Story: His Private Desires – Episode 7 & 8

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👔His Private   
(Mr Handsome and I)
Episode 7😘
(Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi)
                  2️⃣ Days later 😌
Jasmine’s POV 😢
   I was pacing up and down with my phone in my hands.
   “Come on pick up, baby pick up please.” I said sitting on my bed.” Baby pick up before it’s too late. “I said trying my boyfriend number the 5th time.
   I was about giving up when the phone vibrate which means he has picked my call.
   “Javier,” I called cleaning the sweat forming on my forehead.
   “Hey,how many I help?” A guy or should I say guy asked which came out like he was eating something from the other side.
   “Who are you and why are you with my boyfriend’s phone. “I asked scared.
   ” Sorry, it’s a wrong number. “He said and hung up. 
   I started calling him back but it kept ringing like before without picking again.
    “Hello,I said to the phone when he picked up after the tenth trial.
     “Didn’t I tell you it’s a wrong number woman!!” He man called in a hard voice.” Am sorry sir. Please if it’s money,am ready to give you. Even house,just name your price. All I need is the owner of this phone.”I said pleading.
   ” Seriously, thank you very much. God will bless you so much.” I said smiling.
” Don’t worry, I won’t bring the cops. Just send me your account details and location. “I said
    ” Okay, no problem. I will wait. “I said before hanging up.
    ” At last,am seeing my Javier.” I said quickly changing my dress…
    I walked downstairs taking my car key and I turned around only to see Dad.
    “Where are you going today sweetheart?” Dad asked.
   Should I tell him where am I going to?no,he might freak out and call the cops.i thought.
    “To see a friend.” I said walking away quickly before he ask more questions…
        💝 Nadine’s POV 💝
He loves it?
   So, what dose that supposed to mean? I thought with a slight smile.
   “Why don’t we get a room then? He asked and my eyes widened the more
    ” What?? “I asked with shock written all over my face. I didn’t even hear the rumble of the rain until its started raining.
   All the people that have gathered around us started running away into the nearest canopy for coverage.
   The ran became heavy that I and Javier started walking faster which later turned to running.
   Suddenly, I missed my step and tripped over a stone hitting my butt with my lag bone shifted as a result of tripping.
    “Ouch!” I whine trying to stand up again, but ended up falling again.
   I look up to ask Javier to hold my hand while I stand only to see him already squatting with his back turned to me.
   “What?” I asked unsure.
   “Climb on.” He said guesturing to his back. I couldn’t help but stare in awe.
    The way the rain fall unto his hair making it fall unto his face, making his full lips much visible.
    I felt like running my hands through it and feeling his lips. The way his lips move up and down, I felt like having my cold lips on them.
    All thanks to the rain, his packs and his firm chest are visible. My fingers itches to touch them.
   I was still checking him out until he nuged my shoulder. “Hun?” I asked embarrassed at my behavior.
   “Do you want to end up been Cold?” Javier questioned.
   “No, “i replied looking down at my fingers.
   “Then climb on, will you?” He asked and I quickly climbed on, holding unto him like my life depend on him.
   The ride home was silent except that of the rain falling and the thunder striking. With our clothes soaked. 
It was a memorable day.
   “Nidine! Am off to work!!” My mom shouted closing the front door.” Okay Mom, see you!” I shouted back.
   Javier is asleep, so I plugged in my ear phones into my small almost button less Nokia phone. Tunning on my favorite FM station that plays music.
   Humming and shaking my head while making breakfast, I switched off the cooking stove. Dropping the pot full of rice ball that I have made.
   I washed all the dishes I used in making the rice ball, stew and boiled fish. Rising and cleaning it, I place all back to their places.
   I put the quality I can finish and the quantity he can finish into our plate, while keeping mom’s own cause she will be back after her morning shift to eat.
   Turning to take cup for I and Javier, I colied with him, hitting my head on his chest.
    Looking up to him inorder to say sorry cause he is some feet taller than me, our lips met… 
👔His private 


( Mr handsome and I )

