Story: Must I be a Virgin – Episode 3

By: Naijamedialog / November 20th, 2020 / 114 views
Naijamedialog Story: Must I be a Virgin


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Ep 3
God don catch my wicked aunty I said in silent, Ikeolewa was shaking, my God don open her and her mama yash, don’t mind me jare but I was very happy.
They fought and her husband left the house with his mother that day. For good Five months, my aunty husband didn’t come home, one early morning we heard a knock on our door, behold it was her husband,  I thought my aunty would  be happy and welcome her husband, but to my horror surprise she had packed all his clothes in the luggage. She threw it at him, telling him she doesn’t want to see him again. Her husband pleaded but she stood on her words never to open the door for him.. Hours of waiting the poor man left and they were later given divorced paper to sign.
That was how my aunty got divorced .Bringing home suitor now becomes my aunty favorite song in the house. She said raising me was hard that she want something in return from whoever is going to marry me. When she mentioned reward I was confused, is it reward for maltreating and given me the worse beating everyday. Well I don’t really know what she meant by that.
Staying with her was like living in real hell. She made me do all the home chores and her wonderful daughter would sit stretched her leg and watched television all day.
My aunty doesn’t have business of her own, what she does was sit at home, made various calls everyday to the caretaker incharge of my grandparent properties. She collected all the house rent without given me penny. Why would I even ask, cos I believed in working and earning my own Money, my sweat not what others had worked and laboured for. 
My neighbour iya kaffy kept advising me to leave my aunty’s house or run away. But my believe was people who does that never end well.
No No and No don’t blame me. Some may end up becoming a mother which their lives would b worst than their previous life. I don’t really like the idea of running away. 

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