Story: Must I be a Virgin – Episode 8

By: Naijamedialog / November 22nd, 2020 / 129 views
Naijamedialog Story: Must I be a Virgin


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Ep 8
My aunty left, I stood up and went to the living room, I greeted and had to pretend as if nothing happened. She ordered me to sit, I sat on the couch, she brought out a large cucumber, she gave me to insert it in my p***y in her present. So I finally got an answer to my question.So she was trying to disvirgin me, all in the name of not marrying UncleT. I can’t do that, I told her. That was the first time I disobeyed my aunty. She stood up nodded her head as she walked majestically to her room.
I was happy, at least I was able to say my mind, for the very first time.
I was excited throughout the day. In the night we were all sleeping. Our house was raided by armed robbers. A gang of ten members, it was a terrifying experience. My aunty was shivering and crying. Ike and I was lying flat on the floor.Their leader slapped Ike bottom and my aunty screamed, she moved closer and hugged her daughter tightly. The leader wanted to separate them, but she shouted and pleaded. Plsssss don’t touch my daughter. So my evil aunty knows how to plead. Cos whatever she does is always right either good or bad. She cried and held the leader’s leg . She pointed to me, you can have her. I was shocked, have who??
So she’s protecting her daughter by telling them to rape me. Hahaha my God,😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 my God, this is what it really means to have a mother. For the very first time, I missed my mum a trillion times, I cried silently no one to help me .A sorrowful tears dropped from my eyes, I was frightened, I begged and cried but they turned a deaf ear to my pleading. Haaaaaaaaa if I should get raped now, what would become of me. What will happen to my dream of getting married as a virgin, The diamond I wanted to present to my hubby, I’m not beautiful and educated, what else would I offer, if I should get rape now. It was a rape that cost me my life. He tore my clothes, removed my pants now I was naked. 
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