Story: Lucifer’s Chef – Episode 18

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(Heir of hell)
(Queen of hell)
                   Calla POV:
After the maids bath me, I wrap a robe around my body and walk out of the room.
I feel so weak jeez.
I walk inside my closet and found my nighties, I wore it and return back to my room. My babies were already inside their crib sleeping.
I just couldn’t believe it, I am a mother now.
You just have to believe it sweetheart.
I smiled as my gaze shift from Dane to Darlene. They both are very pretty, I guess it runs in their genes.
“You can go now, I’ll just sleep.” I told Alana, she nodded and walk out of my chamber. I haven’t seen Lucifer since i gave birth and to be honest. I don’t care.
I just want to take a nap before Dane and Darlene wakes up.
I lay back on my bed and closed my,pulling the fluffy pillow against my chest. It is cold and I want to feel warm.
I wish he is here to keep me warm.
I felt the bed dip and a presence beside me. I knew it is him.
“You came back.” I said and smile. He placed his nose at the crook of my neck and hummed.
I held onto him, not wanting to let him go.
My mind trail back to what I saw before I went into labor. He was drinking from another woman.
Who is that woman? 
Who is she?
I sigh and snuggle closer to him.
“I am sorry.” He said and my eyes widened.
What is Lucifer sorry about?
“You walked in on me earlier today, I guess you deserve an explanation.” He said and I turned around to face him.
I cupped his chin with my hand and stare lovingly at him.
“Why can’t you just drink from me? Do you prefer her instead?” I asked trying to be strong but I can feel my throat tightened, and my voice slowly breaking.
He watch me intently as I struggle with my tears, my breath caught up in my throat. So many emotions floating in my eyes.
“You were pregnant Calla, I couldn’t drink from you because I don’t want to put you at risk.” He explained, I state into his eyes for a moment trying to process his words.
Yes I was pregnant, but what about before getting pregnant?
“What about before I got pregnant? You didn’t drink from me, baby I know that I’ll freak out but I will eventually understand you. You didn’t say a word to me.” I said and chuckled bitterly. “So after giving birth then what? The person you drank from will be your queen while I only will be known as your concubine Lucifer, your f**king concubine!” 
I let out all my emotions. I was hurt. Betrayed.
I love him with everything in me, I love him so much. I love the father of my kids so much but sometimes I don’t know what he is thinking.
“Calla Lucifer Xavier Carter! Listen to me.” He said darkly. The power from his words forced me to total submission and listen to him.
“I love you Calla, hell I love everything about you,” he said and chuckled while caressing my cheek. “Your eyes, your sexy lip, your figure, the way your p**sy pulsate whenever you hear my voice, your shape. I f**king love everything about you baby girl and no one else deserve to be my queen but you.” 
I was flattered and felt loved. Lucifer isn’t someone who fancy romantic stuffs but he just said the most romantic word I ever heard to me tonight.
“When will you drink from me?” I asked, hopefully now.
“At your crowning ceremony, tomorrow.” He replied and kissed my forehead.
“I am forever yours Calla, forever.” I love the sound of that word ‘forever’.
“Now sleep.” He commands, as if he just hypnotize me I fell asleep instantly.
I started hearing muffled sounds inside my chamber as I tried to wake up. 
I opened my eyes allowing myself to get used to the light and spot Alana and Karla carrying the twins.
“Oh my goodness, you guys should have woke me up and I’ll put them back to sleep with magic.” I said as the turned to face me. I was feeling extra energetic this morning. Don’t know if its because of Lucifer’s word from last night or I’m just escalated to be the queen of hell.
I motioned to Alana to hand over Dane to me. I held my child in my hand and smiles.
“Alana get a clean towel and soak it with water them squeeze the water out after before bringing it to me.” I told her and she dashed off to my bathroom in search for a towel.
“I haven’t seen Lucienne for three days now, where is she?” I asked concerned. She walk towards Darlene crib and placed her inside.
“She will be getting you ready for the coronation tonight, don’t worry I just miss Aveline.” Karla said and sigh.
I missed her too.
Alana came back with the towel and I clean my breasts and nipples with it before feeding Dane.
Tonight is the coronation day.
The next chapter is the motherf**king finale😋
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