Story: Must I be a Virgin – Final Episode

By: Naijamedialog / November 22nd, 2020 / 140 views
Naijamedialog Story: Must I be a Virgin


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Alhaji pls help me, plsssssss help me she cried more painful. She elucidate everything to Alhaji. I spent months with my hubby in the United State before coming back to Nigeria. Alhaji walked into my room as he carried my son Martin. He sat on the couch, I greeted him but his response was, your aunty wants to see you.Which aunty?? I asked in amazement. He told me everything my aunty said on phone.I wanted to talk, but tears started dropping. I looked at my hubby as he moved closer and gave me a hug. Pls my heart you have to go see your aunty, he said.
Alhaji also pleaded, I cried out as he wiped my tears with his finger.My Queen pls 👏👏 your aunty isn’t a bad person infact she’s your mother. You might say she’s horrible, monstrous, despicable but trust me, she pushed you to your success, here you are victory at last. My husband was right, if she hadn’t marry me off to Alhaji, where would I be today. I complied and followed Alhaji. On our way I wept bitterly, we got there and I didn’t recognized my aunty. I was staggered, her body has changed, she looked ugly and older than her age. She heard my voice and speedily stood up. She wanted to locate and hugged me, but hitted her head really hard on the wall. I hurriedly held her. She couldn’t see me because of her sudden vision loss. I wept seeing her worst condition. My aunty touched my head, she wanted to talk but was vomiting blood. I cried out , God pls forgive my aunty, seeing her condition made me forget all  she did to me. I instantly erased everything. She held my hand as blood was gushing out from her nose.I shouted, God this is too much. I was about entering the hospital to call for help, she held my leg. She shamefully kneeled and keeps rubbing hands together, as a way of saying sorry, she  shouted Olamide I’m sorry,pls forgive me . Alhaji was speechless. I shed tears and make sounds with my voice. She screamed, Olamide I paid the robbers to raped you. Cos I thought Teniola would be the perfect man for my daughter.😭😭😭😭😭 I knew it, I knew rapping me was your doing.So you planned everything, 😭😭mummy Ike you are cruel wicked and evil. You almost ruined my life. But God proved himself to be the greatest.Here I am today, with the perfect man. I didn’t marry my husband as a virgin yet I have peace, freedom and tranquillity in my marriage. I thought not marrying UncleT would makes my life worst.But all was a bitter lie. Getting married to Alhaji son was the best thing that has ever happens to me. She cried and regretted all what she did to me. I told Alhaji that I’m going to fly my aunty abroad for proper treatment and eye surgery, so as to regain her sight back.. Days later her passport and visa was ready. Hmmmmm😭😭😭 my aunty died on our way to airport. We tried taking her to hospital, but she’s already gone. 😭 I shed a lot of tears in distress and pains. We tried calling Ike, .we were told she got arrested together with some robbers that went to robbed a bank. Teniola was sentenced to life imprisonment. This is how my wicked aunty and her daughter ended their life. Doing good deed is mans most glorious task. Never looked down on anyone, a poor girl today might become a wealthy woman tomorrow. Doing good should be our priority. Every time you do good deed, you shine light a little farther in the dark. Do good and never expect something in returne from people, instead be expecting great reward from our God 
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