Story: Must I be a Virgin – Episode 6

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Naijamedialog Story: Must I be a Virgin


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Ep 6 
The sound of his TV woke me up. I opened my eyes and saw him watching Porn Video.I rapidly closed my eyes he noticed and smiles. He moved and sit closer to me, a series of thought,sensation kept occurring in my mind, UncleT sitting beside me. hmm am I dreaming, if it’s really a dream pls don’t wake me ooo.That moment i was silent and have forgotten my aunty and her wahala. I smiled and closed my eyes again. I felt something wet on my lips, it was Uncle T lips. I couldn’t resist, he has pink lips like that of Gun Jo pyo, Korean lovers pls bear my witness, boys before flower lead actor.I could perceived strawberry scent, Wow! Ola is being kissed by her crush. So all this while, he has feelings for me but he never make it visible. Does he want to sleep with me and dump me or his he planning to marry me, woo forget about marriage kissing him is what I have ever dream of. 
Here I am, kissing my love, my heart nobody should come and distract us ooo.I pray this should never end. My first kiss, we kissed passionately and fell on the couch,he Freed my bra hook and caressed my b*b, I gave a low moan of despair, he sucked my bb and I was moaning so hard. See me ooo, me way my aunty send comot for house,I dey here they hmmm. I was lost,he unzipped his trouser, immediately I saw his D*k I closed my eyes. He stopped and stared at me in amazement. Have you done this before? he asked
I nodded No,he was astonished and wore his trouser back. He hugged me and cried for some minutes.
So u have what I have been looking for He kissed me again and placed my head on his chest. He got down on one knee and held my hand. Pls keep your virginity for me till our wedding night,Olamide I want you as my future wife.I bursted in tears, ugly and stinking me being proposed to by handsome, educated and wealthy Teniola. I was so excited. I accepted, he carried me to his room and we slept together. We didn’t do anything ooo. The next day,I was so excited, at last I got what I have been dreaming of.UncleT followed me to my Aunty’s apartment cos I wanted to go alone but he insisted in following me. We got inside and ike hugged Uncle T as she greeted him, I felt jealous.Must she hugged him, if at all she wants to greet him. My Aunty’s eyes turns red as she fired questions at me. Where were you last night??? She shouted where did you sleep last night, elephant. I wanted to talk but Uncle T cut me in. She was with me throughout the night. Mummy Ike she slept in my house. She what?? My aunty asked,
Ike hissed and walked to the couch.
Don’t tell me you were  together throughout. Uncle T smiled, mummy Ike I can’t lie to you, she slept in my house and guessed what? Its about our last discussionI.,my Aunty was angry but doesn’t want to show it.
I have finally found what I’ve been looking for.Your sis is a virgin, I mean Olamide is the woman made for Teniola, pls mummy Ike I would love to date and also want her as my future partner. She has promised to keep     her virginity for me. Tears was in my Aunty’s eyes but she doesn’t allow it to drop. She nodded her head in agreement. Uncle T thanked her and hugged me. Ikeoluwa frowned as she wanted to talk but her mother stopped her, Uncle T left. Hope this won’t be the end of me,why did he leave me to this wicked people.
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