Story: Must I be a Virgin – Episode 4

By: Naijamedialog / November 22nd, 2020 / 126 views
Naijamedialog Story: Must I be a Virgin


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Ep 4
 There was a day my aunty didn’t give me food for good 7 days. She told me to fast on behalf of her and her daughter, that God should send them an helper. Hnnmmmm I fasted for seven days but before I completed the fasting I saw hell. I was restricted from eating and drinking. She said throughout the seven days I won’t eat anything. 
I completed it and was expecting food, I wanted to faint, cos even while fasting she still made me do home chores. She never allow her daughter touched or help me .She would say Ike was too young then to do chores .Well, I was used to that already.
The last day of the fasting, I was unable to stand on my feet, I was shaking and sweating profusely. I started having headache and was burning seriously.
My aunty noticed but said No food for me cos she haven’t seen the answer to my prayer. Pls my people am I God that answers prayer, Of course I’m not .
I went to bed without food but was unable to sleep. I woke up and tears started flowing from my eyes. Why is my life like this, what was my offence, it seems I’m being punished for my parents sin because don’t really know where I ever went wrong. I’m a good and humble girl that do respect everybody. I have never in my life disobey my elders or looked down  on people. I don’t have friends. People call me names for killing my parents but I don’t have choice than to ignored them.
This particular day, I wanted to sleep but was unable, I try closing my eyes,but tears kept flowing like tap. I drank two litres of water at least that will give me strength, but instead I slept and bed wet because the water I drank the previous night was Just too much.
My aunty came to my room and noticed the bedsheets was soaked with my wee. She connected the iron to the socket, I was still sleeping,after some minutes  the iron was hot, she placed the hot iron on my breast, I jumped on my feet and cried out in pains. I started running, screaming and howling around. I thought I was dead because water and blood was gushing from my breast. That wasn’t enough for my aunty she instructed me to tie the bedsheet round my waist. She called all the little children in our compound to sing  for me and I must dance to their song. Who am I not to obey her, I nursed and was in pains for months before it healed on it’s own. But trust me it wasn’t easy.My aunty kept disturbing me to bring home a suitor or else she’s going to marry me off to one Alhaji in our area to become is 10th wives. Though getting married early wasn’t in my plans but since my aunty kept shouting reward reward to my ears every blessed day. I don’t have choice than to get myself one.

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