – Jasmine?” I asked.. 
 “They’re doing good” he replied sipping from the juice…
“Did you miss me Javier?” I blurted out staring at him 
 “I missed you Nadine and also the good moments we had together” he said smiling….. 
 “Nadine, I want to make an offer to you” he said taking my hand into his… 
 “What’s it?” I asked not wanting to sound too desperate..
 “Actually Nadine, my dad wants to sponsor you in school so that you can be attending the same school with me” he said and my eyes widened 
 What! His dad wants to sponsor my education?! I can’t believe this nor can I accept it
 “This is huge Javier and I can’t accept this” I said and he pressed my hand a little 
 “Nadine please accept this offer because it is the least thing I can do to help you besides we’re going to attend the school and that will give us opportunity to meet everyday” he said and stared at my hand…. 
 “No buts Nadine, please  just accept it” he said…… 
  I have no choice than to accept this 
 “Okay Javier I’ll accept it” I said and he smiled… 
 How much I missed that cute face…. 
 “Thanks Nadine” he said and hugged me patting my back. …. 
 I didn’t wanna disengage from the hug but he disengaged and smiled at me..
 We chit chatted about both necessary and unnecessary things… 
 “Nadine I’ll leave now” he announced and stood up… 
 Why does he have to leave now?! 
 “Okay” I said soberly… .. 
 “Don’t worry Nadine, I’ll come to visit you frequently” he said placing a kiss on my forehead and my cheeks flushed.. 
 “Bye” I waved at him and he also waved back. … 
I watched as he walked out of the house… The few moments we had just now lit up my day….. 
 I walked out of the house and met the greatest shock of my life.. 
 Jasmine was standing right in front of the house – and crying profusely.. 
 “Damn it!!” I yelled slamming my hand on the table and making all the boys flinch 
 “How could you all fail a simple task of killing Javier?” I asked angrily sinking my hands roughly into my hair.. 
 How did he came back alive!! How?! Who helped him!”
“We’re sorry, but we really thought he was dead” one of the fools replied and I roared angrily
“You’re nothing but incompetent animals!! I want you to finish the job and nothing else. I want him dead!!”
 Hmmmm Jasmine oooooooo

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