Story: His Private Desires – Episode 37 & 38

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👔His private
Desires 💋 
[Mr Handsome and I]
Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi 
Episode 37
😢 Javier 😢

“Help, help, call the doctor, she needs help quickly. Help please, get out of the way and call a doctor.” I yelled running into the hospital in tears, carrying Nadine in my arms, my shirt bloody. The guy who had stab Nadine, had still tried to kill me, but luckily for me Nadine mum came to my rescue. She used a very big log of stick to hit him on his head, causing the guy to lose consciousness. I told Nadine mum to call the police and I would take Nadine to the hospital, once the police has apprehend the killer then she would come meet me in the hospital.

Well, it was a strong decisions for Nadine’s mum to leave her dying daughter in my hands but she did anyway, seeing it’s the only way. I can get Nadine to the hospital really fast with my car. Nadine’s mum can’t come along, cause I do not want that guy to run away.

So here am I screaming for help from the doctors. Some nurses eventually came to my aid with a stretcher, and i laid Nadine down on the stretcher and never left her side till we got to the operation room, where I was forced to wait outside.

Few minutes later✓✓

I paced around the waiting room more than anxious, I’ve never been this afraid in my life, not even when I was running from the guys that were trying to kill me, this feeling I’m having inside of me, this pain, this constant reminder in my head that I might lose someone so dear to me is killing me, this is pure torture. So yeah, I’m really afraid.

“Oh my goodness, son you look like a mess. I’m so sorry about what happened to Nadine. I’m really so sorry my love.” My mum utters taking me in her arms. Now, as a grown man, I know I’m not supposed to cry but had I too, so I let it all out. I let the tears fall.

“Mum, right now, I would give anything, anything so the doctor could walk through that door and tell me Nadine is fine, that’s she’s okay, mum. I don’t want to ever hear she’s dead, please she had to be alive.” I cried out hugging my mum so dearly. I really do need a hug.

“Son, I can’t promise you anything, but she will be okay. Only from the short time I knew her, I know she is a strong girl and she would fight this.” My dad said placing a hand on my shoulder affectionately.

“Where is my baby, where is Nadine.” Nadine’s mum asks rushing into the waiting room.

“She is currently undergoing surgery ma’am.” I informed her.

“Oh God, please let my child survive, please let her survive this, she has to. I can’t lose her too, no I can’t.” Nadine’s mum cries out, wiping her tears with the back of her palm.

“I’m sorry ma’am, this is all my fault. If she hadn’t tried to save me, then she won’t be in there. If she hadn’t taking that stab for me, she would be alive. I deserve to be in there and not her.” I uttered angrily. I would give my life any day, any hour, in a minute. I would give my life for Nadine to live.

“Javier, Nadine did what she did because she wanted to, because she loves you. I am sure, she wouldn’t want you blaming yourself like this, right now you should be… we should be praying she survives. Don’t blame yourself.” Nadine’s mum replies me still in tears.

“Javier told us you called the police, has the man been arrested.” My dad asked Nadine’s mum.

“Yes, he had been arrested.” Nadine’s mum answered, nodding her head.

“Okay then, I will call detective mark and ask him to go interrogate the man. Hopefully, we will know who is behind this, once and for all.” My dad said with anger in his eyes. I hope we do find out, who the heck is behind this, cause I will love to disfigure the face of that person right this minute.

😠 Detective Mark 😠

“What has he been saying.” I asked tiredly, staring at the killer who I heard attacked Javier’s friend. Though he wanted to kill Javier and not the other way around.

“I asked the police man who was in charge of the case, and they said they haven’t been able to get any information out of him. His been silent.” Chris informs me, I sent him here before to gather all the information I would need. I nod my head, still staring at the killer through the glass.

“Well, let’s go in, I’m damn tired.” I sair walking into the interrogation room, with Chris following right behind me.

“Hi, I’m detective mark and would like to list a few things out for you before I interrogate you.” I said to the man who wouldn’t even raise his head up to look at me.

“Firstly, I am tired, really stressed out and when I’m stressed out, I become an angry man. So you see all this tools, I will use them on you if you don’t provide the information that I need.” I said to the guy, placing a plier, a wire, a zapper and a lot of other instrument on the table. The guy raised his face up, he looked afraid.

First step of an interrogation, always incites fear on the criminal you are interrogating. Some of them would always look tough but trust me not all of them, look as tough as they look.

“So we are going to start like this, I just told you my name, so what’s yours.” I asks, I got no answer from him. I took a deep exaggerated breath then said, “Chris, please do me a favor and cut one of his fingers.”

“Okay boss.” Chris takes the plier immediately, then grabbed one of the guy fingers, “Rodger.” The guy yelled out.

“Rodger, well, that’s a nice name. Next question, who sent you.” I ask looking straight into his eyes.

