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👔 His Private 
Desires 💋 
{Mr Handsome and I} 
Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi
Episode 41
😜 Javier’s POV 👀
“Jasmine! What are you doing here? Why are you in the restroom and how did you get in here?” I threw the questions at her, pondering on how she got into the room without anyone noticing. 
She stood, staring at me, blinking rapidly before a demonic smile covered her face. “Am I really your past? Don’t you love me anymore? Huh?” She asked, walking out of the restroom as Nadine gasped.
I bet she didn’t notice the presence of someone.”Jasmine that’s not an answer. I believe I asked you a question.” I asked and she scoffed.
“Let’s just say…I came to pay your little sweetheart a visit,I believe that’s a justifiable reply.” She stated, raising her brows as I shook my head at her.
“Why don’t I believe you? Why am I giddy about your reply,huh?” I asked as Nadine finally spoke up.
“Why are you here? Who knows you might have a hand in what happened to me.” Nadine said as the door creaked open.
“What happened? What is she doing here?” Nadine’s mom asked as we all turned to look at her.
“That’s the same question we’re asking but she didn’t give a reasonable explanation.” I replied as she gave Jasmine a dubious glance.
“Get out. Get out of here.” She screamed as Jasmine chuckled. “You and your daughter are nothing but scumbags, gold digging wh*res and_” Nadine’s palm connected with her face and the next moment,she was being pulled out by Nadine’s mom as her screams filled the air.
🚶 Unknown POV ♥️
I really need to hide quick. That’s what I have to do. I moved away from the door, rushing up the stairs and cussing under my breath. 
I just hope Rodger hasn’t exposed me. The loud thud on the door rocked my body and the next thing I knew,the door flung open and….
“Oh my goodness.” I breathed out, peeping from my hide out as the fvcking men walked round the house.
Rodger was not with them so I assumed he was in the station. The motherfvcker exposed my whereabouts and am gonna have his head for that. I swear on my fvcking life.
“Come out where ever you are. We know you’re in here am in no mood for games.” The stupid officer said, smirking evilly as the second one searched and turned my house upside down.
“I think we’d have to bring in Bruce, don’t you think?” The other officer asked and they both chuckled. I wonder who Bruce is.
He made a small call and a dog was let in,it’s tongue rolling out of the mouth. It’s fangs hanged open. 
Fear cripped into my body as they ascended the stairs.
My thoughts ran everywhere,my mind had several thoughts running through it.
I can’t let them get to me, not now not ever!
“Don’t make us play this game. You won’t like it.” I heard the voice of one officer as I looked at the stairs rails.
As soon as they disappeared around the corner,I jumped down the stairs, heading for the door but a gun shot rippled through the air as the bullet pierced through my arm.
I screamed in agonizing pain as the barking of the dog grew closer. “Please, please don’t let him come close.” I screamed and they laughed.
“Knock him out, don’t kill him……let him spend the rest of his life in the prison or possibly die by hanging.” The officer said as I groaned and cried.
The pain in my arms only intensified as I screamed before the idiot officer injected me.
♥️ Nadine 😘
“I still can’t believe you’re mine now.” I whispered, kissing Javier as he chuckled.
“Yeah we’re stuck together now. I love you so much.” He whispered as I smiled.
The buzz from his phone drew us apart as I raised my brows. “Yeah I’ll be right there.” He said into the phone as I frowned.
I didn’t want our moment together to end but I guess it has ended. “The police has gotten the culprit,rest sweetheart I’ll see you soon.” He kissed my cheeks and walked out of the room as a sigh escaped my lips.
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👔His Private 
            Desires 💋
       {Mr Handsome and I}
Brought to you by the Admins of Authoress chi
          Episode 42
           Detective’s Pov 
“Arrggg ” The criminal screamed out as the hot iron pierced his skin . 
“Will you tell us the culprit now ? ” I asked him but he remained quiet again . 
A stubborn criminal!! 
“Will you confess or i should blow your leg with a bullet ? ” i threatened and i saw him smirking hard . 
Like??? Did he think am joking right now ? 
I was already frustrated that i fired a bullet into his left leg . 
