Story: Lucifer’s Chef – Episode 3

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(His wild desires)


(Do or die)

    🌮Episode three🌮

       💄Calla’s POV💄

I was speechless after reading what’s in the iPod.

How can this man expect me to kill a human being, I can’t f**king do it.

I closed my eyes and tried to think of a way out of this mess without getting hurt.

I remembered what papa used to tell me. *take a deep breath and think* .

I took a deep breath and think of a way out, what should I do?

Should I just faint or tell him that I’m too clumsy for the job?

“I don’t have the whole night,” he said, I opened my eyes and stare at him.

His jaw clenched together as he keep looking at me.

“I….I can’t,” I managed to say in a whisper but I wasn’t sure if he heard me and I’d be damned if he did.

“I can’t do this,” I said again without stuttering.

Well that’s a first.

“What did you just say?” He asked, his eyes darkened as he stood up from the couch.

His height was intimidating, he was about 6’4 feet tall, he has a broad wide shoulder.

A dark ink was plastered on the back of his palms.

A tattoo?

Not surprising.

He started taking a slow stride towards me and I gulp nervously backing away as far as possible.

He keep coming closer and soon I was trapped between him and the wall.

“Repeat yourself once more,” he cajoled.

I took a deep breath and mustered up some courage before opening my eyes again to speak but nothing was coming out.

I was tongue tied, I couldn’t say a word.

What is happening to me?

I always have a way to get out of trouble but seeing Lucifer just changed everything about me in a second.

“Icantdothis,” I rushed the words out of my mouth and I doubt if he grab any meaningful word from my short sentence.

“You can’t?” He asked and I nodded.

“Do or die,” he plainly said like it meant nothing to him.

Ha! Why will it mean something to him when he has killed tons of people and still get away with it.

Sometimes I wondered if he’s really human, how can a human be so heartless?

“I’ll rather die than kill anybody, I’m not a murderer.” I seethed out.

I quickly covered my mouth immediately the word left my mouth.

What have I done?

Did I just talk back to Lucifer?

I’m dead, he doesn’t forgive, I know this is the end for me.

He raised one of his dark eyebrows and something flickered over his eyes.

His mouth twitched up and I could see his almost invisible dimple.

I sure sounds amusing to him.

He back away from me and deep his hands inside his trouser’s pocket.

“Fierce now ain’t we?” He said in a mocking like tone.

Well I must applaud myself, some badass sh*t I did back there.

“Interesting,” he mumbled, looking straight into my eyes. My leg became jelly.

I felt like he was casting a spell on me, his voice, his dark attitude, his arrogance they all make me feel different.

“Is there something else I can do for you Lucifer?” I asked trying to sound bold but deep down I knew that I’m not even close to being bold in front of this man.

“Since you can’t kill a human like you said earlier then you can do something else for me,” he retorted with a smirk.

Okay, I didn’t expect him to say something like that.

I thought that I was free but then this is Lucifer we’re talking about.

He always gets what he wants.

“Wh….what?” I asked with a shaky voice.

My confidence completely ripped off me.

“You are now my personal chef and you’ll live with me from tomorrow onwards,” he seethed out and walk further inside the room.

“What! I can’t,”

“It isn’t a question which you can agree or reject on Calla Blackwell, I’m telling you, my driver will pick you up at your house tomorrow morning and I’m always watching you don’t try anything stupid.” He said, finality on his tone.

Is this how it is?

I’m going to live with him and be his personal chef and maybe one day if I misbehave he’ll just kill me.

I covered my mouth immediately with my hand and cried out.

What have I done?

What will I tell ma and papa?

How will I say this to them?

This is absolutely crazy.

I turned around and walk slowly towards the exiting door.

“Calla Blackwell?” He called me and I stood rooted on my track.

“Don’t….don’t try to piss me off again, I’m in a good mood today else your blood would have been streaming down but I can’t promise your safety when you try looking me in the eyes again,” he said and I nodded trying to process everything.

Well his eyes are rare to find, hell they are weird.

I’ve never seen a eye that look like a rainbow before.

I closed the door behind me and enter the elevator.

I have to think of something, anything, I just can’t…..I can’t believe that my life became messed up due to a silly mistake from me.

Damn I’m whipped!


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