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👔His private 
( Mr handsome and I )
Episode 9
   (Brought to you by the admins of authoress chi)************************
               💄 Jasmine 💄
“You’re back already honey.” My dad asks as I walked into the sitting room. I didn’t know when the tears starts pouring out or when I fell down to the floor crying bitterly.
“Honey what’s the problem, why are you crying.” My dad asks concerned standing up from the couch where he was sitting down then walked over to where I was crying helplessly on the floor. Javier is dead, how can this happened. Who would do this?.
“Dad I called Javier’s phone an unknown man picked up. So we kind of talked he asked me to meet him at some place, I went to meet him at location he sent to me, he gave ne Javier’s phone and also said Javier is dead. Dad he said Javier is dead, dad is not possible right.” 
“Honey of course Javier is not dead, he is alive okay. Where is the phone.” I brought out the phone and hand it over to my dad.
“I will give this to the police and I will also inform the Grayson’s hopefully this might be of help but honey you shouldn’t go out alone like this meeting an unknown man he could be dangerous.” 
“I know dad I just needed to do something, I can’t just sit back idly not knowing where Javier is.” My dad smiled at me placing a kiss on my forehead.
“I understand love, just make sure you inform me. I’ll go make that call now and you should go have a bath, you reek.” 
“Dad are you saying I’m smelling.” I pout.
“Yeah, what you gonna do about it.” My dad sticks out his tongue, for a business man he can be so playful.
“Whatever. Dad I have a request to make.” 
“What is it you want daughter.” 
“I would love if you don’t tell mum about this.”
“I’ll try my best. Now go have that bath, we talked about.” I frowned at my dad before climbing the stairs. My dad always know how to cheer me up.
         🏢 Grayson’s Mansion 🏢
                      Marcus’s POV
“That is a lie my son is not dead, he is alive. Don’t you ever say my son is dead, he is out there breathing and I can feel it. I gave birth to him, so don’t you dare tell me he is dead.” Matilda yells at the unfortunate detective mark who’s just doing his job. I wrapped my hands around her waist trying to calm her down.
“I.. I never said he was dead ma’am, I’m only saying with this new found evidence it’s possible your son is no more alive.” Detective Mark says trying to clarify his earlier statement.
“There’s nothing possible detective. My son is out there and he’s alive, I need you to find him that is why you are here, that is your job and I expect you to do it diligently.” 
“Maltida why don’t you go upstairs and I’ve a rest, okay. I’ll talk to the detective.” I whispered to her hearing, rubbing her back softly.
“You better do that, I want my son back home.” She glares at detective mark before walking away.
“I’m so sorry about that detective, you know women how they behave. Tell me detective how do we go about the situation now.” 
“First I will need to question the unknown man who had this phone, then we can see search the area where the phone was found.” Detective mark explains I nod my head in understanding.
“Okay, thank you so much for the help, please do keep me updated.” I stretched forth my hand for a handshake, detective mark claims it, “I’ll do sir.”
               🌻 Javier 🌻
I lay on the old couch feeling so bored, there’s nothing here to do. I’ve been in doors all day, Nadine is at the backyard washing the clothes her mum asked her to wash. I had kept her company for a little why but I realize by talking to her I was slowing down her washing so I came inside.
My hands grazed the golden chain on my neck in thought. who am I?, where am I from? is possible someone is after my life? Are my real parents searching for me? Do they miss me? 
“Are you okay.” Nadine concerned voice breaks me out of my thinking.
“Yeah, I’m fine I’m just a little bit bored.” I explained sitting down on the couch.
“I see. Well I know a fun thing could do.” She says her eyes sparkles as she talks, I could get lost at staring at it, all day.
“Okay…, what is it.” 
“Let’s go for a swim.” She announce happily, but is it safe for me to go swimming what if I drown?
“Why not.” I replied her shaking of the feeling of fear, off me.
               ☺️ Nadine ☺️
“And…. We are here.” I announce happily, I just love swimming. I love the feel of the water on me, I love the coolness. I just love everything about swimming.
I hurriedly took off my clothes forgetting that a certain someone is right behind me. I love to swim stark naked.
“Uhm, don’t you think you should leave your undies on.” Javier awkwards voice comes from behind me.
“Oh, yeah… sure. I totally forgot you were right there, standing.” I replied awkwardly. This is so awkward.
His eyes takes in my body and I unconsciously covered my boobs with my hands, even though is securely under my bra. Swimming is a bad idea.
