Story: Lucifer’s Chef – Final Episode

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(Heir of hell)
(Lovely family)
               Authoress Promzy POV:
Calla was styled as an empress, her dress sweeping the ground and her hair fixed like the Chinese style.
“You look beautiful my lady.” Alana told her mistress, she was very happy for her mistress. The woman is just too good for Lucifer but who is she to say so unless she wants to die.
Calla flashed her a billion dollar smile and stared at herself on the full  length mirror.
Lucienne put in the last piece of pin that she uses in decorating Calla’s hair and smirk.
“You’re looking gorgeous your majesty.” She said and Calla couldn’t help but smile.
Calla looked out of the window and darkness welcomed her. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.
It is time.
Two maids walk in and bow before her.
“We shall escort you to the throne room now my lady.” A maid said to her. She gracefully turned around with her hands clapped together and followed the maids out of her chamber after kissing her kids cheek.
Karla and Alana are both in charge of taking Care of her kids.
As she walk along towards the north wing side of the throne room. She was nervous but somehow confident as we’ll.
The door was pushed open by a guard and they walk in, all the demons bow their heads lowly in acknowledgement of her.
She bowed before Lucifer and he help her up.
Lucifer couldn’t keep his eyes off the woman that have his heart. He want to make her happy always.
He wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her closer to himself.
He caress her cheek softly his eyes searching for hers in confirmation that she want this.
Calla slowly nodded and Lucifer s**ked on her sweet spot, the place where he want to s**k blood from, the place where he want to leave his venom and turn her into a full blooded demon.
His fang grows and he pierce his fang inside her neck, she gripped unto him, her eyes slowly closing.
She gasped when Lucifer removed his teeth from her neck.
He licked his lips and stared down at her.
He picked up a crown that was sitting on a throne and raised it up.
“Here comes the Queen of hell.” He said and placed the throne on her head.
Calla squeal with excitement as she turned around to face everyone.
“Long life our Queen, may you reign forever .” the demons said in unison.
“Arise.” She commands, power laced in her voice. “I am happy for today, I promise to be a good queen of hell and a good wife to my husband, a great mother to my children and a good mentor to all of you.” 
There was joyous celebration and people coming to congratulate the queen.
“Congratulations Queen.” Calla heard a voice behind her.
“Oh hell Aveline… did you get here?” She asked happily.
“Lucifer summoned me here, I am happy for you.” She said and hugged her.
Calla was speechless, she didn’t know that Lucifer could do a thing like that bit she was happy.
“Thank you Aveline.” She hugged her back.
“I just saw Cole and Karla with your son, I think something is up with those two.” Aveline said and calla giggled.
“Cole is her mate, I can feel it.” She replies Aveline.
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She was happy, her dream was fulfilled and she now have all the love of her husband.
“Sleep for mommy now Darlene, don’t be a stubborn girl.” Calla cooed, singing lullaby for her baby but she refused to sleep even with magic.
“Give her to me.” Lucifer told her. She hand her over to him and the baby stopped crying grabbing hold of her father’s finger with all the strength she could mustered.
“I think she want me in the moment and not you.” Lucifer mocked and Calla laughed.
After Darlene was put inside her crib, Lucifer and Calla laughed back on their bed.
“You know I love you right?” Lucifer asked and she nods. “I love you and my children and that includes Karla. I love everyone of you.” He said to her and her heart swell. She felt so in love.
They learn to love each other wholeheartedly and help each other in ever way they can.
And they both live happily ever after.
Sometimes we don’t get together with people just to change them but also to show them how to love unconditionally.
Sometimes it is the hardship in a relationship that bound you more together and not the good times.
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