Story: His Private Desires – Episode 35 & 36

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👔His private
Episode 35
🔥Mr Handsome and I 🔥
Brought to you by the admins of Authoress Chi🌈
                  Jasmine’s POV. 
I had been listening to all what they had conversed about. I still can’t believe even after regaining his memories my Javier would still come for her. 
What has that bi*ch done to my love?? 
And what was Javier’s dad thinking when he said he was gonna enroll her into the same school as Javier!!!
“Jasmine…” Javier tried to touch me but I shoved his hands away from me. 
Marching into the house, I landed a hot slap on Nadine or whatever the hell she called herself. She held her cheeks, tears forming in her eyes but I didn’t give a shit! 
“You worthless piece of shit!!! What do you think you’re doing?? Just who the hell do you think you’re??” I raged out, my eyes shooting daggers at hers. 
“Jasmine stop this!” Javier called out from behind me. 
I turned around to look at him.
“So you came to see her. This peasant was what made you leave me this early morning right?? Tell me Javier…Do you have feelings for her??!” I questioned sternly. 
My fingers were crossed as I asked him. Yes…I’ve caught him kissing her before but that was before he regained his memory and right now I was expecting a firm NO from him. 
But all I got was…Silence
It cant be. He can’t have feelings for her. 
“Answer me…Do you??” I asked again. 
“Jasmine this is not the time for this!”
Javier Snapped at me. Snapped?? At me??
I took a step back away from him. Don’t tell me…
I Looked between he and Nadine. Don’t tell me she has succeeded in her evil plans. This is not the Javier I knew before…
“Javier I can’t believe you!” I cried out…
Walking out of the house, I turned to look at the bitch once again who hadn’t said a word,” you’ll pay for this!” 
Then I stormed into my car and zoomed away. 
                     Nadine’s POV. 
She had caught us…again. 
For How long will we all continue like this?? I’m the third wheel here, causing problems. 
Before I had been selfish I admit, keeping Javier all to myself but now that he’s back with his family and jasmine…
I can’t keep doing this. I know it’s not right. I’m still holding onto him…wishing that there’s someway that I could be with him. That we can be together.
No matter how I look at it…Things don’t seem bright for us. 
“Nadine I…” Javier tried to say but I cut him off. 
“You don’t need to say anything. I understand” 
“You should leave before she comes back with your whole family again” I Smiled cheekily, hoping that would reduce the tension that had filled the room. 
“Right…”He drawled Out. 
“But you’re still gonna attend school right??” He asked, standing outside the door.
I nodded, swallowing the lump in my throat,” of course” 
“Goodbye Nadine” 
“Bye Javier” 
               Unknown’s POV
“What’ve you found??!” I demanded. 
Claude stepped forward,” We secretly followed him this morning down town. He went to see someone who lived close to a river…the same river we knocked him into” 
“After thorough checking, we figured out that that person took care of him after the accident” 
“Yes boss. She and her mother Infact” 
“What is her name??” 
👔His private
               Desires 💋 
[Mr Handsome and I]
Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi 
    Episode 36 
      😎Javier’s POV 😎 
I took a last glance at Nadine before stepping out and moving towards my car.
Jasmine had already left in anger.
I sighed as I opened my car door, got in and ignited the engine, then drove out of the compound.
This place isn’t in anyway compared to my biological parents mansion, but no lies.
I missed here, I missed them, I missed Nadine so much.
But, its more strange now that I think of it, I  have recollected all those memories I had with Jasmine.
She was the love of my life, I couldn’t do anything without her.
But its totally different now, sometimes I feel she is a burden whenever she is around me.
But why? I’m supposed to be madly in love with her right?
But, why don’t I feel the same way? 
Wait, I think I know why, I know the reason for it.
Its because of Nadine.
Everything is damn clear.
I love Nadine, I really love her, she’s the one I can’t stop thinking about even when Jasmine is tryna get very close to me.
This past few days that I missed Nadine like hell, its seemed as if my feelings for her are increasing.
But Jasmine is also there. 
This is so f**k*ng messed up, I need to talk to my parents about this, I concluded in my mind.
I got down from my car and was about to head straight to mom’s room but stopped when I saw Aunt, my mom’s sister in the sitting room.
“Hey Javier” she called out to me.
