Story: Must I be a Virgin – Episode 11

By: Naijamedialog / November 22nd, 2020 / 148 views
Naijamedialog Story: Must I be a Virgin


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Ep 11
I pray God will raise you from grass to grace,from rags to riches, zero to hero,nothing to something Aameen ( Amen)
The strength with every tree, rooting deep into mother earth,springing forth into the heavens, extending branches of gratitude and love….such privilege,honor and grace, such a gift and joy.Wow! 😭😭😭
Congratulations! to me,I got engaged to the most amazing person, this is an incredible love❤️ story. I’m officially engaged and the big day to my wedding is probably getting closer, I shed tears of joy. I wanted to inform my aunty but she was out of town.I started getting ready for my marriage,the precious day came and I was the most happiest being on earth. Alhaji and his wives stood like my real family. Though I missed my parents because today should be their happiest day. But who am I to question God. Tears flows.The ceremony came to an end, I traveled abroad for my honeymoon.My marriage was the best thing that has ever happen to me, my husband didn’t met me a virgin, yet he loves and treasure me cos I told him how I lost my virginity.
First year of my marriage, I heard Teniola business wasn’t doing well. He lost some of his business client.Things was getting worst for him.He consulted a prophet and was told Ikeoluwas wasn’t his wife. He shouldn’t have gotten married to her.He shouted and cried for losing me.Now  too late to apologize or go back,cos I’m carrying my world, my first child. As time goes on, he had no choice than to quite his business. Ike on the other hand was a full house wife just like her mum. Ever since her husband quitted she started revealing her real character. She would go out to night club,sleep with different men all in the name of getting money.Ike hasn’t given birth she was told by her family doctor that she has fibroids and was told to operate it. If she really wants to become a mother. My aunty told her daughter not to undergo surgery because she might die. I had my first child, a bouncing baby boy, cute just like his father. Alhaji named him Oladipupo and his Muslim name was Martin. I had him in the United State which means my  son is a citizen.There is nothing my God cannot do, so this is how he changes people’s story, from bad to good.. Wow! I’m not a virgin but I have a marvelous and wonderful marriage. UncleT complained and told Ike never to go clubbing again, but instead she makes club her second home. He reported her to my aunt, he was expecting her to scold Ike for her bad behavior.My great aunty moved into their house. He told UncleT to leave Ike alone that whatever he needed, she’s going to provide it for him.My aunty moving into their house was another thing entirely .As she made UncleT do all the home chores. She turned him to slave, hmmmm Teniola has finally taken over my position.

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