“I don’t know.” He replies equally looking into my eyes. I tap my fingers on the table, smiling weirdly are him. Oh I love interrogation rooms.

Second step of interrogation, never expects your criminal to say the truth.

“Listen very carefully Rodger. A girl was stabbed by you, I have two witness right now, who is so ready to take you down in court. Everything points at you, even the murder weapon, has your fingerprint on it, so yeah if I torture you till you die just to get the truth out of you, no one would care or look for you. I’m just gonna dump your body, somewhere in the forest.” I paused, still smiling at him.

I placed my hands on the table, lean next to him then whispered, “The question here is, can you take that amount of pain till you die.”

“Are you threatening me, detective.” He asks clearly frightened.

“Ha, is funny you think I’m actually threatening you, we are only talking Rodger. This is not a threat.” I smiled sweetly at him.

“Fine, I will tell you what I know but you have to promise me you’ll let me go.” Oh, I’m laughing, seriously laughing at this guy.

“Rodger, Rodger, I’ve got to admit you are one funny guy. Let me break down the rules to you, I get to negotiate with you but you don’t get to do that shit.” I grinned. This is really fun, at times like this i really do end up loving my job.

Rodger gulps in fear, seeing I mean business, “His name is Ryan, his my boss.”

“Chris, I need you to check if there’s anybody named Ryan, that’s has any connection with the Greysons” I instructs, my eyes on Rodger.

“Your search would only be fruitless, Ryan doesn’t have any connection with the Greysons.” Rodger says boredly.

“Then that means there’s an upper boss, who is this person Rodger, don’t waste my fucking time.” I growled at him, already feeling agitated to know the real person behind all this mess.

“I know you said I shouldn’t negotiate with you but I’ve got to. In exchange of revealing who is behind all this, I want you to give me 20 years imprisonment, instead of a life time.” Hmm, I’ve got to say, he is smart.

“Deal. Now talk.”

“Mr Smith is your man.” Wow, this is big. So all this while the motherf!ucker was helping us, he was actually stabbing Mr Greyson in the back. Just wow.

😡 Jasmine 😏

I sneaked into Nadine’s hospital room, with only one objective in my mind, and that’s too end her life. The doctor had earlier announced that she is in a comma, everybody is sad but I’m happy, very happy.

With my hand gloves on my hand, I took off her oxygen mask. Well, Happy death day Nadine, much love. (Chuckle).

[Mr Handsome and I ]
Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi 
Chapter 38
😕Jasmine pov😕

It’s time for you to leave my javier not you would stop me from marrying Javier, I thought as I went towards her.

I searched for where the oxygen is connected so I can disable it.

Finally I found it and was about disconnecting it when I heard javier’s voice, I could tell he was approaching the room………..

Fear gripped me, my palms became sweaty.

I looked for a way to escape, but my brain was blank,
My eyes travelled to the bathroom door.

Swiftly I ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

“Nadine please stay strong for me” I heard Javier say.

I peeped through the key hole and saw him soothing Nadine’s hair, he kissed her forehead.

I almost screamed out, my anger surged.

My blood began to boil, I clenched my fist together, but not for long because,

“Mom please watch her for me I need to go to the toilet ” Javier said.

I’m Bursted! I thought

👔Javier pov👔

The doctor soon came out and we all rushed to him, including my parents.

“How is she” I and her mother said simultaneously.

“For now there’s no changes all we can do is hope for quick recovery,” the doctor explained.

“Can we see her”? I asked

“Yes but there should be no noise” He warned and left.

I and my parents together with Nadine’s mom went into Nadine’s ward.

“Nadine please stay strong for me ” I muttered as I kissed her forehead.

I suddenly felt the urge to pee.

I stood up to go into the bathroom,

“Mom please watch her for me ” I told both mothers.

I was about twisting the door knob when my mom yelled.

I stopped abruptly,

“Nadine just moved a finger”, she pointed.

I rushed back to her,
It was true she’s moving a finger.

And she stopped,

“Doctor ” my mom yelled.

The doctors came rushing in,

I was asked to go out but I refused, they were using force but I was adamant.

Finally I was allowed to stay.

💖 Nadine pov 💖

“Dad” I called after seeing him after a long time,
I was so happy to see him,

“Dad I miss you” I said coming close to him.

“Don’t come closer, you don’t belong here your mother and your love needs you, you must return to them, my regards to my wife” He said and disappeared.
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I suddenly felt a hand on mine,

I felt like my body is alive,

Slowly but steady, I opened an eye.

My head throbbed badly,
But I managed to open my eyes fully, there i found Javier holding my hands in his, a smile crept to my face as I ruffled his hair playfully.

He was fast asleep and so was my mother.

Then it occurred to me,

I just escaped DEATH.


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