“Hi aunt” I replied and went to sit beside her. 
“What’s wrong? You look worried, is something bothering you?” She asked. 
“Um..Aunt, I wanna ask you a question.”
“Okay, go on” she said.
“What would you do when you’re in love with two people?”
“Like being stuck with two different people?” I asked her.
“Well, um..are you in love with two different people?” She asked back without replying.
“Well, I don’t no, I’m just asking for your opinion” I responded.
“Okay, if you think you’re in love with two different people why don’t you go for the second one? Because if your feelings were really strong you couldn’t have even fallen for the second girl.”
“That’s what I’m gonna do if I were in your shoes Javier, go for the second girl, but who are they anyways?” She answered and asked.
“Thanks aunt, you really helped, you don’t have to worry about the people I’m speaking of, I’ll get going now” I cooed and left her. 
Then I turned and headed for my room.
I got to my room to see Jasmine there.
Oh, its good I met her, I might as well explain things to her.
“Hey baby” she smiled as she approached me.
I think she was mad at me hours ago, is she okay now? 
“Hey” I replied.
She made to hug me but I shifted back.
“Jasmine, I need to explain something that is very important to you” I said starring directly into her eyes.
“What is it sweetie? spill it” she tilted her head sideways and said.
I cleared my voice for the second time and thought of the best words to use, words that won’t hurt too much then I began.
     👔Ryan’s POV 👔 
Tomorrow is finally the day, we are gonna track and kill Javier immediately.
Once he leaves the mansion, we’ll track and kill him.
I’ll make sure he dies this time around, I can’t let my money go just like that.
I wonder why he refuse dying, but tomorrow is the last day on earth for him.
Yea, he’ll breath his last tomorrow.
    Jasmine’s POV 
It sounded like a joke when I heard him say what I couldn’t comprehend fully.
“Jasmine, I know longer feel the same way for you, I’m sorry and I’m sure you must have noticed it.” 
“I no longer wanna keep hurting you like this, just like yesterday you cried because of me, so I really wanna clarify things to you right now, I love Nadine and I love her a lot to the extent I can’t live..”
“Stop!!!!! F**k*ng shut up!!” I found myself yelling.
“You love who? That wench? That gold digger?” I snapped.
“Stop it, I don’t like you insulting her please” he warned and my head became very hot.
“Do you hear yourself right now Javier? After all we’ve been through?” I groaned.
“Yes, and that’s the reason I’m apologizing, there is a better guy out there for you, its can’t work between us…”
“Shut it!!” I fired again cutting him short.
“Just shut it” I added then picked my purse from the bed and left.
I needed to be alone at that moment, I might actually die if he continues saying those stuff so its better I’m left alone, but that does not mean I’m giving up on him.
Next day. 
     💋Nadine’s POV 💋 
The voice I heard made me run out.
And there he was, Mr handsome.
“Nadine quick, I need to take you somewhere” he cooed immediately he had sighted me.
“Huh, where?” I asked.
“Just come with me” he replied.
“Okay, lemme just lock the door” I replied and left to lock the door.
I came out to see him already waiting in his car.
I got in from the other side of the car and sat beside him in the front sit as he drove out of the compound.
But, where are we going? I never expected to see him so soon.
I’m over joyed right now.
“Where are we going to Javier?” I was forced to ask but he only smiled.
Few minutes later he  arrived at that big mall in which we went to that time.
Huh, does he wanna get me clothes? I wondered as he parked in the garage of the mall.
He came down and opened the door for me from the other side.
“What are we really doing here?” I turned to him and asked.
“Isn’t it obvious enough?” He asked back and as we made to leave a man in mask came towards us in a flash and brought out a daggers.
He made to stab Javier who’s attention was elsewhere but I quickly pushed him off and the dagger met me deep in the stomach.
I gasped as I watched the masked man run off.
“Nadine?” Javier called alarmed as he saw me falling down.
He caught me immediately in his arms with wide eyes.
The pains in my stomach were getting too much.
I smiled out tears as I starred at him.
I’m happy he didn’t get stabbed instead.
“Why did you do that?” He questioned but I couldn’t reply him as my eyes became heavy and I found myself drifting into the world of darkness.
What will happen now?
Mask man who are you na?

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