Episode 8
   (Brought to you by the admins of authoress chi)************************
Her lips met with mine but she quickly pulled away.
“ was a mistake. I’m so sorry” she fidgeted nd tried turning away when she tripped again but I was quick to catch her 
Why’s she being clumsy?
I balanced her on her feet 
“You should be careful with your step” I adviced before walking out of the kitchen
The door to the living room creaked open as her mom walked in
“Son!” Her mom smiled at me 
“How did today go ma’am” I asked politely returning the smile 
“Perfect dear…and I have good news!” She beamed like a child searching through her bag
While she was at it, I glanced at nadine and our gaze met but she quickly looked away fondling with her fingers.
“Hah! Here it is” her mom exclaimed bringing some cash.
“Woah! Where did you get this mom?” Nadine said pulling a surprised look as she snatched the money from her mom flipping the clean notes even though they were small.
“Well, I ran into luck with Mrs Beth and she gave them to me. ” she explained happily 
“Oh thank saviours!..we can now eat something better! Finally, a good dinner!” Nadine exclaimed still fondling with the cash
I watched them in bemusement and shake my head…
But the money seemed so small. How am I sure I’m not being a burden to them?
               Marcus’s POV
         ( The Grayson’s mansion )
“Make sure you print a lot and post them everywhere in town” I said to him and he nodded affirmatively nd left 
I sigh nd rubbed my face 
“Any news about him?” Matilda asked looking perplexed 
“No dear but I’ve done as you requested.. I’ve informed them nd there are working on it okay” I comforted her tapping her gently on the back
Her face grew teary as she began to weep once more
“oh my son! What if something terrible has happened to him?” She wailed nd dashed into her room while I shook my head in frustration. 
        Nadine’s pov
We sat as we ate quietly from the rice balls I made.
I felt happy nd nervous at the same time.
On several occasions,Javier exchanged glances at me and it made me really nervous. 
I gulped the food down my throat as I felt like choking.
I felt his gaze boring deep into my soul. I cringe at the way he looked at me.
After a while, I stood up and head for the kitchen.
Geez what was that??
Covering the plate I washed my hand nd turn to leave when I saw mom walking in. 
She hasn’t finished her food yet as she kept it on the counter.
“Dont you like it?” I asked her
She sighs crossing her hands beneath her breast
“Dont be silly girl. I love it!” She smiled nd I blushed 
“Thanks” I mouth 
“Nadine” she called and I figured she had something to say. 
“What do we do about this stranger? How do we cope with feeding?” She asked and I sighed and placed my hand on my waist.
“Don’t worry about it, mum. I’m sure we’ll survive somehow”.I replied hopefully.
“Bur….for how long would he be here? How are we sure we’re not endangering our lives by keeping him here?” She asked painfully.
“Well…I actually think we’re the ones doing him a favor here. We saved him and are protecting him. So, I don’t see how its a danger” I replied and she took in a deep breath.
“Anyway, hurry up so you can wash some of the clothes i brought home for laundry” she added and walked out.
        Jasmine’s POV 
I walked into this smelly ally as it stench of alcohol and whatever.
It was a bit dark due to the tall buildings that prevented the sun rays from glowing through them.
Gosh! I need to get the fuck outta here asap
“You came” I jerked when I heard a cold voice from behind me 
A dirty looking boy stood in front of me. 
“Y…Yes..I brought the money now can I get the phone?”” I said feeling really scared 
He chuckled taking a step towards me until he finally got to where I was
He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out the phone. 
Oh, my! It really was Javier’s phone! My javier!!
How did someone like him get hold of it?
Cold chills ran down my spine as different thoughts occupied my mind.
“How…How did you get the phone?” I forced myself to ask, gulping down the acrid odour. 
“Well…I found it close to the trash. Looked really expensive. So, I guess the money you came with must be huge as well” he replied and I dipped my hand into my bag and brought out the cash. 
“I promise to give you more If you can just give me something useful. Where can I find the owner of the phone?” I asked pathetically, but he snatched the money from my hand and threw the phone at me. 
“I have no idea. Whoever owns it is probably dead” he stated gruffly and walked away, leaving me in tears.
What do you think would happen next???

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