“Noooooo! I’ll confess! ” He screamed out in pain . 
Good ! 
“Now tell me ,who is the culprit ? ” I asked him again . 
“It’s Mr Hudson! He was the one that sent me to kidnapped Javier !” he screamed out as he held his wounded leg . 
What the hell ! 
Mr Hudson ? Javier father’s friend ? 
Oh no ! This isn’t good ! . 
“Do you know why he asked you to kidnapped Javier him ? ” i asked him hoping for an Answer. 
But no ! 
“did you think am joking ? ” i grinned as i pointed the gun to his forehead .
“I’m saying the truth, i really don’t know the reason ! ” He shouted out loud . 
Oh gosh ! 
i’ll need to call mr javier and warrant an arrest for mr Hudson . 
         Javier’s Pov 
I watched in total disbelief as Jasmine’s father confessed
His evil intention to the detective . 
His reasons was useless! 
“I never planned to kidnapped his son but he got on my nerves by getting the second contract away from me ; it cost millions .” He further said and i got more pissed off . 
So he wanna get me killed because of money ? 
This is sh*t! 
“Don’t free that animal ! ” my dad growled to the mic 
“I’m so sorry , i never meant his death like that ! Please forgive me ” he pleaded but it went on deaf ears . 
“You’re a bad man ! ” The detective spat on him before leaving the interrogation room 
Immediately he left  , the police went into the interrogation room to bundle him out  
“Thank you so much detective ! i really appreciate your hard work ” My dad complemented the detective when he entered . 
“I’m only doing my Job sir ” He replied him 
“Thank you once again… But what will be their case ? “i asked him. 
“Their case will be judge tomorrow and am telling you that no matter how powerful and skillful will never win their case ! ” He assured us and a smile curved my lips.
Dad and i exchanged hands with him before  we both left the Police station . 
That was an unbelievable case ! Who will think that Mr Hudson was the masterpiece behind my kidnap . 
He acted so good to be suspect ! . 
“Dad, let’s go home ” i said to my worried dad who looked dejected !..
“Dad,you just don’t have to worry about his case, you see someone better than him ” i assured him and a breathed out a sigh. 
Good ! 
He also got in the car… Since i’ve knew the culprit, let me go back to Nadine ,she needs me now !. 
   #Three_days_letter . 
“Are you sure about the idea ” Nadine asked me. 
“Yes, if it isn’t . I won’t tell you about it so calm down ” i said to her . 
“Ok, i was scared about it before . ” she added and i chuckled . 
I smiled and bore my eyes deeper into hers … Everything about her was cool that moment. 
“You’ll be discharge tomorrow ” i announced to her and i could see the smiles on her face . 
“I can’t wait to be free with you Javier. I missed you ” She smiled and tried to kissed me when the door flung opened interrupting us . 
We turned back and i was surprised to see Jasmine in front of the door   
“I think i interrupted …….” 
“What’re you doing here ? ” Nadine attacked her with words . 
“I know i deserved more ! I came here peaceful . I came here to apologized for all i’ve done to caused you harms especially Nadine…
“I’m really sorry and to Javier, i’m sorry for my father’s embarrassing actions .i know it won’t be easy to see your forgiveness but i wanna say out my mind before travelling…” 
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“Huh? You are travelling ? ” 
“Yeah,the embarrassing is too much so i’m  going to Australia for a better beginning… Nadine , please take care of Javier. Bye ” She rounded up and she left us speechless
“Well, i didn’t see that coming ” Nadine muttered and i smiled . 
“Well that was the  right thing …… ok Nadine,if you didn’t see that coming, i bet you wll never imagine this … ” 
“Imagine what !”
“Nadine …” i called and i went down on my knees and brought out a ring . 
“Will you marry me ? ” i asked her the unbelieved . 
Instantly, she stood up from the bed and raised me up by herself . 
“Yes!! I will! I do !” she screamed excitedly and i put the adorable ring on her finger . 
“I love you Nadine ! ” i whispered and i hugged her . 
“I love you to !”.
People might say The end but our love story was just beginning. 
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