Story: His Private Desires – Episode 39 & 40

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👔 His Private 
Desires 💋 
{Mr Handsome and I} 
Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi 
Episode 39
💋Javier’s Pov💋 

I felt someone ruffle my hair and I stirred. I looked up to see Nadine?

She was wearing a light smile and my eyes glittered.
“Nadine, you’re awake?” I called not able to control my happy feelings..

Right now, nothing can measure the happiness in me. It’s as if I’ve gotten everything I ever wanted in life.

“Am here for you Javier, I won’t ever leave you” she said and touched my cheeks.
“You came back for me Nadine” I mumbled in tears as I pulled her into a hug and tears rolled down my cheeks..

They were probably tears of joy. I can’t believe the woman my heart beats for is back!
“I love you Nadine” I said between muffled sounds as I stroke her hair.

“I love you too Javier” she said and sank her hands into my hair.

“Nadine you’re awake?” Someone say and I turned to see her mum.
She stood up and walked towards us with tears running down her cheeks.

“Baby” she said and kissed her forehead.
“Mum” Nadine called and hugged her allowing her tears to flow freely.

We all hugged each other and the door opened revealing the doctor and a nurse followed by mum.
“Javier is she awake?” She asked and turned to Nadine who was now smiling.

“Oh goodness you’re awake” she said and ran to her side kissing her hair.

“She needs enough rest now, so please kindly stay outside till she’s awake because for now, she needs to be placed on observation” the doctor said after giving Nadine an injection and she slept off.

“Okay doctor” I said and shook hands with him before we left the operation room.

I really need to get her a gift. Something special! Something that will make her smile and be happy.
Is it flowers! Cards or what? I just can’t think..

I need to ask mum cause she knows more about romantic stuffs.

I sat on the chair and began to write something a romance cover card.
After doing that, I drew a funny picture of the two of us splashing foamy substance on each other.

I hope she loves this! It’s mum’s idea so she’ll definitely love it.
I got inside her ward and closed the door gently before slipping the card beside her.

I kissed her forehead and walked out.

💋Nadine’s Pov💋

I forced my eyes open and stirred.
Oh! It was a dream.

I dreamt that Javier and I got married and had kids.
I looked beside me and found a card lying there.

I picked it up and opened it. I read the message which was a ‘welcome back’ message from Javier.

At the end, he drew a funny picture of us and I couldn’t help but laugh.
He’s so sweet.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more from God.

😬Jasmine’s Pov😬

My head is banging right now. I can’t believe that Javier doesn’t love me now but rather loves that poor thing.

I looked through the key hole and saw that the idiot was awake.
I wonder what Javier gave her that’s making her laugh..

She dare take what’s mine? I will never give up on Javier cause he’s mine…

The fool – Nadine can never stop me. I just hate her more than leprosy.
I just wish she died the moment she was stabbed.

😧Unknown Pov😧

Goodness! Ryan just can’t do a perfect job.
He stabbed the wrong person.

I kicked the chair in anger and ruffled my hands in my hair.

The fool – couldn’t just do a perfect job without any mistake.

I just hope he doesn’t talk about me to the police..
I trusted the motherf*cker. He has ruined all my plans.

I’ll have to go faraway. But I won’t rest till I see Javier dead.
I’ll have to keep a watchful eye on the girl he stabbed..

I’ll use the girl as a bait to get back at Javier.
He isn’t gonna live for long and I’ll make sure of that.

I heard a knock on the door and felt my heart skip..

Could it be that the police have found out about me? 👲


Ghen ghen!
👔 His Private 
                 Desires 💋 
 {Mr Handsome and I} 
 Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi
 Episode 40
It hard to believe that am back and I also escaped death. 
A smile crept on my face as Javier made a sound beside me, I escaped death and I finally get to be with my Mr handsome.
It been couple of hours since I woke up now and my mom went home to prepare some dish, I was left here with Javier who was now sleeping.
I heard he stayed with me all through, I wonder if he had a good sleep those time I was unconscious.
My Mr handsome, I placed my hand on his head, ruffling his hair. 
He looks so peaceful and more handsome as he sleep.
“You won’t allow me to get some rest, will you?” he groaned while I quickly remove my hand.
“Am sorry” I apologise feeling guilty while he raise his head looking at me. 
“Here” he said and pick my hand up to his hair, doing what I was doing previously. 
“You can touch it as much as you want, it is yours anyway” he coed looking deep into my eyes.
“I missed you so much, if anything had happened to you then…. I…..”
“You will get to be with Jasmine” I stated jealous.
“You heard me right”
“Haha” he laughed letting go of my hand.
 “You look cute when you are jealous” he stated while I blushed but still with that jealous face.
“If anything had happened to you, then I might as well follow you”
“You are lyi….”  
“Shush” he put his finger on my lips instructing me to stop talking 
“Am serious, you are the only woman in my heart. Jasmine was my past and I feel nothing for her now but you, you are my present and you are going to be my future”
“You know what I regret most when you were lying on this bed, was me not be able to tell you how much I love you, how much you mean to me” he said while I smiled enjoying every bit of his words.
“When you were on this bed, I realized how important you were in my life and my only desire is to have you Nadine right by my side everyday. It hurts when I see you on this bed, your eyes shut, you unable to move your mouth or your body”
“It really hurts, I regret not telling you how I want to kiss your lips everytime, see you naked on my bed everytime, make love to you, cuddle you then I regret not asking you this….” He stopped with tears streaming down from his face, before I know it I was also crying.
Not because my body hurts, but because of his words, I could feel pain, love, regrets through his words.
My heart breaks because i hurt him, and also happy because without getting hurt then I won’t have heard this from him.
“What do you want to say?” I asked.
“Nadine, will you please be my girlfriend?” He asked holding my hand while I looked at him astonished. 
I wasn’t expecting that but my answer is just as clear as snow.
“Do you need to ask? Am already yours” I answer sniffing while he hugged me.
“You won’t regret it” he said. “I know, I won’t” I said and we both kissed.
We break the kiss when we heard a sound coming from the toilet.
               Jasmine pov😇
I felt pain in my heart as I heard all the words Javier told Nadine.
Me? His past, how could he? After everything we have been through, those night together, those kiss, those sweet love making.
How could he say such?
The anger makes me feel more weak,  well if you stay in a tiny room for couple of hours and hearing your boyfriend saying that to another girl, then there is no way you won’t feel weak.
I feel like am dying soon, especially with Javier words. Do I really not mean anything to him? Am i really his past like he claimed.
“Sh*t” I screamed then cover my mouth. I totally forgot Javier and Nadine were here
I don’t even care, I don’t care again. Am dying in here, my heart hurts and my body feels like it is drowning.
“The cause of it is that stupid Nadine, I hate her more. I wish she could just die, I wish I was her then Javier will love me” I cried and the door to the toilet opened
“Jasmine” Javier called surprise and confused.
Finally, am finally bursted.
What is going to happen next? Javier has caught Jasmine.
Two more episodes to go.

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