“I’m sorry, I … I shouldn’t have looked you just look so beautiful.” He utters. I blush.
“Thanks, and it’s okay. I don’t mean it’s okay that you should stare at me, I am just saying it’s okay, that. I think I’ll get in the water now.” I quickly got in the water, stopping  myself from spurting out more gibberish. This is a bad idea.
Javier stares at the water for a while, before taking off his shirt and his trousers leaving himself in only his boxers. I lick my lips unconsciously, staring at his hard chest. My hands itched to touch it.
I got into the water nervously, hoping I don’t get drown in the water. I got myself to relax in the water then start to swim in the water. I guess I do know how to swim.
I was enjoying the cool feeling of the water around me, when Nadine splashed water on me. “Did you just splashed water on me.” I ask staring straight at her.
“You mean did I do this?.” She smirks at me then splashed more water on me.
“If you do that one more time, I will…” She did it, she splashed water on me. Again!.
“I can see you’re so stubborn, now you’re going to pay for that.” I swam closer to her then wrapped one of my hand around her, then spanked her twice on a$$ with my other hand. I can swear that wasn’t my original plan.
“Javier.” She moaned out softly.
👔His Private 
(Mr Handsome and I)

Episode 10
(Brought To You By The Admins Of Authoress Chi)
   😨 Javier 😨
It wasn’t my original plan to spank her but I did anyway and I guess she love it through her moans.
I love the way she called my name softly and I know she enjoyed every bit of it.
I looked at her soft lips which looks so juicy and I felt like kissing it.
     😊 Nadine 💖
Did I really moan out?
Did he hear me do that
I blushed again but I actually love the feeling of his hand on my ass, such a great feeling that kept growing inside me.
I continued splashing water and I could see his eyes on my lips.
Does he love my lips or maybe he’s thinking of kissing me, I blush at my silly thought.
“Hey what are you staring at”I called out to him when I saw he could continue staring at my lips all day.
“What, am not staring at anything”Javier said and continued splashing water as he saw a little bit far from me.
“Really but you don’t have to lie”I said to him as I swam closer to where he was.
“I didn’t lie miss” Javier said.
he actually called me miss, that’s so funny of him.
“Do you think my lips is juicy” I said coming closer to him, I could feel his breathing cause I was closer to him.
“What, your lips look witchy”Javier said and I felt so upset and I splashed water on him.
We kept on fighting by splashing water till we got tired and we came out if the water and I just couldn’t stop myself from staring at his smooth body.
I guess its now my turn to stare at him.
I just felt like touching it.
I was still staring when I heard my name.
I turned to see who it was. 
That’s Clara my close friend from childhood.
“Nadine, Nadine, where are you”Clara shouted as she came closer to the river.
I looked at Javier who quickly put on his cloth and I did the same.
I won’t want her to meet us in such position before she starts asking me those her silly questions.
“I’m here Clara” I shouted back.
Javier turned to look at me with a look that says “who’s that”.
I smiled at him to assure him that he’s safe.
I could hear Clara footsteps as she came closer and she saw us.
“I’ve been…….” Clara was saying but stopped as she looked at Javier.
I noticed the look on her face.
Her lips dropped open in surprise as she stared at him.
“Hello?” I waved my hand at her, trying to snap her out of her imaginations.
She blinked rapidly and got a grip of herself. 
Is Javier really that handsome?? I guess I wasn’t wrong after all.
“I’ve been…I’ve been looking for you” she continued.
“What’re you doing here? And…you didn’t tell me you now have a male friend” she said with a silly smile. 
“Oh! He just came in recently. He’s…” I paused and looked at Javier.
“Never mind. Come on, let’s go in” I waved it off and started walking.
“Hi – there” she said to Javier. 
“I’m Clara and the only friend of this crazy lady. Nice to meet you” she brought out her hand for a handshake and I scoffed. 
“I’m Javier” he replied and took the handshake reluctantly.
“Can we go in now? I think I’m catching cold” I cut in and we proceeded into the house together.
   😮  😮 Clara  😮😮
Oh my gosh!
He’s so handsome, such an attractive guy.
But who is he and what is he doing here with Nadine cause I can’t remember seeing him with her.
Am Clara Mandela and Nadine’s close friend. we live in the same neigbourhood and we tell each other secrets.
Why hasn’t she told me about this handsome guy that looks like a fallen angel from the sky?
Am also poor like Nadine with a drunkard as a father which really disgust me.
But who could this handsome guy be?
Gosh! I think have fallen head over heels with him already. 
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