Story: Must I be a Virgin – Episode 10

By: Naijamedialog / November 22nd, 2020 / 150 views
Naijamedialog Story: Must I be a Virgin


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Ep 10
I left his apartment, who told him it’s only virgins that have peace in their marriage. Ikeolewa my Aunty’s daughter was a virgin, yet she lacked manners and has no respect for people including her mother. I’m not saying virgins are not good, infact they are the best thing that happens to a man, but we that got disvirgin by raped don’t have choice than to keep praying to God to grant us good and lovely husband. Not me ooo, cos some people are referring to me in their comment.
Ever since then my life hasn’t been the same. My aunty doesn’t take me to hospital to flushed or treat me,she abandoned me and marrying UncleT has failed. One hot afternoon, she packed my bag, without telling me, where we were heading to. Minutes later we arrived at Alhaji sanusi mansion.😭😭 At last I’m going to be Alhaji number 10, she didn’t sit and was in  haste .Alhaji gave her huge amount of money, she left without uttering a word to me. Alhaji fifth wife show me to my room, No introduction, engagement     or marriage, this is how everything is going to end. I was given a room and I slept like a new born baby. The fifth wife told me to get ready,cos I’m going to serve Alhaji the next day. The day came, I cried and was expecting Alhaji, but he didn’t come. Several days Alhaji still didn’t come to my room. I wanted to run away but the security was tight, he has 10 armies.I accepted my fate. The fifth wife loves and do chat with me, she told me she was my Aunty’s friend but had to stay away from her when she got to know,what she did to her mother in-law.She said my aunty sold me out to Alhaji. Months later,I heard Ike had finally gotten married to UncleT.My aunty didn’t bother telling or inviting me to her daughter’s wedding.How lucky she is ,having someone like Teniola has husband. Living in Alhaji house was great,having four meals a day. Looking elegant gorgeous and stunning every blessed day.One early morning Alhaji told us to prepare a large meal, like one having celebration of something. I was wondering what the feast was about. Hours later three cars drove into our compound. A guy in his early 30’s exited. The fifth wife whispered in my ears, that’s Alhaji first and only son that arrived from American. Wow! He was handsome just like Teniola. We welcomed him, but to my amazement he walked up to me and hugged me tightly, I wanted to freed myself but kissed my head. Pls what is happening here. I was dumbfounded, I looked around and were surrounded by people as they kept clapping and clapping and clapping. Alhaji held my hand as he narrated everything to me.He said he wasn’t the one that wanted to marry me. It was his Son, Alhaji had sent my pictures to him, when he was in abroad. He said he wanted it to be a surprise.😭😭😭 I don’t know if I should be happy or sad.He presented me a diamond ring,Wow! I can’t say no to this.The guy is cute and rich. And I believed he’s going to be good like his father. Cos ever since I have been there Alhaji has been like a father to me.I kissed him back as yes, he wore the ring on my fourth finger on the left hand.

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